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Cartoon of the Week.


  1. Julie near Chicago says:

    I’ll be one of them. :>))

  2. Mr Ed says:

    For those outside the UK and/or unaware, there has been a change in the law on pensions meaning that some holders of private pensions are to be entitled to take lump sums as cash rather than be obliged to buy an annuity from an insurance company (and get ripped off). A Labour Party hack said ‘You can’t trust people to spend their own money’ on TV, and others have said pensioners might blow it all on a Lamborghini. The subtext being that the political class cannot stop themselves bailing out pensioners who blow it all so the pensioners should be prevented by law from spending their money (rather than politicians being prevented from spending others’ money, the implicit sub-text).

    And almost wholly OT, here is a map of dog breeds, for all you Cats.

    PS This site loads like a dial-up modem in the UK.

  3. RAB says:

    PS This site loads like a dial-up modem in the UK.

    Sigh, tell me about it! Nick and I are getting a tad pissed off about it, but nothing but silence do we get from the Southern Ocean. We might as well run the site via fuckin carrier pigeon!

    A good appraisal of what the cartoon is all about Mr Ed. Basically that Labour thinks that someone who has reached the age of retirement, has got themselves an education, a job, a career, saved their money, bought their house, raised their children and saved some more for a rainy day, is too “irresponsible” to spend their own money in the way they wish to. So we must have it taken away from us by Big clever Government and given back pocket money to live on instead.

    Thanks for the dog chart. I like cats (had a few in my time) but prefer dogs. The Bonkers One is warming my feet as I type. She is a Springer/Cocker/Collie and god knows what else cross. Too damn smart by half, but utterly adorable.

  4. Julie near Chicago says:

    Mr. Ed, that is totally, far-out COOL! Thank you! All my DogPals will be entranced!

    The cartoon. Pensioners. Lump sums no good, need annuity. Quite. Gov here decided all Govt. 401(k) retirement plans should be changed so that the payouts to retirees could, if the given retiree wished, be in the form of annuities as opposed to lump-sums withdrawn as needed. The change to the plan would be voluntary for each retiree, of course. *Yeah right.*

    They published one of those Requests for Public Input (whatever the exact title), and they must have linked to the replies from the financial houses where the various investments were held. Anyway, somehow I got hold of the reply from MetLife. It said the annuity plan would be just great, here are the fifteen (or 1500) reasons why, presented in loving detail. It said that adoption of the annuity plan should absolutely be voluntary for each retiree. That is, unless after a year some people hadn’t changed their plans to the annuitized version. At that point naturally the Gov would have to make it mandatory for everyone.


    (I’m sure glad I wasn’t born five years later!)

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