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$2,400 “Introduction to Linux” course from the Linux Foundation will be free online this summer

From Arstechnica:

$2,400 “Introduction to Linux” course will be free and online this summer
The Linux Foundation is putting its training materials up on edX’s platform.

by Megan Geuss – Mar 8 2014, 3:00pm CST

Earlier this week, The Linux Foundation announced that it would be working with edX, a non-profit online learning site governed by Harvard and MIT, to make its “Introduction to Linux” course free and open to all.

The Linux Foundation has long offered a wide variety of training courses through its website, but those can generally cost upwards of $2,000. This introductory class, which usually costs $2,400, will be the first from the Linux Foundation to run as a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). There is no limit on enrollment through edX’s platform.

The course will be held this summer, although an official start date has not been posted yet. ….

[SNIP of further details on auditing option, more]


  1. NickM says:

    Who actually needs to be trained. I just downloaded Ubuntu and got stuck in. Compared to Windows 8 it doesn’t make you want to throw the lappy at the wall. I have experience mind with AmigaOS and Unix.

  2. RogerC says:

    Same here. Ten years ago you might have needed some actual knowledge to get things running properly and even five years back I needed to do some tinkering to get certain bits of hardware to play, but these days it more or less takes care of itself.

    Maybe that’s why they’re giving it away now. Or maybe it’s aimed at server admins and not at people just running it as a desktop – the course outline isn’t really clear.

  3. Sam Duncan says:

    I thought I had my RSS feeds crossed for a moment there.

    Anyway, yes, it does seem a bit odd that an “introductory” course used to cost $2,400 when there’s really not that much to introduce these days. MInd you, the quote from Jim Zemlin in the Ars article – “Our mission is to advance Linux, and that includes ensuring we have a talent pool of Linux professionals” – tends to bear out Roger’s suggestion that it’s geared towards admins. Still, I’m fairly certain LPI certification is cheaper. That is, it used to be.

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