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Daniel Hannan on that “far right” surge in France

At the Telegraph:

It is important to understand that Marine Le Pen positioned herself to the Left of the UMP and, at least on economics, arguably to the Left of the Socialists. She railed against capitalism and globalisation, called for higher expenditure, and supported state-run energy, healthcare, education, transport and financial services. Where her father used to complain about welfare scroungers, she wants a more generous range of entitlements.

You don’t say.


  1. John Galt says:

    Because, ultimately to achieve power you must appeal to the centre, which means obtaining support from those who are your natural opposition, hoping their repugnance of their own “enemy within” (François Hollande) will raise all opposition boats and lift you into power.

    It comes to something when millions of French voters would rather sea Marine Le Pen in charge than the current incumbent.

  2. Ed P says:

    I still see little difference between parties branded “far right” & “far left”. Socialism, in its many disguises, seems the natural bedfellow for fascism – indeed, more people have perished under socialism than did in WW2 – Pol Pot & Mao knew no limits.
    Hollande is a weak and generally loathed leader, so the true political swing in France may be less extreme if the protest element is factored out.

  3. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

    I detest the E.U. – and I detest the forces of Islam even more.

    But bankrupting France (even faster than it is being bankrupted already) is not the way to fight them.

    Promising people the impossible (even more government spending – when France already has the highest government spending in the world) is radically dishonest, and it will lead to failure in the end.

    This is why I could never vote National Front.

    At least the lady could have been silent on government spending (if she did not think the French people were ready for the truth).

    Lying (promising even more spending) crosses the line.

  4. Mr Ed says:


    “Lying (promising even more spending) crosses the line.”

    You cannot know that they are lying. If I point a bone at you thinking it is the way to kill you (not that I would, but anyway), I am not lying if I say I am trying to kill you by pointing the bone, I am talking bull.

  5. Tim Newman says:

    As far as I can tell, the French have figured out quite well that all candidates are millionnaire elites and the offspring or close relatives of other political figures, and therefore don’t really give a shit about whatever shite any one is spouting at any given moment.

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