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4th Amendment

The rule of law operates only so far as those with political power submit themselves to it.

Defend the 4th.

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  1. Paul Marks says:

    As Senator Rand Paul has pointed out – the law must be even handed.

    If Mr Edward Snowden is to be sent to prison for running off to the Putin and the FSB (rather than going to the Congress – which is what a “whistle blower” should, legally, do) then Mr Clapper (the head of the NSA) should also go to prison – for lying (on oath) before Congress.

    As Rand Paul put it “Mr Snowden and Mr Clapper should share the same cell”.

    Either both must be sent to prison – or neither.

  2. As Rand Paul rightly points out – there are two wrongs here.

    You do not fix your country by running off to Putin and the FSB (so Mr Snowden is wrong).

    But it is also a crime to lie to Congress about your operations – as Mr Clapper (the head of the NSA did).

    So if Mr Snowden is sent to prison, so should Mr Clapper be sent to prison.

    “In the same cell”.

  3. Julie near Chicago says:


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