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The “Victimology” lens

Nigel Evans

As lurid details spilled out about the MP’s struggles with alcohol and his sexuality, his accusers – five of whom were friends – played down the incidents to the point of levity. “It was like we were out one night and the shadow secretary of state for Wales put his hand down my trousers. Crazy, crazy Westminster. It seemed so funny,” said the first alleged victim.

How the case against Nigel Evans fell apart

Speaking as a representative of Team Pink, I’ve never tried this particular approach on anyone, no matter how drunk I might have been, because I’ve found that a punch in the face often offends.

If every rugby club prank or drunken fumble of the sexually curious was to be brought to trial then the courts would be overflowing.

I think the men reluctantly dragged into this by the Palace of Westminster Police, who categorically refused to be victims and said so on the stand were quite correct, but their refusal to be victims undermined the main allegation of rape and made both the police and CPS appear foolish – correctly and understandably in my view, although not in the view of the execrable Alison Saunders, Head of the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service.

Alison Saunders: CPS ‘was right to take Evans case to court’

Time for this rape hysteria to be brought to an end as it undermines the genuine cases. The fact that these matters were escalated from bar room gossip to sexual assault charges by Sarah Wollaston MP (a “GP with 20 years’ experience including a spell working as a police forensic examiner where she dealt with victims of sexual and domestic violence”) does not surprise me. If, like Wollaston you go around viewing every aspect of life through a lens of “victimology” then you will find victims everywhere you look.

This is not to suggest that the rape charge against Evans should have been ignored, but by bundling it along with these other spurious and largely inconsequential events, presumably to establish Evans as a sexual predator in the years prior to the rape allegation then the CPS and police have undermined their case rather than enhanced it.

After all, juries live in the real world rather than that defined by the “Rape Culture” viewpoint of Alison Saunders.


  1. Talwin says:

    JG. I’m convinced the actions of both the police and CPS were merely following the 21st century trend for arse-covering. Bugger the consequences (if you’ll excuse the expression in this case); let’s put the responsibility onto someone else.

  2. John Galt says:

    I’d be prepared to believe that Talwin if this prosecution arose from an initial complaint and then others had come forward of their own volition, but that doesn’t seem to have been the case, more akin to Sarah Wollaston MP having discovered a nice little parliamentary sex scandal that she could use as a platform to parade her own particular prejudice.

    Did the Police and/or CPS go trawling for these reluctant witnesses or did Sarah Wollaston MP offer them up as part of her initial complaint? either way it is pretty distasteful.

  3. Mr Ed says:

    A judge in England may direct a jury to acquit if the case is manifestly unprovable, as happened with Mr Roache, when the evidential basis of one allegation was not that the witness said incident X had happened, but her evidence was that she remembered it, and nothing more. If that was the evidence of the witness throughout, I would submit that the judge ought to have held the prosecutor (and bureaucrats involved) in contempt for daring to bring such a charge, and, holding an initial contempt hearing on a Friday afternoon at around 4.56 pm then remanding the suspects in custody over the weekend pending recommencement on the Monday would have been an appalling stroke of luck, er.. abuse of process, and 2 years chokey on conviction if you don’t mind. Now that would put a check on this sort of abuse of process.

    Quite why in this case most of the charges made it through to the jury’s deliberation is a bit of a mystery to me, but I did not have the benefit of being there and being the judge. I have not been able to persuade myself that the prosecution was not in part motivated by the political party that Mr Evans belonged to, although the evidence of the bloke who allegedly woke up to find an MP rogering him seemed to have made out a prima facie case, which we now know to be unfounded. His name was John Bull and he was recalling the last 108 years.

    I can’t help noticing the recent revelations about Cyril Smith, formerly a Liberal MP for Rochdale, for whom David Steel and Nick Clegg have had warm words.

  4. RAB says:

    Everyone here knows that Plod has been politicised. I date it from 1986 when the Crown Prosecution Service was set up as a National body to instigate and administer criminal prosecutions in the UK, instead of previously the local Constabulary.

    I was still working in the Crown Court at the time, and all my fellow workers knew that the CPS was going to attract 4th rate newly qualified trendy Leftie lawyers to it like flies to a dungheap…and so it has proved to be.

    In the beginning there was still resistence from traditional Plod to the insistence of prosecuting “Political” crimes such as race, speech and thought crimes on the flimsiest of evidence, and preferring to concentrate on traditional crimes against the person and property, but they are all long gone in the last 30 odd years… fired or retired.

    Now the Plod see themselves as a Service not a Force (who they think they are servicing though is anyones guess, unless it is Common Purpose… there are a lot of CP PC’s these days, and Chief Costables for that matter). So as we all well know… Get burgled or your car knicked… expect to see a Scene of Crimes officer sometime in the next week, for the 40 seconds it takes to issue a crime number for insurance purposes. Take fingerprints? Don’t make me laugh! Stand on an orange box on the corner of a park and preach to nobody in particular at all that homosexuality is a sin, and you’ll be down the Nick faster than you can say fellatio.

    The Evans case and all of Savilegate and Plebgate is one seamless stream of “the Process is the Punishment”. Do not fuck with us. Do as we instruct you to do, do not step even slightly out of line or you will be so sorry. We may not get a conviction, even though we think we’ve fabricated enough evidence to do so, we may not even try very hard, just keep you in limbo and on tenterhooks for months or years. And there’s nothing at all you can do about it… HAHAHA!

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