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Glenn Beck: Common Core and Education [and Certain Corps., and Progressivism]

A very good Glenn Beck video, uploaded 4/2013. Well worth the 45 minutes. Note well, at 21:26:

I’m not an anti-corporation guy!

But … the thrust of this “education” project is to instill in children anti-capitalist, pro-communistic ideas … to demolish all privacy of both the children and their family members … and to make of them guinea pigs whose bodily, physiological, biochemical states are studied via sensors attached to them. (If this sounds hyper-sensationalized, see the bit starting around 28:30 or a bit past, beginning with Dr. Gary Thompson, of the Early Life Child Psychology and Education Center. However, I have done no research at all on Dr. Thompson nor the Center beyond doing the search to get the link. FWIW, the search turns up results from the Better Business Bureau.)

There is a most interesting article by the by the former award-winning NYC-public-schoolteacher John Taylor Gatto, entitled “The Public School Nightmare,” which is a thorough-going indictment of American “education” and the Prussian system that the early Progressives like Horace Mann and, later, John Dewey foisted off on us. Please read! Excerpts:

When Frederich Froebel, the inventor of kindergarten in 19th century Germany, fashioned his idea he did not have a “garden for children” in mind, but a metaphor of teachers as gardeners and children as the vegetables. Kindergarten was created to be a way to break the influence of mothers on their children. I note with interest the growth of daycare in the US and the repeated urgings to extend school downward to include 4-year-olds.

. . .

A movement as visibly destructive to individuality, family and community as government-system schooling has been might be expected to collapse in the face of its dismal record, coupled with an increasingly aggressive shake down of the taxpayer, but this has not happened. The explanation is largely found in the transformation of schooling from a simple service to families and towns to an enormous, centralized corporate enterprise.

While this development has had a markedly adverse effect on people and on our democratic traditions, it has made schooling the single largest employer in the United States, and the largest grantor of contracts next to the Defense Department.

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In the video below, Mr. Beck points out the Shelob-like Department of Education.

(Vouchers are not, in fact, a good idea, except insofar as they might get parents to thinking about where their children might actually get some decent education. This is the gradualist approach, if going cold-turkey is politically impossible. Along these same lines, I read recently that the Charter Schools movement is also turning out to hurt private schooling, since the Charter Schools are still “free,” meaning payed-for by the taxpayer, hence still under the governmental thumb. Whether the alleged Corporate/Charter-school Corruption in the South — Louisiana? I forget exactly — actually occurred I can’t say, but the temptation and possibility are surely there.)


  1. Paul Marks says:

    The more I learn about “Common Core” the worse it turns out to be. Accuracy in Media has an interesting article about Common Core – and the connection with such professors of education as Bill Ayers.

  2. NickM says:

    May I take an opportunity here as to “common core” to question why despite all the bilge incorporated into the English national curriculum (and no, private schools are not entirely immune here either) we don’t do first aid. I’ve just booked myself on (at my employers ticket for a second stint with the St John Ambulance. It’s a statutory requirement that someone knows a bit and seeing as this is a religious meeting we have a more than reasonable number of folks who are holding out on the Grim Reaper. Anyhoos it is GBP120+VAT. So, R, the treasurer will get that shortly after getting my expenses and another bill around the ton for something. She’s going to have kittens. Oh, it’s for checking fire-safety – again statutory – nowt I can do about it.

    And yes, I smuggled that in but wasn’t VAT initially meant to tax luxury goods? Since when was First Aid training a luxury. Not my first course but I need to keep it up. Key trick my teacher told me first time around is the correct pace for CPR is “Nellie the Elephant”. Just don’t it out loud because singing that whilst pushing on a stranger’s chest has a tendancy to go badly wrong. Anyhows, I’ll have my certificate for another three years. Never had to use the first but you never know.

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