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Sherlock Who?

After reading a small few of the tidal wave of articles on the latest Sherlock I am forced to ask myself, and you, should I watch it?

I ceased to take any notice of that show some time ago when I realised that, under Stephen Moffat, Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes and Matt Smith’s Doctor Who were essentially the same character.

Now, Doctor Who changes character with every regeneration, so, fine. If played by Smith he is a manic egomaniac I can live with that. But Sherlock Holmes? Sherlock Holmes DOES NOT prance about like a ninny, and I am not interested in watching him do so. I turned the episode off, and have never been back.

Should I revise my decision?


  1. westerlyman says:

    If you insist on Conan Doyle purity the series with Jeremy Brett is matchless. If however you view this new series as a completely new drama which borrows elements of the original then, like me, you could get a lot of enjoyment out of it. I especially like the modern development of Watson as a realistic character rather than the rather dull and unimaginative character in the books. I do not share your view that Dr Who and this Sherlock are the same character at all though I am not yet sure that i like the constant chopping around in Sherlock’s imagination that seems to be a change of style in series 3. It breaks up the story too much and feels a little like the writers are trying to be just a bit too clever.

  2. Andrew says:

    It’s just fan fiction with a larger budget, stick with the books.

  3. CountingCats says:


    Nah, I’m not a purist, I just found them to be identikits of one another, and what was cute in the Doctor was annoying when duplicated in the Great Detective.

  4. NickM says:

    I like it and am a huge fan of the books and the Granada series. John and Mary’s wedding was somewhat too Whovian, mind.

  5. Tim Newman says:

    Couldn’t get into the books, sent me running back to Dashiell Hammett. Never saw the TV series.

  6. RAB says:

    Off topic y’all, but I just clicked on the site and got… Reported Attack Site… And was blocked until I just unblocked it. Any of that Hacking still hanging around?

  7. NickM says:

    RAB, not OT at all. Very important. It has been playing Les Buggeuers Risible on two laptops here. One running MS Windows 8 and the other Vista. God knows.

  8. CountingCats says:

    I sent you an email on this. Google is claiming there both is, and isn’t a problem with the site.

    I suspect it is some scraps left behind by the last lot of black hats.

    It is approaching midnight here now, so I am knocking off. If necessary I will rebuild from scratch, and make everyone alter their passwords.

  9. Yup, I’m getting the same thing, refuses to open your blog and I’m told by others that it’s warning people not to open mine either.

    It only seems to be with Chrome (no other browsers are reporting it as such) and it seems to be only on PC, not tablet via that version of Chrome or via Safari. No issues with MS IE either.

    I’ve sent you an email this morning but had to use .an old email addy I had on PC. Hope it’s just Chrome being over sensitive…

  10. NickM says:

    You’re “lucky”/ It’s been giving me grief in Opera, Firefox, IE and Chrome. Admittedly only on PC mind but still.If we work anything out rest assured you’ll be in the loop.

  11. Oo-er! I didn’t get any alarm bells ringing when I looked at the ‘Cats’ site this morning on my work PC, so maybe it’s just Google’s foul-up?

    Finger’s crossed!

  12. NickM says:

    I got toes crossed :-)

  13. Roue le Jour says:

    I got the warning in Firefox.

    Closed the tab, started again, came in OK.

  14. Bill Sticker says:

    This site has been reported to Google as an ‘Attack’ site. Clearly you’ve upset some poor ickle diddums. Hope their nappies rot on their arses.

  15. NickM says:

    Bill. Got a link for that?

  16. Phillip Scott Thomas says:

    This is the link to the Google ‘Attack’ site report.

  17. Sam Duncan says:

    Just do a Google search, Nick:

    Counting Cats in Zanzibar‎
    This site may harm your computer.

    First time I’ve seen anything untoward, since I usually block cross-site scripts from, but there it is. It’s not necessarily malicious reporting though; it may be somthing to do with the recent hackage.

  18. NickM says:

    Has anyone noticed (I have) that the re-jigged CCinZ doen’t have a meta or any log-in for writing a post?

  19. Bill Sticker says:

    Nick, Re the warning; Check this link here.

    Those ‘Black hats’ don’t care for dissenting voices, do they?

  20. RAB says:

    Well we appear to be back up and running…

    But as Nick says, there doesn’t appear to be a Log In button. Not that it bothers me for posting, as I do that via Windows Live Writer, but I do need to edit now and again. Will you put it back Cats, or tell me where it is, cos I’m buggered if I can see it.

  21. mike fowle says:

    As a great fan of the books, I took some persuading to watch, but did eventually and enjoyed the first series. I thought it successfully interpreted Holmes for a modern age. The second series disturbed me as there was a callousness and a lack of morality that was completely alien to the original. I watched the first episode of the most recent series mainly to see how they explained Sherlock’s “death” but that was too difficult for them, and the address seems to have moved to Albert Square, (Why didn’t you let me know? Bash. Biff.) And yes there is the same smug knowingness as Dr Who. So I stopped watching.

  22. JohnW says:

    Do not waste your time – I watched the whole first series and it was the most abysmal crap – East Enders with a who-dun-it twist, naturalism at its worst – expect kitchen sinks, drug addicts, screaming women and dead babies.
    As for the narrow-shouldered Benedict Cumbersnatch [sic] – he looks so much like a terrapin that every time he appears on screen I feel like offering him a lettuce leaf.

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