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We have had a sort of hysterical over reaction to the Australian governments announcement that it is appointing Tim Wilson of the IPA, The Institute of Public Affairs, someone who actually supports civil rights to the Orwellian named Human Right Commission.

Tim Blair, by way of apology for highlighting the level of hysteria shown, has come up with an appropriate remedy.

Ooohhh, We’ll drink a drink a drink
To lily the pink the pink the pink
The saviour of our human race
For she invented, medicinal compound
Most efficacious in every case


  1. Twenty_Rothmans says:

    That was Paul McCartney’s brother, you know.

  2. John Galt says:

    The thing about Human Rights Commissions is that they are often setup with good intentions, but end up being populated by the usual leftist bullies with their own agendas, thus rapidly descending into totalitarian kangaroo courts.

    This was what Ezra Levant discovered with the Albert Human Rights Commission and I suspect the Australian ones will be no better.

    Ezra Levant versus the Alberta (Canada) Human Rights Commission

  3. Twenty_Rothmans?

    Any relation to Twenty Major? The guy still, no doubt, smoking in Dublin’s bars?

  4. Canada is awash in HRCs.
    Ostensibly created in true liberality but quite ill-liberal in their application.
    Though I am quite surprised Alberta would have one – thems bein’ rather conservative and all
    The HRCs are fun to tease – they take themselves soooooo seriously.

  5. Paul Marks says:

    Tell the left “good news – Mr Watson will not be serving on the Human Rights Commission”.

    Then tell them that this is because it has been abolished.

    There are no “positive rights” – and things such as “the right not to be discriminated against” and “the right not to have no hate speech” are absurd.

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