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PETA Prize

PETA, the People who Euthanise Thousands of Animals, have noticed this matter, the potential of meat being grown in bioreactors from stem cells.

They have offered a prize of one million dollars to the first person/organisation to produce factory grown chicken meat as a commercially viable product. Given their conditions, I guess a million will be a small contribution to the development/marketing/distribution costs, but still, any contribution will probably be welcome.

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  1. NickM says:

    Do you know of Philip Schofield?

    He’s a former BBC kids TV chap and I saw him interviewed once about his passion for mushrooms. He was actually rather interesting (a truly funghi) and he mentioned a fungus called “Chicken of the Forest” which has almost exactly the taste and consistency of chicken.

    It can’t be grown commercially, alas. Yet. He or she who pulls that off will make a mint.

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