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CCiZ has been rebuilt from scratch. I have built a new VM, installed a new copy of WordPress, and ported the data.

I have asked Google to retest the site, and it should pass. Until then, Chrome will continue moaning.

Can visitors confirm that there is no warning page?


Bloody computers.


  1. VftS says:

    OK on Firefox

  2. Okay on Chrome. No malware warning now.

  3. Roue le Jour says:

    OK for me.

    Interestingly, playing around with Options/Options/Security “Block reported attack sites” in Firefox, the option does seem to have quite a time penalty here in The Land Of Smiles. Definitely runs quicker without it.

  4. The Jannie says:

    Fine here in The People’s Republic of South Yorkshire using Firefox.

  5. Sam Duncan says:

    Yeah, and you did it just as I was about to post a long comment on RAB’s EU thread. :) Not to worry; it was only a rant.

    RlJ, turning that off is sometimes recommended as a performance booster, provided you know what you’re letting yourself in for (personally, I wouldn’t risk it on Windows). It definitely slows things down.

  6. You’re clean now. Did you discover the cause of the problem?

  7. Bill Sticker says:

    All good. No warnings.

  8. No problems this time. Firefox user.

  9. Lynne says:

    Firefox not showing a problem. Good to see the site back up and running. Good work, Cats.

  10. single acts of tyranny says:

    Hants UK via Chrome, no problems

  11. Tcheuchter says:

    Now ok on Safari

  12. NickM says:

    Not to put too fine a point on it…

    …all the comments sound somewhat like The Eurovision. And this is Nick from the Cheshire Jury ;-)

  13. RAB says:

    Ze Bristol Jury sez… Thanks for all your hard work Cats, but we still believe that professional hosting would have prevented, or cured rather more quickly, not just this episode, but all the others we had last year. Why are you so stubbornly against it? We’ll pay for it?

    Oh go on Sam, I’d love to read your rant! ;-)

  14. Julie near Chicago says:

    Good job, Cats, and thanks again for all your hard work and for inventing CCiZ in the first place!

    :) :)

  15. Julie near Chicago says:

    O/T, but R-l-J: Do you know of any way of getting Firefox to ACTUALLY block pop-ups? :(

    (I mean, naturally I have the pop-up-blocker box checked, but I’m still inundated with the things.)

  16. Timdifano says:

    Nice to see you back on chrome!

  17. legiron says:

    Back to normal, even way up here in the soon-to-be-renamed Wee Eckland.

  18. AndrewWS says:

    Ok here in Bucks UK but a bit slow loading. Loads only on the post title (not the site name) via Ambush Predator.

  19. John Galt says:

    Mesdames et messieurs, le score de la Malaisie est zéro points.

    No more Google Chrome malware warnings are showing.

  20. Julie near Chicago says:

    Moi aussi, M. les Chats, alles ist copasetic près de Chicago.

  21. Roue le Jour says:

    Sam, forgive, I’m an embedded boy, I’m as ignorant as the next numchuck on web matters. I normally rely on Noscript. Am I wrong?

    Bear in mind I’ve only ever seen the warning once, and that was, as we know, a false positive, it doesn’t seem very useful.

    And I think that answers your question as well, Julie.

  22. Julie near Chicago says:

    Oui oui, m’sieu. Out of sheer curiosity, are you Roue as in “Rue,” or as in “Roué”? If perchance both, congratulations on a punny masterpiece!

  23. No problems here, and the warning’s gone from my site too!

  24. RlJ, download the free Malwarebytes programme and scan yourself for complete security. It’s worth it for peace of mind!

  25. Roue le Jour says:

    Julie, ah! My favourite subject, me!

    It was inspired by the Belle de Jour blog, I’m her libertine uncle. Also, “rue the day”

    There was originally going to be a send up blog, wrote a few posts, with Belle as a mousy librarian from Hampstead and me as Rupert Daley, (you see what I did there) owner of a down market lap dancing club in the east end. I had a cast of girls, Raimunda the athletic Brazilian pole dancer, Poppy the Pikey girl with crimson collar and cuffs, a couple of Natashas, Louise the single mum with feral twins and a demonic DJ.

    Then she was outed.

    I’d run out of jokes after the first four anyway.

  26. Dioclese says:

    Works and looks fine on Mac/Safari. My sympathies for your recent trauma. Been there, seen it, done it.

    Love the dalek picture. Shamelessly nicked and added to my post yesterday on daleks!

  27. VftS says:

    Julie near Chicago
    O/T, but R-l-J: Do you know of any way of getting Firefox to ACTUALLY block pop-ups?

    Do you have NoScript and Adblock Plus extensions installed?

  28. Julie near Chicago says:

    JG, VftS, JuliaM: Thanks for the leads! I do indeed now have Adblock Plus; MalwareBytes is only for Winz, but I’m MacAddicted; probably will get NoScript.

    I am happy to see that Adblock allows you to let certain ads through, in cases where the loss of ad revenue might destroy the ability of its owner to support his site, or his postings. Or, you can go ultra-hard-nosed and refuse even such ads.

  29. Julie near Chicago says:

    Rupert, it sounds promising. Did you take it down altogether? If not– ;)

  30. Sam Duncan says:

    NoScript’s good. Not only do you lose 90% of the annoying javascript rubbish dotted around the web these days, but as a consequence everything loads faster, becuase the browser’s pulling in less stuff (and your processor isn’t running stupid javascript tricks). Come to think of it, if you’re using NoScript you might as well leave the malware warnings on: the reason they slow page loading down is that the browser goes off to Google to check up on the site every time. If that’s the only cross-site request, it shouldn’t be too much of a bother.

    Julie, word of warning: if you do install it, you need to allow scripts from to comment here. You’d probably figure it out through trial and error – there’s a lot of trial and error with NoScript sometimes – but just a heads-up.

  31. RoyFOMR says:

    Get security warning on entering the site with my Android Kindle Fire:(

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