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Two Spoons and a Rusty Farming Implement…

Is this Britain’s most feckless father? Meet unemployed Peter Rolfe who has had 26 children by 15 women and says ‘it’s just unfortunate so many of them have fallen pregnant’

Apparently he has cost the UK GBP500,000 over the last 20 years in bennies. Well, I guess he has to buy a birthday present at least once a fortnight.

Now, as a married man with an A-level A-grade in biology women do not “fall pregnant”. It takes two to tango so to speak. Or 1+15 (15!) in his case. Let us have a look at this veritable Adonis of the Isle of Wight…

He’s not exactly George Clooney is he? They must be gagging for it in the Solent!

The Mail story quotes heavily from an up-coming (no pun intended) C5 doc about “Benefits Britain”. Now obviously they take the outliers (and outright liars) but is this really about bennies? There is something sicker underlying this. Now I am socially liberal but you can take something so far and this is taking the piss and vinegar. The total lack of any form of sexual morality or taking any responsibility for personal actions is shocking. Having sex with someone is an active choice. It is about agency and without agency we are mere flesh robots chained to our baser urges. Now I’m not saying this geezer who looks like the sort of department store Santa you wouldn’t let your kid near shouldn’t have an active sex-life but… in an age of cheap, widely available and reliable contraception… Anyway, he’s objecting to having a four bedroom house off the council and claiming he needs six bedrooms to house his… er… tribe. My wife and I live in a two bed house. She uses the second bedroom as an office. We also have a cat who sleeps where he pleases because he is a cat. Hell’s Teeth he’s neutered. Can we claim? I don’t want kids (never have), my wife is ditto and Timmy lacks the mandatory equipment. Nah! course not. But if the Isle of White Council wants to bung me expenses for a trip South then I’m up (never been around there). I can furnish my own two spoons and indeed the rusty farming implement. Plenty of them around here. We even have mole traps and they are technically on dodgy ground legally I think. Vicious things. Well capable of preventing #27. Or moles, obviously.


  1. Lynne says:

    But it ain’t just him is it. It is also the fault of the stupid bints who collectively failed to use contraceptives. Having 26 kids on the town isn’t an freakish accident it’s a business plan.

    Make the rusty implement blunt, Nick. The bloke needs to know that the people who fund his personal welfare bank mean business too because it’s time to call in the debt.

  2. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    This bloke sickens me. Demanding this much cash for a choice of behaviour is different from stealing ~ how?

    Note the obligatory walking stick, you wonder how he manages it.

  3. NickM says:

    L, obviously isn’t just him. I just high-lighted it because he blamed the women. And yes, it would be most certainly something I find at the back of the shed.

    SAoT, It is to all intents and porpoises stealing except it is worse than that. His feckless lifestyle has created 26 lives that will never really know proper parents. And as to the walking stick – God alone knows how he manages it. I was moderately amused at his dole-bludging. I’d say 26 kids by 15 women is pretty much a full-time job. Or full-time on the job which is not quite the same thing.

  4. john malpas says:

    The country needs population .
    And as you all don’t procreate much. The country takes is progeny where they can find them . Feckless whites or imported whatevers. They will be the future.
    You chose.

  5. Roue le Jour says:

    Remarkably, 20 years divided by 26 kids is one sprog every 9 months and 1 week. So either he didn’t give the women he had more than one with much of a break, or he had a bit of overlap going on there.

    Can’t read the original, BTW, the mail has said unkind things about Thailand and is blocked.

  6. Paul Marks says:

    When the taxpayer is forced to pay for the consequences of folly – there is more and more folly. The payments must be limited – no more “you have (yet another) child, so up goes the payment”. Indeed (over time – not over night) the principle of the taxpayer being forced to pay for the children of other people must be brought to a conclusion.

    “But then there will be terrible suffering” – yes there will, but not as much as if things are allowed to carry on as they are, with every more welfare dependency (till there is total fiscal and CULTURAL collapse).

  7. NickM says:

    Roue it would be remarkable if this veritable Herackles wasn’t on the overlap. But anyway, I’m not fussed other than the crude use of people. In answer to john malpas.the population is growing. We have no problem here in the UK. We could support 100m here And I don;t care where they come from. Is it just me but are some of the folks here who go on about Muslims people who have never actually met them in any realistic sense?

    And I have to ask, John as a gay man now how the fuck can you live in a Muslim majority country and be so contra-Islam. I wouldn’t do that. I couldn’t. And I am given to understand you work every place so why not somewhere more gay-friendly. This is a serious question. I am nott trying to score points. Why? You clearly hate Islam so why live in Malaysia? As a Nottingham grad I met a huge number of Muslim students (the last two Kings of Malaysia both went to Nottingham) and they were mostly Malays. Why not live somewhere where the hate doesn’t exist? Or do you like dining with panthers to quote Oscar Wilde? Do you like the risk? I know (in different contexts) I do. I live in suburban Cheshire and it plays with me badly. Is that it? I am merely curious but honestly (you can tell us) do you get a frisson from living in a society that to an extenet have you killed for indulging in your sexual preference?

    I have meant to bring this up for some time (very “Carry On”) but why? Why not London, Brighton, Manchester or even (God help me) Newcastle which doesn’t exactly have the same size gay area as the above (but not small – it’s a bit like Atlanta – not huge but there is nowhere else really in the area) boasts (Newcastle, not Atlanta) has the best named gay bar evah, “Camp David”. Quality. Utter quality.

    So why do you hate Islam and live in a Muslim majority country? why? I really wanna know.

    Because I wouldn’t ever live anywhere where my deeply personal choices were punishable.

    For all the flaws it has the UK is socially liberal. And that matters to me. It matters a lot. It matters that nobody gave a toss about me renting a house with a woman I wasn’t married to. It matters that nobody gives a toss about my gay, disabled friend. Some do, but few. We are a tolerant people and that is good. It isn’t ideal due to the size of the state but it could be much worse. We’ve got one half of the equation nearly right. It is a start.

  8. NickM says:

    No Paul, it isn’t really about the money (though it is). But that isn’t exactly the heart of it. Now I am not claiming moral supremacy here but I think it is fair to point out that a fifteen year monogamous relationship using contraception is morally more acceptable than the Lothario of the Isle of White’s antics. I am socially liberal but with that comes personal responsibility. That is the issue.

    And no, it is not folly. I don’t equate folly with total lack of responsibility or respect for either you partner or yourself. What I mean is, to misquote Oscar Wilde, “To father one child is an accident, to father 26 is a farago”.

    Frankly, it is his unbelievable lack of understanding (or lying) that he was in anyway involved. To put it bluntly if you stick a penis in a vagina you are involved. He is scum.

    And I don’t think it is exactly the bennies system to blame. It is a total lack of moral responsibility which is not exactly the same thing. It might be the root cause but that is again not exactly the same thing. It is first and foremost a sin of moral torpitude rather than fraud and I say that as a social liberal. It is just taking the piss.

  9. Paul Marks says:

    There is cultural decline Nick – yes.

    The growth of an Underclass is as much cultural as economic (I could do a lot more in the house and garden than I do – I am an example of cultural decline).

    However, cultural decline is (in part) connected to economic incentives – over generations (the Welfare State – how it has evolved).

    Apart from in my case – I am just a lazy fat git (even though I work for a living).

  10. Julie near Chicago says:

    “Moral turpitude”!!! My god, I haven’t heard that phrase in nearly 40 years!

    Sounds like “the sort of unsuitable thing that would go on in perch forniture.”

    (That’s swiped from somebody. Helen MacInnes?)

  11. NickM says:

    Julie, as a US citizen you won’t have done. I learned it on my first ‘plane to your land. It is something you have to declare for the visa waiver. Along with having worked for the German gov between 1933 and 1945 which seeing as I was born in ’73 always amused me.

  12. Julie near Chicago says:

    Well, I certainly do hope you described in complete detail every instance of moral turpitude to which you had been a party. I mean the clerks or overseers or whatever-the-heck they’re called ought to have gotten SOME bennies out of their otherwise rather dull and unsatisfying jobs, no?

    AND by the way. I’ll have you know that I don’t approve of people’s working for the German gov between ’33 and ’45. If you did you should be ashamed of yourself. Oh, and probably lying about it on your visa application wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    * cackle * :>))!!

  13. NickM says:

    Julie, I was an SS Major 30 years before my birth. The TARDIS is resting in the garden.

  14. Julie near Chicago says:

    Oh h*** Nick! Should I bite my nails and sneak a quick fearful peek over my shoulder?

    Hm. Maybe not. Is your real name by any chance Calvin Morrison? (A.k.a. “Lord Kalvan”)

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