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Pizza Express

I’d stick to pepperoni:

Choudary said: “As Muslims we ensure our meat is pure, the blood is drained and the animals are treated humanely.

“Obviously there are people with special dietary requirements like vegetarians but Muslims and non-Muslims should be happy halal is being served by these restaurants.

“As a Muslim I do not believe that non-halal meat should ever be served. I do not believe it is right to stun or electrocute animals before they are killed, and no animal should be sacrificed for any purpose other than to serve Allah.”


For food to be certified halal a payment is made to a certification body, and any such body, to be valid, must make payments to Islamic charity.


In other words, for every meal you eat at Pizza Express an amount of the money paid is spent on proselytising.

I kinda object to this.


no animal should be sacrificed for any purpose other than to serve Allah

The problem is, not only do I object to contributing financially to the spread of Islam, but it is central to my religious beliefs that I cannot eat meat which has been ritually defiled by sacrifice to a false god, as it must be in order to be halal.

Why are my religious beliefs treated with such distain disdain?

Why are the religious beliefs of so many Christians treated with distain disdain?

Ask this next time someone seeks to foist halal meat onto you.


One final point, why are we patronising businesses (halal abattoirs) which are blatant in their religiously discriminatory employment practices?


  1. RAB says:

    Well the reason why, Cats, is twofold… Money and Dhimmitude, but I’ll stick with the money for starters.

    It is very much cheaper to kill animals by just uttering a quick prayer and slashing them across the the throat with a sharp knife, and leaving them to bleed to death, than stunning them then using a humane killer (great big Uzi looking gun that blasts a retractable steel bolt through their skulls which requires a cartridge, which is also expensive) than treating them humanely. But these were our health and hygene regulations back in the fifties when my dad was a Master butcher and had his own abattoir. So what’s happened to those Laws? Um rather a lot of people with a 7th century mindset moved over here recently. And we mustn’t offend them.

    The religious theory that the practice of Halal (and Kosher, both Semites don’t forget) is based on is bollocks of course, as any vet or butcher or anatomy student will tell you… You do not drain all the blood from an animal by just cutting its throat and letting it bleed to death in agony. It chokes to death but is still full of blood.

    And as to the Dhimmitude… well us non Halal and Kosher folk are being lied to by omission. They won’t tell us unless we ask, and they rely on no-one asking…

  2. CountingCats says:


    Thing is, if people start objecting on the basis that the meat has been ritually defiled and is therefore inedible…

    Lets face it, none of the usual suspects can possibly object to that, or otherwise question my right to hold that position, without committing the grave sin of openly preferencing one set of religious beliefs over another. How tolerant would that be?

  3. Cats, it’s worse than you think. Have you seen today’s news? Even M&S has been at it.

  4. John Galt says:

    Thing is, if people start objecting on the basis that the meat has been ritually defiled and is therefore inedible

    Take Kentucky Fried Chicken as an example.

    Ritually defiled according to whom? This is not some religious artefact, it is a piece of fried chicken. The only thing your average bloke in the street cares about is the flavour and the price, they couldn’t give a crap how it was raised or whether it met its end in a proper abattoir or at the point of Abdul’s knife.

    If they cared about that sort of thing they would be eating home cooked organic free-range Buddhist chicken from Waitrose that costs £30, instead of the rubbery offerings covered in hydrogenated trans-fats from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    As RAB suggests this sudden desire to offer food appropriate to our Muslim brothers is probably just a front to cover an opportunity for profit. Not that I object to that, but if so they should be forced to label it halal with the necessary sticker – then see how many people buy it.

  5. MrsNick says:

    Without any wish to rain on your parade welfare-wise, in 2012 only 3% cattle, 10% sheep and goats, and 4% of poultry slaughtered in Great Britain by Schechita and Halal methods did not receive a pre-slaughter stun (Food Standards Agency (2012) Animal Welfare Survey in Great Britain).

    Considering the lack of CCTV and high levels of employee injury due to extremely high turnover of animals in both religious and non-religious slaughterhouses (down from 13,000 in 1938 in the UK to 416 by 1999) and extensive undercover footage of improper stunning and abuse in even ‘high welfare’ Soil Association and Freedom Food accredited plants, there really is no basis to argue that standard slaughter is any less cruel than ritual slaughter.

    Oh, and it doesn’t have to be slaughtered by someone who’s Muslim for it to be Halal. It generally involves a cassette tape of a prayer, which, as far as I’m concerned, can’t be as bad as either Radio 1 or – God help me – Classic FM.

    Then again, speaking as someone who lived for 3 years on Leeds University’s famous multicultural sandwiches* – suitable for all good Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, vegans, the lactose intolerant, broke students and overseen by the local Beth Din – I admit I’m rather biased in this case and think that any religious aspect (which I couldn’t give the slightest fuck about) is rather beside the point when you’re chowing down on a dead cow.

    Each to their own, I suppose.

    *Basically, hummus and more hummus. With added hummus.

  6. John Galt says:

    Changed sex again Nick?

  7. Mr Ed says:

    The reason that they don’t mention it is to be PC, nothing more. If halal meat were a selling point, they would shout about particular meat being halal. Many people object to Halal, and they know it, many object to non-free range eggs, and they know it, hence many supermarkets sell free-range eggs and mark free-range food as such, and Pizza Express make a point about free-range eggs on their pizzas, as do M & S about using only free-range eggs.

    How long before Pizza Express stop serving alcohol if they want these Muslim customers to enjoy their premises, after all, alcohol evaporates from drinks?

    Anyway, no more Pizza Express for me, it’s the secrecy that I can’t stand, more than anything, the contempt for widely-held opinions.

  8. People – it is all hopeless.

    Our “liberal” elite masters have decided that even the suggestion that Islam is a “malign” religion is unacceptable – and people should be driven to resign if they make such a suggestion.

    The West is committing suicide.

  9. Mr Ed says:

    Would anyone care to venture a guess why Kosher meat has not been used since Cromwell let Jews into England, yet when Muslims live in the UK in significant numbers, halal meat becomes widely used, yet often unadvertised?

  10. RAB says:

    You’re right Paul.

    The argument now seems to be that if you don’t want to eat halal meat then you’re Islamophobic. In short, not being a Muslim is now an act of Islamophobia. Strewth.

    The new era of default halal tells a fascinating story about cultural sensitivity in the 21st century. It reveals that it isn’t necessarily Muslim communities that are super-sensitive; rather it’s mainstream society itself – modern Britain, us – that increasingly feels the need to tiptoe around minority groups for fear, usually misplaced, that if we rile them they’ll go crazy.

    From here…

  11. Mr Ed says:

    RAB, up to a point I would agree, but I differ about the underlying motive. Islam is just a ruse, as it were, of the relativists to undermine society. The usual trick is to say ‘to avoid causing offence’ but no specific person is ever mentioned, and I am yet to personally meet a muslim who goes around looking for offence or even taking it, the notion of the offended minority is a ‘fiction’ that is used to seek to induce a cultural cringe on the part of the Left in the everyday person, if they don’t respect their own culture, they won’t respect their freedom is probably the rationale. Don’t blame Muslims, blame the Left.

  12. Lynne at Counting Cats says:

    I don’t give a flying fornication about offending the poor dears and neither do a good number of my fellow villagers. No halal at the local butchers and that goes double for NZ lamb, Market forces coming to a town near you if you pull your fingers out and bite the Islamophobic bullet.

  13. RAB says:

    Who do you think, Mr Ed, thinks who, are the “Useful idiots”… the Lefties or the Islamists? I know which side is the smarter and playing the longer game, don’t you?

  14. Mr Ed says:

    RAB, the Left are the ‘useful idiots’, but so blinded by hatred for decency that they care naught for what happens after they have destroyed that which they are from but which does not worship and obey them.

  15. John Galt says:

    Classic line on this subject from Reason:

    No, the real fear here is the idea that meat certified as halal carries some sort of Islamic cooties.

    The Stupidest Pseudo-Story of the Week

    * Hat tip to Perry de Havilland over at Samizdata

  16. MrsNick says:

    Thanks for the pain-free sex-hange! MrsNick is my wife’s screen name for this blog. She’s vegan so has a slightly different perspective.. For myself I had a weird one. I’d bought a pepperoni pizza and I noticed my local takeaway had the Halal symbol prominently displayed (this was in South Manchester. So I asked. The Turkish lads who ran the place looked a bit surprised I’d asked. Turns out it was turkey (as in the bird) pepperoni. I had bought a few before (it was just round the corner) and hadn’t thought to ask. Just ask. They were very polite and friendly (and a little amused). Actually they seemed almost pleased to be given an op to extol the whatevers of their sourcing. Good little take-away.

    There is a problem here but (a) I’d rather see more compassion in the farming and transport. (b) Better labeling (some takeaways and many shops didn’t and don’t label as Halal/Kosher or whatever. (c) The way to find out is to just ask and maybe push it. I didn’t need to with this fellows but try that at the local Co-op with that utter idle C&*t Terry.

    Maybe I’ve got a different perspective but a lot of wine, say, is not clearly labeled as, say, vegetarian or vegan. So I have to mine-sweep the isles to get something for my wife and I to have with dinner.

    It is much the same for all of us. The solution for vegan/halal/kosher/I don’t eat bugs*/ allergies etc is to push the companies on content and labels and if they take no notice then ‘eff ‘em. Isn’t that how a truly libertarian society ought to work? Not asking Damp Cam and the Govester to “do something about it!!!”

    *By which I mean invertebrates.

  17. Nick says:

    The last comment was from me. Her Thinkpad begged to disagree and I did not see to change it.

  18. John Galt: “The only thing your average bloke in the street cares about is the flavour and the price, they couldn’t give a crap how it was raised or whether it met its end in a proper abattoir or at the point of Abdul’s knife.”

    Maybe so, John, but remember, what the Great British Public hates most of all is being deceived.

    Quite a few people would happily eat horse, but object to eating it when it’s sold as beef. The supermarkets didn’t learn that lesson.

  19. John Galt says:

    Yes Julia. I think that is the heart of the matter, not that they are serving halal slaughtered meat, but they are being deceitful about it.

    ‘Was it stunned first or is it halal?’

  20. Matt says:

    Disdain not distain..Brilliant post.

  21. CountingCats says:




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