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You have got to be fucking kidding me

These people are delusional.

On this one Nick, let rip.There is nothing you can say which will do justice to this self indulgent and sanctimonious drivel.

Don’t tell me about it dearie, go tell your husband. He’s the one with the red phone.

Do these self righteous fools really believe that a sad look and a compassionate head tilt will influence people who truly believe that rape, slavery and mass murder are the revealed will of Allah?

For Christ’s sake, get real.

But if your selective outrage is really up in arms about this one, movie stars with the hash tag, I’ve got a simple solution for you. Take some of your millions of dollars and hire some mercenaries to go into Africa to shoot all the members of Boko Haram. I wonder how that would trend on Twitter. #gurkhaskillscumbags

But the left hates the private sector, so hiring Blackwater (or whatever they are named this week) to gleefully give slavers some stylish new 5.56 body piercings is out of the question. So we’re back to being useless or taking military action. And if we drop Navy SEALs on these assholes, you guys really need to think through how come it is okay for our guys to kill these woman abusing assholes, but not other woman abusing assholes. Those assholes, left wingers invite to speak at Ivy League colleges.

H/T Andrew Bolt


  1. Julie near Chicago says:

    “Compassionate head tilt”? She looks to me as if she’s suffering from sudden-onset Old Age.

  2. Sam Duncan says:

    Well, at least the nutters know where the line is now. Routing infidel villages with flame and the sword is perfectly acceptable, as is a spot of rape and pillage, as long as you give the girls back afterwards and don’t sell them to slavers. That’s a bit off. Setting fire to Christians who don’t pay their jizyah is all a bit yawnsville, to be honest, but we can’t have that kind of thing. Really. Come on. Fair’s fair.

    So now they know where they stand. Burn all the churches you like, guys – nobody, at least nobody who really matters, is going to take a blind bit of notice of that, as you well know – just don’t haul the kids out of Sunday school and auction ‘em off to the highest bidder.

    ‘Cos then you’ll have a hashtag to deal with. Yeah…. I know, right? Thought that’d scare ya.

  3. Sam we all pay the Jizyah – it is in the price of the halal meat we buy (whether we know it or not), after all the slaughter houses have to be certified as halal by Islamic scholars and they donate part of their fee to the spreading of Islam (naturally enough).

    As for the Obamas – they engage in a perpetual campaign (Trotsky called it carrying on the revolution) – and look how they have changed perceptions.

    Nothing to do with Islam (anyone who suggests that is an “Islamophobe” and will be punished) – it is all to do with the “right to education” and the “right to jobs and health care” (as John Kerry explained) – and the “war on women”, no doubt Boko Harem are a Republican group funded by the Koch brothers (indeed Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are going to explain this in their next speeches – to be carried with fawning praise by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN).

    Big business (“the rich”, and “the corporations”) are at the bottom of all this – thank Progress that the Obamas are here to save the world.

  4. Roue le Jour says:

    See, and this is why Putin is popular in some quarters. You wouldn’t see Lyudmila doing this crap.

  5. John Galt says:

    “Compassionate head tilt”?

  6. David says:

    On getting back home after dropping his daughters at the #trending crack house rave, Barry realised his chances of getting his leg over tonight had decreased a bit.

  7. NickM says:

    This has nothing to do with Jizyah. What this is really to do is MO looking very sad (TM) because the First Lady looking very sad will return these kids to their families. Fuck that! A load of SEALS or the SAS will do that. This is the piss-poor gesture politricks we have got used to. the fact that in that neck of the woods you are up against the likes of…

    It is dismal and frankly, send the elite forces in (kick the cuntingness out of them), get everyone back on the Chinooks fuck off out and thermobaryic the gaff from Angels 30. Don’t go on twitter.

  8. Mr Ed says:

    I posted this Red Dwarf clip somewhere very recently but it accurately anticipates the mindset of this hashtag war mentality, with Rimmer having had his anger taken away, he grows a beard and becomes a stereotype, whilst Lister loses his fear and gets the right approach to dealing with the Polymorph monster that has invaded the ship and stolen emotions. Kryten loses his shame and Cat his pride.

    Red Dwarf – The Meeting

  9. Lynne at Counting Cats says:

    She went to the trouble and expense of being perfectly attired, coiffured and manicured for the pic. She sent out for the marker and the card especially. She chose the perfect backdrop too. What more do you want?

  10. John Galt says:

    Presumably you’ve not heard the latest:

    America’s first lady Michelle Obama will deliver her husband’s weekly radio address this weekend to draw attention to the plight of the kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria.

    Michelle Obama to give weekly radio address on Nigerian girls

    When exactly did Michelle Obama get elected as co-POTUS?

  11. Sam Duncan says:

    Draw attention to? So she thinks that because she’s never noticed what Boko Haram has been up to for the last twelve years before, nobody else has? The arrogance

  12. Julie near Chicago says:

    JG, at least your pleader looks intelligent. (And wow, VERY good-looking!)

  13. Looks as though the loons in Brighton want in on FLOTUS’s action:

    “With our candles, tealights and signs. we shall liberate these schoolgirls.”

    I ask you, how long can Boko Haram last, now Caroline Lucas is sporting a red ribbon on ‘Question Time’?

  14. Roue le Jour says:

    John, (I realise you’re quoting) not only isn’t she co-POTUS, she isn’t even ‘first lady’ as no such office exists. She’s just plain Mrs. Obama. Or, you know, Mememechelle to her friends.


    “She sent out for the marker and the card especially.”

    Are you suggesting she wrote it herself?

  15. John Galt says:

    John, (I realise you’re quoting) not only isn’t she co-POTUS, she isn’t even ‘first lady’ as no such office exists. She’s just plain Mrs. Obama. Or, you know, Mememechelle to her friends.

    Nope Roue. Just sheer bloody sarcasm.

    First Lady is appropriate, given how entitled she feels she is. This is someone who last held a proper job in 1993. Everything she’s done since then has been through squeezing the public tit.

  16. Mr Ed says:

    Indeed JG, but if any religious people who believe in an afterlife were consistent, would they not rejoice at a loved one’s martyrdom, bringing with it Paradise? Why do they weep at funerals? A deep doubt?

    And if Boko Haram get into their swing, they could kill tens of millions in Nigeria and elsewhere judging by recent form. Still, I don’t think Boko Haram have ever been dissed on Twitter before, so that will show ‘em, I bet they are panicking now.

  17. Sam Duncan says:

    “I don’t think Boko Haram have ever been dissed on Twitter before, so that will show ‘em, I bet they are panicking now.”

    Mark Steyn:

    Just as the last floppo hashtag, #WeStandWithUkraine, didn’t actually involve standing with Ukraine, so #BringBackOurGirls doesn’t require bringing back our girls. There are only a half-dozen special forces around the planet capable of doing that without getting most or all of the hostages killed: the British, the French, the Americans, Israelis, Germans, Aussies, maybe a couple of others. So, unless something of that nature is being lined up, those schoolgirls are headed into slavery, and the wretched pleading passivity of Mrs Obama’s hashtag is just a form of moral preening.

    There’s something slightly weird about taking a hashtag – which on the Internet at least has a functional purpose – and getting a big black felt marker and writing it on a piece of cardboard and holding it up, as if somehow the comforting props of social media can be extended beyond the computer and out into the real world. Maybe the talismanic hashtag never required a computer in the first place. Maybe way back during the Don Pacifico showdown all Lord Palmerston had to do was tell the Greeks #BringBackOurJew.

    He goes on to make the point that it’s absolutely typical of modern Left-“liberalism”, mistaking words for deeds. I passed my MP’s surgery earlier today. It has a poster in the window, “Scotland stands for human rights”. Oh, that’s good. I am glad. Someone should tell the businesses at the top of Buchanan Street who had their premises compulsorily purchased in order to build new branches of Gap and Watches of Switzerland. Is property not a human right any more? Or is that too trivial a matter for our collossal statesmen and women to bother themselves with? Oh sure, they “stand”, in the abstract, for all the human rights that we secured 2 or 300 years ago and are being abused in countries over which they have no power. But the right of someone right here, under their noses, not to have his property taken against his will, regardless of the “compensation” our lords and masters deem “fair”, well… “development” is important, right?

    “People Make Glasgow”, “Glasgow Loves Breastfeeding” (I kid you not; nobody asked me): it’s always words. It doesn’t matter what you actually do (or fail to, in this case), as long as you mouth the Correct platitudes.

  18. Julie near Chicago says:

    Sam, Mr. Steyn’s comment is right on target and so is yours. Thanks.

    By the way, I really like Mr. Steyn’s observation “…capable of doing that without getting most or all of the hostages killed.”

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