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Iraq: Hannity, Rand Paul, Glenn Beck, David Davis

This is encouraging. Not a Hannity fan, but he sees it the way I do. *Voice shaking with unshed tears* I’ve felt so alone…. *sniffle*

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On the other hand, Glenn Beck has changed his mind.
He explains why to Megyn Kelly, and he has a point.

Video and transcript at his site, or here is just the video. At 7:08 Miss Kelly abandons Iraq and goes to visit the Redskins.

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I think David Davis, at the Libertarian Alliance today, has the right idea:

… The GramscoFabiaNazis knew, even in 1884 when they began shagging each others’ wives and daughters, that they would have to occupy Britain for decades, and decades and decades, after their victory. The one which they have scored over us, gradually, between 1948 and the present day. They know their war is not over by a long chalk. I’m not making value-judgements about whether they ought to have engaged in those sexual past-times which I stated,

But having “gone into Iraq”, perhaps we should have stayed for 100, 200, 300 years. We stayed in India for just short of 350 years, for example, and even that was barely enough to turn a place like that into a semi-functioning pluralist democracy. …. [SNIP]

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  1. Paul Marks says:

    Glenn Beck often gets attacked – but he does exactly what people are supposed to do (but normally do not).

    Honestly says what he thinks (no matter how much flack he will get for saying it) and then, if he later comes to the conclusion he was wrong, openly says he was wrong.

    Even I hide some of the things I am thinking (and I am very blunt by normal standards) – Glenn Beck just tells people everything he is thinking (which shocks people).

    And I do not like admitting I was wrong (about anything – men do not like admitting major errors, we have lots of pride), but Glenn (on this and other things) just does.

    A strange man (in many ways), but I like him. Nothing is hidden and no false pride.

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