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Savoir-faire …

But I can’t imagine Jeeves as ever needing this technique.


  1. Jobrag says:

    Jeeves would certainly know the technique, but I’m equally certain that he would never be found without a corkscrew secreted about his person.

  2. Julie near Chicago says:

    Quite so.

  3. Kevin B says:

    I ran into this problem the other day with a bottle of Tesco’s finest Romagna Sangiovese. Fortunately I had anticipated this circumstance and I had bought the screwcap version.

  4. NickM says:

    Kevin, am I invited to dinner? That sounds nice! What was it to be served with?

    Jobrag, as a gentlemen’s gentleman that is not even a question! I recently bought my brother a Victoronix that can do more functions than can even be imagined by man, women or beast. He loves it.

    And yes, it does have a corkscrew.

  5. Kevin B says:

    Sadly Nick, the bottle has made its way into the blue bin on its way to being recycled into ceramic sanitary ware, but the wine was consumed with a selection of cold meats, (ham, salt beef and turkey), salad potatoes, coleslaw, tomatoes and such salady items, and the palate cleansed with some cheese, (appleseed, red leicester and mature cheddar).

    Maybe next time.

  6. RAB says:

    I had to Google Appleseed Kev, and what I seem to get is an awful lot of Marijuana related stuff (try it). I love cheese and I love Marijuana, so I’m definitely coming round to your place for dinner!

    Red Leicester is a bit naff though, how about some Stilton or Caerphilly for that crumbly subtle taste? And a Bulgar wheat salad full of onions and cherry tomatoes and some of the red wine too?

    Yes I have seen that trick before, but never had occasion to try it as I always carry a Swiss Army Knife with corkscrew as well. Other tips… opening a capped bottle of beer… stick a 2 p coin over a firm surface with about an eighth sticking out and place the edge over it… bash down firmly with the heel of your hand, and one opened bottle. You can also extinguish a fag between two copper coins… 2p or even 1p will do, instantly. The metal absorbs the heat and cuts out the oxygen. South Wales Echo, tips of the day ;-)

  7. Julie near Chicago says:

    Yes, RAB, and you can extinguish a candle between two distal phalanges, covered with flesh and slightly moistened.

    Mother taught us to do it that way so that the candles wouldn’t smoke. No snuffer handy, you see.

    But back to the immediate topic, my Dad did always have shoes — on hand, I was going to say, but that doesn’t seem quite right somehow….

  8. Kevin B says:

    Slight senior moment there RAB*. The cheese is of course Applewood. (An apple wood smoked cheddar, or these days probably an apple wood smoke flavoured cheddar,)

    Sadly the only drugs I use these days are prescription pills for all my age-related ailments, along with various quack nostrums such as COQ10 and vitamin D etc. which are supposed to keep the grim reaper at bay, or at least keep oneself in slightly better fettle while awaiting his call.

    Oh, and alcohol and caffeine – and even those are in much more moderate quantities than in days of yore.

    *Memo to self. Remember to look things up before confidently posting about them on line. (And remember to check this memo before posting,) (If you can remember what the knot in your hankie is about.) (Er, what’s a hankie.)

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