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Bill Whittle: Losing the Peace in Iraq

There is one statement in here that I’ll bet will surprise everybody except maybe Mr. Cats, who may have already seen the video. It’s about Nixon, and it surprised me.

For those whose computers are either deaf or mute, the video is accompanied by a transcript at FrontPage Mag.

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  1. john in cheshire says:

    I like Bill Whittle, he tends to make more sense of what is happening that virtually anyone in the normal media outlets; especially the bbc.

    On a slightly related issue is anyone else aware that the website UKColumn has shut down its video service because of something called ATVOD (the authority for television on demand)? I can’t help but wonder what is the true purpose of having such an organisation to control what we are permitted to see on Youtube; but it has effectively silenced a source of information that is hard to come by elsewhere.

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