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Quote of the Day

Actually, it is the quote of a couple of months ago, but is still worth putting up.

Obama intensely wants to sell out to Putin, but Putin isn’t buying. He prefers to take without the patina of agreement. He views Obama with the utmost contempt, and he is proving himself a rather more perceptive student of character than his Western counterparts, Obama foremost among them.

Scott Johnson – Powerline, March 17


  1. Mr Ed says:

    Perhaps Putin seems Mr Obama in dealing with potential enemies of the USA as a bit like Arnold Rimmer in Red Dwarf as the facilitator in this clip, in the ‘Give quiche a chance’ T shirt after the polymorph attacks, having lost his anger, he becomes what you see in the video, a recognisable type, wholly unwilling to confront evil.

  2. A good quote from Power Line – but it does leave out one factor.

    Comrade Barak Obama clearly thought that his Marxist background would make Putin warm to him.

    After all Mr Putin’s “Russia Today” broadcasts (thinly disguised) Marxist propaganda – giving people like the “Occupy Oakland” lady their own television series (“watched by two people Paul” pipe down Mr Ed) a big promotion from just working for John Kerry’s campaign in 2004 (plenty of money for spider web tights – as RT pays well, and even allows you to OPPOSE the Russian operations in the Ukraine, as long as you read from a pre prepared script).

    However, Comrade Barack and his associates have made a fundamental mistake – Mr Putin is NOT a Marxist (he just uses them).

    Mr Putin is a vicious gangster (not a an arm chair philosopher) and as an ex KGB officer he regards people who actually believe in Marxism (for example the stuff that his “Russia Today” broadcasts) as “shit eaters” (because they “eat the shit” – believe the propaganda about “the rich” and “the corporations” being to blame for X,Y, Z).

    Mr Putin actually DESPIES “true believers” (i.e. “shit eaters”) like Comrade Barack.

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