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T. Friedman, B. Bernanke, the IPCC, and … Rand Paul:

What do they have in common?

Go here to find out.


  1. Paul Marks says:

    Not a nice list of people to be included in. And they praise Senator Paul for the very thing that might divide the Republican party (his caution in dealing with Iran and so on – not being “hawkish”).

    However, there is a vast difference between Rand Paul and his father Ron Paul – Ron Paul had many good economic ideas, but he was (and is) a man without common sense (hence his knocking around with Lew Rockwell and co) – the blame-America-for-everything crowd felt that Ron Paul was one of them (and he was – or went a bit that way).

    Rand Paul is not like that.

    He is wary (cautious) in overseas policy – but he does understand that there is a war against Christians (he has said so) and a war against Jews, indeed a war against all non Muslims and that the Iranian regime (Shia) and various Sunni groups are very much part of this war.

    The difference between Rand Paul and George Bush is that the former is cautious (perhaps too cautious) and the other was optimistic (some would say rash – not understanding that the problem was NOT a handful of dictators, but rather the basic belief system of wide populations).

    But Senator Rand Paul is NOT someone who thinks the world is full of fluffy bunny rabbits who are only turned hostile by evil America.

  2. Philip Scott Thomas says:

    Paul –

    What is it about Lew Rockwell that you don’t like? I know very little about him apart from his Wikipedia page. I’d be interested to know what I should watch out for.

  3. single acts of tyranny says:

    Ron was sincere to his principles, Rand backed Romney (sic) ’nuff said.

  4. Julie near Chicago says:

    Acts, Rand backed Romney because Romney would certainly have slowed the destruction of America, even if he wouldn’t have stopped it. Come on, we would have been rid of the Dictator-in-Chief whose every move has been to wreck us, and it’s not because he’s stupid (although actually I question his alleged brilliance) or “inexperienced”–HAH! He’s quite experienced at doing what he does so well, which is Organizing for Obama–or “incompetent.”

    “Ron was sincere to his principles.” Yes he was, when it suited him. The single principle he’s stuck to most diligently is the principle of denouncing the U.S. to the world as the instigator of all the world’s international troubles, and as the most terrible (in fact and in capability; both militarily and “hegemonically”) Imperial Power in the history of the world.

    He has also given evidence of being either frankly racist, or so in love with his idée fixe that he’s incapable of seeing the utter unacceptability of some of his claims or stances. For instance, the racist Newsletters (which, PST, were apparently written by Lew Rockwell). His refusal to repudiate Stormfront and return the $ it contributed to his campaign; and that after the non-Left had risen up in a mighty squawk of outrage over some of the $ various Dems accepted from, shall we say, dubious resources.

    I am not much of a fan of Timothy Sandefur generally speaking (I find he’s not the most rigorous of thinkers, or at least of expositors), but here I think he gets it right–and I think that his piece is an implicit explanation and defense of Paul the Elder’s idée fixe. Although I’m not so sure PtE is a “faux libertarian” so much as a muddled libertarian.

    Rand Paul is not the tall man on the white horse, unfortunately. But he’s hands-down better than his father, at least as Ron is today.

  5. Julie near Chicago says:

    Before Acts fed me raw meat, I had intended to say this.

    Our Mr. Marks has given the best judgment I’ve seen of Paul the Elder. It’s borne out by accuracy of observation and by PM’s own common sense. And it shows neither spite nor malice.

    …Ron Paul had many good economic ideas, but he was (and is) a man without common sense (hence his knocking around with Lew Rockwell and co) – the blame-America-for-everything crowd felt that Ron Paul was one of them….

    (I left off the last bit from the quote because I do think that part dilutes PM’s judgment too much. :>( )

  6. NickM says:

    Does anyone really care. Rand Paul has about as much chance at being POTUS as my cat. Dear God! Some folk over here on the telly are seriously talking about Biden. May the USA live in interesting times if that comes to pass.

  7. Julie near Chicago says:

    NickM, people really should care. No, Paul Jr. is not going to be POTUS in 2016, and perhaps never. But he is one among a very few pols who could form, and to some extent have formed, a nucleus around which the best conservative activisits and ideas can accrete. The same way fresh snow can accrete to form a snowball, if only one will take the trouble to start forming the nucleus.

    Don’t be like Ado Annie (in Oklahoma!):

    …. “With me it’s all or nothin’!

    The libruls and even the American Communists came to understand that that won’t, or at least for many decades wouldn’t, work here. But:

    …. “A little brains, a little patter….” from the Devil’s Handmaiden, Lola. And I don’t know about the Brains part, but after 70 years or so of drip, drip, drip and chip, chip, chip — We finally gots Obama! Oh frabjous day!!

    It’s a rare thing that the field is won by people who truly believe winning is impossible. So I ask for us to please believe that we can prevail, however long and difficult and discouraging the contest. And one of the things we have to do to get there from here is to give full-throated public and financial support to people (especially politicians and journalists and entertainers and entrepreneus) whose objectives and principles are reasonably close to ours — and whom it’s difficult to label as “kooks” and “loons.” So the point is, Rand Paul has many of his father’s good principles (or so it seems so far), with the extra added kick of common sense.

    . . .

    By the way, there’s a lot of sniping over here at Paul Junior as a “hawk” and a “neo-conservative.” Not that there’s any real consensus as to what that dread term really denotes. And he gets that from all kinds of people, both librul and conservative … contrary to the implication of the cute little interactive diagram that started this discussion.

  8. Julie near Chicago says:

    Dreadful omission from the list. Teachers!

  9. Lynne says:

    That is a list of leading global thinkers?

    As compiled by a deaf, blind and mentally feeble donkey with delusions it is Shergar in disguise, perhaps. You’ll find more superior grey matter on a knacker’s bolt gun.

  10. Julie near Chicago says:

    Now Lynne, don’t hold back — tell us what you really think! ;)

  11. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    “Before Acts fed me raw meat, I had intended to say this”

    No provocation was intended, I would much rather buy you dinner than feed you raw meat. Perhaps we could compromise with steak tartare?

  12. NickM says:

    Steak tartare is very nice so if you arew offering SAoT then…

  13. Julie near Chicago says:

    I would dearly love to have steak tartare, with Acts (I happily accept your invitation, kind sir :) and Nick and Lynne and (our) Paul and PST and Mr. Katz his own self (even if he hasn’t told us whether he’ll vote for Paul Jr as opposed to Mr. Biden *sour face* and various others. But don’t tell Mr. Bloomberg. I think cow in general is verboten in NYC–and draw cow! I hope we don’t run into anybody we know! Maybe you folks in the UK are more sophisticated about raw meat than our legislators here. :(

    (P.S. That was a gratuitous swipe. I don’t actually know that it’s illegal in any of the 57 states, but the Health Nuts are pushing harder than ever against eating meat, period. Whereas some of us understand that meat is why god created garlic. And I think restaurants have gotten away from having it on the menu. Sigh.)

  14. NickM says:

    OK, Julie. Fair enough. I grok you. But I’m just depressed about it all. A couple of years before he darkened the towels of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. a certain senator from Illinois was all over the TV. I was on honeymoon in the USA and he was on every channel and Oprah was promising that a touch of his jacket could cure cancer. He was “rick-rolled”. I had been to the USA a couple of times before for extended visits but I had never seen anything like it. Now, don’t get me wrong here. Yes, some people did know what Obama was and some just saw a bandwagon gathering momentum. Paul talks about the Frankfurt School and fair enough but a huge chunk of what happens is best understood (I think) via the ‘scope of pop culture.

    For me the USA wasn’t smart enough to even give Gary Johnson a stab at even getting his running-shoes on then I am justifiably depressed. And this is not me being anti-US. It’s universal depression. I mean iDave and the Clegg or (God help us) The Millipede over here! Jesus wept! It’s like the NONCE wing of a laughing academy.

  15. Julie near Chicago says:

    Oh, no offense, Nick. And there’s no doubt that the Sith was running a Mr. Universe / Pop-Celebrity / Pop-Beauty / Pop-Universal-Healer / Pop-Superman Contest chiefly, tall buildings at a single bound, with just enough grains of politicism thrown in to make it look a little like a political campaign if your screwed your eyes shut and stuck your fingers in your ears.

    As for my fellow members of the General Electorate, there are three groups: 1) those who, very sensibly, in 2008 voted for Sarah Palin; 2) those who were seduced from their usual “common” sense by Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing Much, but inducing mob hysteria all the same; and 3) those who never had acquaintance of Common Sense in the first place, Paine or not, and simply pulled the levers that the loudest of the Sith’s claque told them to pull. I feel sorry for the first group, being one of them myself, but it is hard to feel insulted on behalf of the others. (Voting for Mr. Romney was a tough job too, but we stuck it out and did it.)

    Speaking of which, the gloves have finally come off of the Republican Ruling Oligarchy entirely. Just last week I reading remarks by one of them — Reince “Rancid Bus” Priebus? Maybe. — to the effect that McCain was all set to beat the Sith in 2008, except that then he had the immortal stupidity to make himself unacceptable by picking Gov. Palin as running mate. I couldna’ believe my eyes. Everybody, EVERYBODY knows McCain was nearly a Floater in a stream of sewer effluvium until somebody had the sense to get Ms. Palin on the ticket, which resulted in the rank-and-file’s renewed commitment to voting for the team (the primaries having had something very ordoriferous about them, since McCain was the ONLY primary candidate NOBODY wanted), and which required the PTB to pull up its socks for a renewed effort to see its candidate defeated.

    I mean, what if McCain could no longer be welcomed as One of the Gang along with Sen. L. Graham and the ghost of T. Kennedy?! What if the Pubs lost their entrée into the circle of the Ruling Power? It could happen if they got too uppity in the lofty echelon and stopping K-ing A.

    And now, of course, we see that Rancid-Bus is exhorting all and sundry to get behind Christie. *gag*

    . . .

    Similarly, no offense, Acts — the “raw meat” in your first comment was really a very minor component of it. I’m just one who is pretty sturdily wed to the idea of trying to slow down the juggernaut in the hope that somebody will have the brain-power and the force and stamina of will to take advantage of every second of delay that we can manage as we race down the Highway to Hell.

  16. single acts of tyranny says:

    I dont bother much with politics these days, but if I stil cared who won elections (and were I republican), Christie would be below the reanimated corpses of a Saddam/Bin Laden ticket.

    Now I appreciate modern republicanism is hardly Barry Goldwater anymore, but really, Christie?

  17. Lynne says:

    Sith? That’s an anagram of shit.

    That makes it work both ways…


  18. Julie near Chicago says:

    Can’t see myself voting for Christie. Sorry, my boy. We know the brain’s cell walls are made of fat, but I hadn’t ever complicated having to vote for a FULLY fat-headed flubber. :>((

    Lynne — :) :)

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