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Alternate New Year honours

I was having my usual chuckle at the pathetic new years honours list. Even on its own terms, I can’t quite see why Pete Tong was awarded some letters. Services to people getting wasted in clubs in Ibiza whilst playing fast, repetitive records you can only really enjoy wasted? Perhaps it was some hopeless attempt to appear relevant. Who knows? Or cares?

And as ever, I am simply amazed anyone cares what the establishment thinks of them. Oh you play sports, have a CBE, you made some cash and paid off some political stooge or other, here’s a Knighthood etc.

Hopeless, desperate remnants of feudalism. Really, let’s stop tugging the forelocks and say “Thanks for the gesture and all, but we can judge something like this by its recipients. A longer list of crooks and cranks I could not write. Even some of the people on the list this year have been arrested and let’s not forget this year’s jail population, so no, keep your ribbons and kindly stay the f*ck out of my life, thank you”

So I got to thinking about an alternate honours system you may care to bestow upon people who have advanced or advocated the cause of liberty in some way.

Sadly precious few Brits spring to mind, but there are quite a few Americans who deserve recognition, and so Kitty Counters, the floor is yours. Who would you like to give the CKC (companion of kitty counters) gong to?


  1. Peter says:

    May I nominate Anna Raccoon for her serious work on both the Savile witch hunt and the secrecy of the family courts?

  2. John Galt says:

    John Hemming MP (yes a bloody MP), for using his parliamentary privilege to shine a light into the dark corners of the Court of Protection and other abusive parts of the state mandated child snatching business.

  3. Flaxen Saxon says:

    Pete Tong, for fuck sake! This really underlines how pathetic the honour system has become. What next. Jimmy Saville for a second Knighthood: ‘for contributions to paedophillia.’

  4. Kevin B says:

    Delingpole of course along with Rose and Booker. Mainstream journalists who constantly bang the drum for sane energy policies and EU exit.

    Booker’s friend and collaborator Richard North for his tireless work on the Harrogate agenda and his plan for Brexit, (though I could wish he would hide his disgust with Farage for a few years at least. Farage is probably the best hope we’ve got for getting an in/out referendum).

    And anyone who can push the meme to ‘sack the lot of them’. That is a big push to vote out every lib/lab/con MEP by voting for a fourth party in the Euro elections. And to push tthis meme throughout Europe as well.

  5. westerlyman says:

    Jeremy Clarkson? – apart from his nonsensical dislike of Americans and his phobia of facial hair he is pretty anarchic.

    More seriously how about another MP? – Steve Baker. Very sound on economics.

  6. Radical Rodent says:

    I would gladly second Anna Raccoon – and hope that she is aware of this proposal.

    And, Jeremy Clarkson should be joined by all those who so happily prick the pompous bubble of political correctness.

    Do not forget all four of the brothers Elliott, whose humour has enriched the lives of so many, and will hopefully do so for many more years to come.

  7. John Galt says:

    Unfortunately, Anna Nicholas (aka Anna Raccoon) has suffered a relapse of her cancer and has taken her blog offline, hopefully only temporarily, but I think she has her priorities correct.

    All we can hope is that she recovers and is able (and willing) to return to us. I miss her irreverent view of authority and especially her accurate challenging of the palaces of the mighty such as the Court of Protection and the facts behind certain aspects of the Jimmy Savile affair with especially with respect to Duncroft School, an institution where Anna herself was held captive during her teens.

  8. john in cheshire says:

    Christopher Booker for doing his job as a journalist. Geert Wilders for his bravery in the face of muslim violence. Anthony Watts and his fellow truth-tellers regarding the climate lies. Richard North and his fellow bloggers for telling the truth about the EU. You see, there many good people out there who are recognised as such by us normal folks. My list could go on for much longer but I want to give others a chance.

  9. RAB says:

    I think Brenda herself needs a pat on the back after last year, don’t you?

    A Jubilee that was a rained out washout, and the BBC covered it using exclusively Children’s TV presenters… Jumping out of an aeroplane with James Bond to open the Olympics (eat your heart out Putin! You going to do an Eddy the Eagle for the opening of the Winter ones then?). Having your old man sick and in hospital while some of this was going on… but you just had to carry on… Yep damn fine old broad, we’re lucky to have had her, look what’s coming next! Rolls eyes…

  10. Edward Lud says:

    If we are to have the bloody things, then Tim Worstall. He’s tireless, good-humoured, and provides a valuable corrective to a good deal of nonsense. I don’t always agree with him, and he’s an unreliable friend of freedom (although never an out-and-out enemy), but his blog is a free association of overwhelmingly high-quality commenters who usually set things straight if Tim has gone wonky. Above all, although he now earns from blogging (jolly good) he seems to meto do it, above all, because he cares about the ususelessness of so much mainstream commentary. Much like Richard North (though he’s slightly bonkers) and Booker (the only good dead tree journo I can think of).

    Also, me.

  11. Lfb_uk says:

    I would nominate, the Devils Kitchen in his original style as swear blogger. Dick Puddlecoat for his words on tobacco control. Nothing2Declare for helping peopl/smokers about buying tobacco cigs etc abroad. Captain Ranty for his take on our rights!

  12. Lynne says:

    My choices have already been nominated by others here. Therefore I would like to bestow a different kind of “honour” – the Order of the Boot – to every miserable, conniving, lying bastard polluting the Halls of Westminster. Beginning, of course, with Cameron, Clegg and the other one.

  13. Paul Marks says:

    In the House of Commons Steve Baker and Douglas Carswell seem to be the most knowledgeable about policy – although neither is in a position to do anything.

    Journalists and campaigners – yes I agree with the above suggestions.

    But let us not leave out the rest of the world.

    The new Prime Minister of Australia seems to have really upset the left – he deserves to be knighted (at the very least).

    And (outside the Commonwealth) the new President of Paraguay seems to have upset both the leftists and the Islamists (regularly attacked on the leading Islamic news services – for his lack of compassion for the poor, “lack of compassion” meaning he does not seek to steal land from some people and give it to other people).

    In a continent of leftists (which South America is) the President of Paraguay (a businessman who has only just entered politics) makes a change. Although whether he will actually achieve anything remains to be seen.

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