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Obama and Putin: Playing the Same Game

The War of the Community Organizers. Mr. Greenfield explains that both of them need their enemies, in order to ensure their power.

Obama and Putin: Two Totalitarians, One Game
March 27, 2014 by Daniel Greenfield

[ ... ]

Every time a battle is won and an election ends, a new source of social conflict is dug up and deployed for war.

As a domestic radical, divisiveness is his natural weapon. Obama plays on fragmented identities, assembling coalitions to wage war against some phantom white heteronormative patriarchy consisting of a middle class barely able to pay its bills.

[ ... ]

[Obama's coalition] needs an enemy to give it meaning. Without a common enemy it will tear itself apart and die.

The same is true of the anti-American coalition that Putin has cobbled together out of Marxist dictators in Latin America, Shiite fanatics in Iran, a North Korean prep school grad who starves his people to build nukes and radical American leftists convinced that every war is a CIA conspiracy. Like allying the NAACP, AFL-CIO and GLAAD; it’s an odd conclave, but as long as everyone focuses on a common foe, they can all be herded in the right direction.

Obama is an adequate national community organizer, but Putin is a global community organizer.

It’s not just that Obama is weak and inept, but he’s using a rulebook that Moscow is entirely familiar with because its men helped write it. The KGB vets running the show understand Obama intimately because they understood his mentors. The tactics that Obama and his people imagine are clever and innovative are minor examples of the tactics that the USSR was using abroad before he was even born.

Obama isn’t isolating Putin. Putin is isolating Obama. He’s doing it in the same way that Obama did it to Republicans.

Anti-Americanism has nothing to with America. Anti-Americanism creates a phantom enemy.

[ ... ]

Obama needs a Republican enemy to keep his people in line. Putin needs an American enemy to keep his people in line. If Obama understood this, he would also understand that Putin is as likely to work with him to defuse the conflict, as Obama would with John Boehner.

Putin and Obama are both deeply corrupt men whose former popularity has waned and are badly in need of distractions.

[ ... ]

Obama thinks globally and acts locally. Putin thinks locally and acts globally.

Putin is determined to score points from the post-American transition. Reducing American power and influence worldwide was a move that the foreign policy left believed would defuse tensions. Instead it has turned into a gold rush for every petty tyrant and terrorist eager to count coup by humiliating the United States.

Obama wanted a peaceful post-American transition. Instead he’s getting worldwide chaos and war.

Putin seeks out a conflict with the United States for the same reason that Obama seeks one out with Republicans….



  1. Sadly I think Mr Obama does understand this – and likes it.

  2. John Galt says:

    It’s all a bit like a topsy-turvy version of a John le Carré novel, with the Marxist mole in the Whitehouse being embattled by the Karla trained Moscow Centre hood in the form of Putin.

    I’m sure there are lots of things in the FSB files (inherited from Mr. Putin’s ex-employers at the KGB), I wouldn’t even be surprised if they didn’t have Obama’s Communist Party membership card :-)

    In terms of who am I afraid of most, I’m not sure. Obama probably as most of the general population will neither recognize nor accept that he is what he is. He continues to damage the United States and by association the Western way of doing things (democracy, diplomacy, negotiation, etc., all that good shit)

    The only positive sign is that come what may, the Sith will be out the door in January 2017, whereas Putin will keep changing hats with Dmitry Medvedev or other proxies until he dies or some other Russian thug ousts him.

    Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.

    ― Mahatma Gandhi – The Story of My Experiments With Truth

  3. NickM says:

    “Obama thinks globally and acts locally. Putin thinks locally and acts globally.”

    The money quote.

  4. Julie near Chicago says:

    JG, you’re exactly right on that skunk. It’s not just the U.S. that needs to be destroyed. Right behind us on the list is Britain, and then the West (Israel! at the head of this list) and Western civilization generally.

    Ozymandias, yes, but the problem is that we non-tyrants and non-murderers also fall … and often, sooner than the tyrants &c. I don’t see why they can’t fall within a year or two, so that the rest of us can get back to Real Life.

    Meanwhile, I just received a large envelope containing a questionnaire as to how do I feel about ObamaCare. Aha! They do call it “ObamaCare.” (I haven’t opened it yet.) That means they’ll be happy to hear my honest opinion. (If it were the Forces of Darkness, I’m sure it would be called either its long name–too long to type–or “the PPACA” or, more likely, simply “the ACA.”) On the other hand, if it were the F of D, I could tell them what I really really REALLY think, with plenty of emotion.

    They should ask me what I think about this Common Core horse-do while they’re at it.

  5. Lynne at Counting Cats says:

    Global posturing politics – bullshit on stilts.

  6. RAB says:

    Here’s a critique of Barry’s speech to the G7 that I haven’t seen anywhere else…

  7. Edward Lud says:

    Is diplomacy a good thing?

    If the answer is ‘yes’, is the best way of doing it the Congress of Vienna system? I mean, given the telecoms abilities of our age, isn’t this system of permanent overseas establishments, dinners, mutual back-slapping, deals done under the table, etc, really the only or the best way of doing it?

    And let me be clear. As a libertarian, I despise the sinecured mandarinates of the permanent tranzi class. That’s a given. But putting that aside, are they, and their Viennese system really the best way of doing things?

  8. Julie near Chicago says:

    RAB, I read the Daily Caller piece–thanks for the link. Then I read some of the comments. Since I would have to register with either the D.C. or that awful Disqus *ee-e-w-ww! hives! COOTIES!!!* to comment there, you lucky folks are gonna get it here.

    Somebody calling itself “Bettybb” has comments accusing everybody to the right of Obama-cum-Marx-cum-Lenin-cum-god-knows-who of being “Fascist.” Especially the Tea Party. So blah blah blah and eventually it adduces two or three lists of points that it claims prove that the hundreds of gazillions of people in the Tea Party are indeed Fascists. Interestingly, its points are “backed up” by links which seem to run largely to pieces from HuffPo, but this particular item of “proof” (which, incidentally, is followed by another similar one) caught my eye (to read TNR’s poll–which I did not do–follow RAB’s link above):

    9. . poll shows Tea Party racist

    Now, what interests me is the depth of intelligence and the rare wisdom required to conclude that a poll–a sampling of people’s opinions–is “proof” that the statement people’s opinions of which are being queried is true. !!!!

    (Of course, one might, if so inclined, cut T.N.R. some slack in writing its putative headline, since one does have some glancing acquaintance with the unfortunate tendency to careless, not to say wantonly misleading, use of our language generally, and that of headline-writers even more.)

    But the fact is the fact regardless of people’s opinions about whether it’s a fact. So EVEN IF the poll results do back up the proposition that “the Tea Party” is racist, that says nothing whatsoever about whether either the movement’s members are, or its general character is, racist.

    … I hope everyone feels enlightened and uplifted by this rather indignant disquisition. The fact is, the headline and its use by Bettybb are outrageous and insulting not only to the Tea Party but to reason. GRRRRRR.

    Thank you for your patience,
    Annoyed Near Chicago :)

  9. NickM says:

    Julie, you remind of the author Smarting Anus, Fellow of the Royal College of Bellends but has his moments. In his short novel “Nightrain” he has a US quiz show in which questions are asked not about truth – “In what year was the battle of Waterloo?” but opinions about truth such as “Which breakfast serial do most Americans believe most Americans prefer”. Note thwe difference. You can construct a universe. That is the subject of a truly great writer, Jorge Luis Borges in “Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius” which is a must read.

    I have a parked URL, Invisible Tigers, that is how much Borges got me. Tollers and Carroll got me and Borges got me. But my dark star will rise on the Tigers.

    All of you read that pdf if you haven’t read Borges already. For me it makes “1984″ seem tame. It is the story of the C20th. It ought to be beaten into the heads of anyone who stands for election – anywhere. The translation is generally good but with some eff-ups such as “plant” rather than “planet”.

  10. Julie near Chicago says:

    “Smarting Anus”? I have to admit it took me awhile, but I did finally work it out. Heh… Haven’t read anything of his, although I did once read something by his daddy, forget what it was. But nothing entitled Night Train can be all bad…surely?

    Thanks for the link to the Borges. I’m a little less than halfway through it. Pretty interesting. I wish I had the attention span of my youth, though. :>((

  11. Paul Marks says:

    The important Communists no longer have membership cards. One of the first things that Frank Marshall Davis (Chicago CP and a associate of Barack’s maternal family – in Kansas, Washington State and Hawaii) would have taught the young Barack is “never formally join the party – the Cong Hunters will use your membership card as a weapon against you”.

    The closest Barack came to this mistake was when he was a listed as a member of the “New Party” (a Communist front organisation in Chicago) – his people went nuts over that, “Barack was never a member” (and so on). It seems as Barack attended the key meetings (and helped make all the key decisions) some clerical type within the organisation listed him as a member – but this is NOT so, because he (Barack) never carried a membership card in his wallet and is therefore innocent…..

    The Democratic party is like a magic ring that allows a vampire to go out in day light. When a Vampire Hunter finally tracks down the vampire (seeking justice for its victims) the cry goes up “that can not be a vampire, he is out in daylight – leave him alone you evil McCarthyite!”). And the creature smiles and walks away- to murder fresh victims.

    “They are not Communists they are registered Democrats” – that may be what is carved on the grave stone of the United States of America.

  12. As for Mr Putin – I doubt that he has as much sincere faith in socialist (or “Social Justice”) ideology as “John Le Carrie” (it is a fake name of course) does.

    I remember as a child at school looking at “Tinker, Taylor. Soldier. Spy” and the thoughts of the main character (“George Smiley”) struck me. This character (who is clearly a spokesman for the author – his thoughts are “Le Carrie’s” own opinions, or rather ASSUMPTIONS) actually agrees with the Communist propaganda that the unmasked traitor comes out with.

    The position of “Le Carrie” is – America = Boo Hiss. Big Business = Boo Hiss.

    And this was obvious long before openly socialist works such as “The Constant Gardener” (gleefully taken up by the Hollywood Reds and made into a film).

    The logical move for “George Smiley” to make was to be an agent of the Soviets himself (after all he believed that the charges against “capitalism” were correct then he should work to destroy capitalism). Which is why “Le Carrie” works do not make sense (as the leading Western agent should not, logically, be loyal to the West at all).

    [By the way....... remember that "Conservatives" in the service (both the domestic and the foreign service - MI5 and MI6) are sneered at works by "Le Carrie" and the electronic intelligence they produce is revealed as false. In reality the actual spy catchers were Conservatives, and the electronic intelligence produced from breaking Soviet codes was the truth, for example showing that many "liberals" and "democratic socialists" in the West were actually Soviet agents-of-influence].

    Now Mr Putin’s “Russia Today” television station broadcasts similar propaganda against “Big Business” (“transnational corporations” and so on) every day.

    The difference between Mr Putin and Mr “Le Carrie” (or Mr Obama) is that I do not believe that Putin really believes this utter drivel.

    Yes Mr Putin has done dreadful things.

    He has destroyed dissenting media (say the Russian version of Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and Talk Radio), he has withdrawn the promise (made by President Yeltsin) of trial by jury, he has got rid of the election of Governors (think of a United States with all 50 State Governors appointed by Obama), and on and on.

    However, Mr Putin is more of a vicious gangster than an ideological Marxist.

    Indeed I suspect that he thinks of Marxists (such as Mr Obama) by the old KGB name for them – “shit eaters”, people who actually believe the “shit” (i.e. the propaganda against “the rich” and “big business”).

  13. John Galt says:

    However, Mr Putin is more of a vicious gangster than an ideological Marxist. Indeed I suspect that he thinks of Marxists (such as Mr Obama) by the old KGB name for them – “shit eaters”, people who actually believe the “shit” (i.e. the propaganda against “the rich” and “big business”).

    Obama the Shit Eater…yes. I can get behind that.

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