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Ed Balls is worried that the recession will result in a rise in support for the “far-right”. You just can’t make this shit-up. For ten years he was Brown’s chief economics guru. So, frankly, he is as much to blame as anybody. Yet he can say with a straight face that this is gonna be worse than the ’30s without falling to his knees, begging forgiveness and then doing the decent thing with a 9mm Browning. And just look at him there. He looks mad. He looks like a bloody fascist. He is a fascist. a fascist-lite but a fascist nonetheless.

Balls is right. We have seen a rise in the “far-right”. It happened in 1997. Mr Balls is the Volk’s Gauleiter for “children, families and schools” (what used to be “education”). Does that sound totalitarian enough already? What about Mr Ball’s boss rattling on about “British jobs for British workers”? fascist enough? Or Jacqui Smith banning a Dutchman from entering the UK because he might upset “community relations”? That fascist enough already? A Dutchman who has committed no crime and was invited by the House of Lords? Alas this upset one of their Lordships, Lord Ahmed (Labour, natch) who threatened to raise a rabble of ten thousand Muslims to stop the Dutchman getting to the Palace of Westminster.


Utterly deranged politicos behaving with gob-smacking arrogance ….check.
Orwellian sounding government departments ….check.
Protectionism ….check.
Complete disregard for freedom and the rule of law*….check.
Politicians engaged in balls-out rabble-rousing ….check.

Sounds pretty fascist to me. Balls is right. It’s only his timing that is hopelessly out but then he isn’t just a git, he’s an incompetent git. Balls is worried that the barbarians will exploit the hard times to get ahead. What he doesn’t realize is that he sees a prime example of one every time he shaves. Or maybe he’s just terrified of carrying the can if the BNP get anywhere because unlike NeuArbeit apparatchiks those fellas can fight.

*I’m sure banning the Dutchman is in some way illegal.

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  1. Sam Duncan says:

    Exactly what I thought when I read his bleatings. “None other than the political arm of the British people as a whole”. It doesn’t really get any more fascist than that.

    “I’m sure banning the Dutchman is in some way illegal.”

    Could be, but I suspect there probably is a “public order” exception to EU free movement, right enough. Think football hooligans.

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