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The War against Eastasia: Theatre: The Paranoid Style in Libertarianism

Single Acts of Tyranny proposes to tyrannize us by destroying our fondest dream, which is that hell is the creation of the Devil which takes the form of bringing to Humanity that most desirable of conditions, happiness and joy — O hell, World PEACE, happiness and joy — by denying us everything that any human being could possibly need or want. In this case, the sense of physical sweetness that sugar brings us.

Now along comes Perfesser “Nudge” Sunstein, who says, “No such thing”: It’s all the woolly-minded Paranoid Libertarians, who broadcast to us the Sirens’ wail in the form of warnings against such things as slippery-slope arguments, plus four more dreadful paranoid ploys.

On the other hand, the Comments to the articule (what an apt typo! think I’ll leave it) seem to be running rather heavily against what they see as the Prof’s muddying of the waters.

Actually, it’s my observation that as soon as you let the meaning of words (that is, their meaning in Standard English, since there does have to be a standard for interpretation somewhere or “it’s deuces wild”) — as soon as you let the meaning of words become unmoored from their core meaning in Standard English, you are deep into the territory of the Slippery Slope and worse. Mr. Whittle did a wonderful illustration of how this works, on a Trifecta a few years back. If you have a “standard” as opposed to “basic” (but still paid) membership, I think it is, you can still watch it.

But I’m O/T there. The point is that ANY argument can, in my experience, be stretched to prove anything whatsoever, if you have just the teensiest bit of imagination. And Lefties are loaded with it, as long it informs them that their plans will work so well that they should just naturally have the final say.

Go, read — including the Comments, until you get bored: there are 288 of them so far, some meaty — and be Enlightened.

PS: Acts, no offense. That first line is my idea of humor. I do like your idea of putting 5 kg. of sugar in jail, though. Maybe it work to help me lose a little around the hips. :>)


  1. Paul Marks says:

    Julie is pointing to “The Paranoid Style in American Politics” by Richard Hofstadter.

    Hofstadter was a Columbia university historian who explained conservative dissent in American politics as a form of mental illness – his work (as Jonah Goldberg points out – see page 228 of his “Liberal Fascism”) is full of such words as “clinical”, “disorder”, “complexes”, “thematic apperception” as well as “paranoid”.

    Hofstadter basically claims that anyone who is worried about Marxist influence in American politics (or academia) is a lunatic. In this Hofstadter builds on the work of his friend and Columbia colleague Theodor Adorno (see Goldberg page 227)in his “The Authoritarian Personality” (which pretends that conservatives are Fascists – rather odd as Fascism was a Progressive movement).

    However, Adorno himself was a Marxist – one of the leaders (along with Max Horkheimer, Erich Fromm, and Herbert Marcuse) of the Frankfurt School of Marxism).

    So what Hofstadter and Adorno were basically doing was to fly throw a window on a broomstick turn your family into toads and then say……..

    “You are paranoid to believe in witches”.

    Cass Sunstein is playing the same trick.

    If you can not cover up what you are doing (in the Progressive effort to destroy traditional freedoms and establish tyranny) then just scream “paranoid” at anyone who points out what you are doing,

  2. John Galt says:

    Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you
    - Joseph Heller – Catch 22

    My paranoia has driven me to take all sorts of paranoid safety measures such as multiple citizenships, foreign residence and less tangible actions to ensure that I will have options when the gates come clanging shut, whereas those with “insufficient levels of awareness” will simply find themselves locked behind the Iron gates of a totalitarian state as the Russians of 1917 and the Eastern Europeans of the post-war era did.

    History may not repeat itself, but it certainly carries a tune.

    Paranoia needs to be tempered with reality obviously, it is a risk/reward strategy, a balance which each man or woman needs to determine for themselves and their family. Unlike Charles Manson, I recognise that total paranoia can lead to both paralysis and/or lashing against phantom threats and enemies.

    Little Man Syndrome - North Korea is best Korea

  3. single acts of tyranny says:

    The positive in this nonsense, is that statists now feel the need to argue, rather than just ignore. It’s progress of sorts.

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