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Resurrection Shuffle.

It’s Easter Monday, a day of great joy for Christians. Their Lord and Saviour is risen from the dead. But 55 of the prod nosed, know better than you do, self righteous, would prefer you forgot all about it. Could their letter to the Telegraph be just a coincidence on this day? I seriously doubt it.

I’m looking out of my window, and from where I stand (I live on top of a hill here in Bristol) I can see  at least five church spires. Admittedly two of them are now carpet warehouses and another converted into sheltered housing, but the other two are still functioning places of worship. I live in the district of St Andrews, just down the hill is St Pauls, then next to it is St Annes and St Werburghs , all with their attendant churches. Bristol was just a little bit Christian religious in the past, just like the whole of Great Britain, don’t you think?

Are we now? In strict observance and church attendance certainly not, but who can deny that the whole of our culture, Laws and morality stem directly from Christianity, and as belief in some imaginary sky fairy or other goes, it is most certainly the most benign that has ever been invented.

But the 55 signers of the Telegraph letter think that iDave’s professed belief is divisive to our country. Oh really? what more divided than it is already? This is Hotel UK. Come on in, get yourself a room, make whatever mess you want , carry on just as you did wherever you came from, live in a parallel universe, and we’ll do our best to just ignore it. Don’t bother trying to fit into our culture or learn our funny little ways, cos it’s all made up rubbish anyway, say the 55. The great cathedrals of Wells, York, Canterbury etc etc matter not a jot, in fact pre Christian contributions to our Nation count as much… Er, who the hell was that then? Bronze age Britons? The Romans?

It would seem to me that the ones being divisive here are the signatories to  the Telegraph letter. Is iDave being a two faced little PR shit in trying to hoover up every spare vote he can get, including the Christian one? You bet! But if the 55 want to have a go at Potato Face then do it directly, not through knocking what we fundamentally are and have been for over a thousand years… A Christian country.

A little music for a bank holiday that suggested the title of this piece. Bugger Ashton Gardner and Dyke, this is much more fun… Or riseable… take your pick.


  1. Mr Ed says:

    I thought that the day of the Resurrection was Easter Sunday, the third day counting Good Friday as the first, and Easter Monday is not a religious day at all, but a Bank Holiday in England and Wales.

    BTW I have read that the Russian word for ‘Sunday’ is the Russian word for ‘Resurrection’, which the Communists did not change. So the Party and Cheka apparatchiks would every now and then be obliged by their ‘Oldspeak’ language to refer to the Resurrection when referring to the day before Monday.

    As for those signatories, what a deeply disagreeable bunch of socialists they all sound like. If ever there was an irrelevant group, it is that lot, yet the media report it as if it were a story. The sooner the bulk of the media goes bust, the better. I saw a similar piece in the Eastern Daily Press, a sneering regional commentator got on a his high ass and pontificated about Clueless Cameron’s comment. However dishonest Dave was, the ‘grapes of wrath’ produced nothing but vinegar.

  2. formertory says:

    I wasn’t surprised to see sundry “comedians” in the list of signatories, but was saddened to see Professor Jim Al-Khalili and a few other worthies in there. I would have hoped they’d know better and allow personal views some space whether they agree with them or not.

    There should be no business of Government or of public figures in religion. On either side of the argument. And that includes the professional rent-a-whinge mob who, increasingly, seem to represent a number of shall we say Third World religions, with their built-in “right not to be offended”.

    But Cameron? Hell, he and his ilk put me off voting Conservative for life, I think, but that was work he completed a few years ago now and may be as much down to my changing view of the world as I get older and less, ah, “understanding”.

  3. NickM says:

    I have to disagree. I am an un-baptised heathen and a secularist. And our country ought to be secular. The CofE can go feck itself.

  4. RAB says:

    I’m an atheist, but that’s not my point. The point is that everything that is the essence of Britain stems not from the old Norse pagan gods or whatever the druids were up to, or the pantheist soap opera that was the Greek and Roman ones, it comes from Christianity. Whether people believe or not is irrelevant, the influence of Christianity is all around them.

    And I get a queer feeling when people start saying what ought to be. Careful what you wish for. Some folk think Britain should be a Muslim country, don’t they?

  5. NickM says:

    Give me a rest RAB! The Muslim population is nowhere near enough (or organised enough) to attempt a take-over. What iDave was doing was chucking a rosette to the blue-rinse brigade in exactly the same way he did to the homosexuals with gay marriage. He in his infinte wisdom was trying to balance stuff. He thinks he can win by throwing bones to assorted “groups”.

  6. RAB says:

    Gimmie a break too Nick… or did you miss this bit?

    “Is iDave being a two faced little PR shit in trying to hoover up every spare vote he can get, including the Christian one? You bet!”

  7. John Galt says:

    Even as an agnostic/atheist fence sitter I acknowledge that Britain’s cultural heritage is a Christian one, but also acknowledge that actual practising Christians are a dwindling band, with the average age of regular attendees at church services approaching retirement age.

    If you ask the question of the general population “Do you attend church regularly”, the answer will be a categoric no for the vast majority of the white Anglo/Saxon majority in this country, but that does not mean that Britain has become a secular nation (although I suspect we are on the road there) as significant numbers will self-identify as Christian even though they don’t regularly attend a church.

    This may be somewhat delusional of the British public, but it is what it is…

  8. Mr Ed says:

    ‘the average age of regular attendees at church services approaching retirement age.’

    Advancing age concentrates the mind somewhat.

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