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Two from “The Daily Beast”

First, from a story on ISIS and like-minded others in Holland, with links at the source:

ISIS’s Black Flags Are Flying in Europe

World News

The symbol of the murderous Islamic State is waving in The Hague. ‘Death to the Jews,’ shout the demonstrators. Yet the Dutch government authorized the protests.

Pro-Hamas, anti_Israel Demonstrators in Holland.1406565178252.cached

“Death to the Jews” chanted the crowd waving the black flags of the Islamic State, or ISIS as it used to be known. They were looking for new supporters for their cause, the creation of a worldwide caliphate answering to the man who now calls himself Ibrahim: a zealot too radical even for Al Qaeda who has stormed through Syria and Iraq carrying out mass executions, crucifying rivals, beheading enemies. But these marchers were not in Syria or Iraq; they were in The Hague in The Netherlands. And their message was one tailored to the disaffected young descendants of Muslim immigrants in Europe.

“We are Moroccans,” went out the cry over a portable loudspeaker. “The French killed the Moroccans but they didn’t kill them all; the grandchildren of the few men left protest against the West, America and the Jews.”

Many of the demonstrators covered their faces with Palestinian scarves or balaclavas. “Anyone who doesn’t jump is a Jew,” someone shouted as the whole group started jumping in a scene that might have been ludicrous if it weren’t for the hateful message. “Death to the Jews!” the crowd shouted in Arabic.

This scene last Thursday came in the wake of an earlier demonstration supposed to defend the Palestinians suffering in Gaza, which turned quickly into a hatefest targeting Israel, with people carrying placards that screamed “Zionism is Nazism.” But while the comingling [sic] of pro-Palestinian, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic sentiment has become all too common in European protests in recent weeks, that the battle flag of the Islamic State waved in the streets of The Netherlands on July 24 is something new and particularly dangerous.
. . .
In a letter to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Shimon Samuels of the Simon Wiesenthal Center wrote about the concerns of the wider Jewish community when it sees these racist demonstrations espousing the cause of the so-called “Islamic State” that opposes everything about democracy.

[Story continues at source.]

And, in order not to change the subject, from a column by Jesse Rosenfeld, also from The Daily Beast. One of the hundreds of comments is also below.

Israel Is Minting the Next Generation of Hate

07.30.14 Jesse Rosenfeld

The children of Gaza still have dreams for their future. Who do they admire? Anyone who might protect them: a doctor, a journalist, the fighters from Hamas.

GAZA CITY — The bombs continue falling, more and more people are running for their lives with fewer places to go and as the screams from beneath the wreckage of Israel’s assault become more frequent, a generation of Gaza’s children are being shaped by what they see. And yet, as kids often do, they can still surprise you.

Inside a Gaza City UNRWA school that’s been turned into a shelter, children pack the courtyard. Several are kicking a soccer ball around. A blue United Nations flag sits atop the building and the windows below are draped with laundry that spills out onto lines that crisscross the outdoor walkways. The stench of the backed-up toilets combines with the fumes of garbage fermenting in the midday sun. Inside, piled desks covered in sheets in the hallways partition makeshift rooms for the families.

There are now some 200,000 people in Gaza living in conditions like this, and many if not most of them are children. At least half of Gaza’s people—that is, 900,000 of the people here—are under the age of 18.
. . .
For the most part the ones here are under ten years old. None has ever left the narrow and overcrowded 40-kilometer strip of land called Gaza. They cannot remember a world without Israel’s seven-year blockade. They are living through their third war.

Ten-year-old Yasmine al Attar stares at me from under her dark curled bangs. ….

says she admires the Palestinian fighters, led by Hamas, who are, as she understands the situation, trying to repel the Israeli attackers.

But Yasmine isn’t looking for a Muslim warrior’s martyrdom. Like the other children here she’s looking for someone to defend her: doctors, journalists, fighters—and those are the people she wants to be some day. It is an attitude reflected by many of the children who mask their trauma behind unwavering smiles as they bubble with chatter about the devastation they’ve seen.
. . .
Mohammad [al Attar, also 10] says he wants to be a teacher if he has the choice. But, if nothing has changed by the time he grows up, he says, he knows he will fight. There is no malice in his voice. For this 10-year-old there are no childhood fantasies about the romance of war or political delusions about a grand victory. He’s making an honest calculation about the possibilities. “I just want to protect people,” he says.

It is not Hamas propaganda, the school curriculum or even their parents that make these children see a future where continued resistance is the only option for survival. That was an education taught by the Israeli bombs that flattened their homes and by the bread lines across the street from the school.

And here is one of the comments to the second piece:

rinki 4 hours ago


Hamas kids show encouraging to kill jews


  1. Paul Marks says:

    ISIS and Hamas have the same basic objective – the reestablishment of the Caliphate and spreading the rule of Islam all over the Earth. Hamas has no real interest in a “Palestinian nation-state” – people who talk of “the Palestinians” or “Palestine” are living in a fantasy world.

    Holland? Israel? Same thing – both must be destroyed and replaced by the political system known as Islam (founded by that political leader and soldier of genius, true genius, Mohammed).

    As various Dutch people have warned (before being killed by the forces of Islam) – to allow the forces of Islam into Holland was an act of terrible folly, And the numbers of the forces of Islam are increasing in many Western countries – young people who attack Israel now may well live to see their own counties overrun by the forces of Islam (then they will find out what their “friends” are really like).

    On Gaza.

    The more I learn about the place – the more I am sure that allowing the LONG Gaza “Firing Strip”, along the flank of Israel between Israel and the sea, set up in 1948 (by the army of Egypt and allied Islamic fighters) to just carry on was a terrible mistake. A terrible mistake especially for the Muslim civilians living there.

    When millions of Jews were expelled from the various Islamic nations they were integrated into Israel – and became Israelis.

    The Islamic nations could have done the same with the Muslim civilians in the LONG Gaza “Firing Strip” – they could have been integrated into Egypt or a vast number of other Muslim countries.

    Instead they are kept living, in misery, on welfare (provided by Western taxpayers) as “Palestinians” (a “nationality” that has never existed) and ignorant Westerners talk about a state called “Palestine” (which has also never existed); And the forces of Islam laugh about how successful their deception has been.

    The Muslim civilians kept in the various concrete “camps” in the Islamic world (including, indeed especially in the LONG Gaza “Firing Strip”) are kept in misery ON PURPOSE – as a stick to beat the Jews with.

    As the Hamas Charta states – Israel will be “obliterated” as were “others before it” (meaning the Crusader States and the Byzantine Empire – indeed any non Islamic state).

    And this (both ISIS and Hamas agree) will eventually happen to places such as Holland also.

    Perhaps sooner than many Westerners think it will. Looking at the schools in many Western cities is instructive – Westerners are actually a minority (if they are present at all) in these schools. As the French saying has it “demography is destiny”.

    Unless, of course, the young Muslims could be CONVERTED (after all this is not a racial matter – people of all races are in different religions and belief systems), but P.C. ideology forbids even considering conversion.

    Ironically “Political Correctness”, “Critical Theory” and the rest of Frankfurt School Marxism (which dominates the belief systems of the education system and the media, and much else, in the West) now (unintentionally) serves the long term interests of Islam.

    One of the great ironies of history.

  2. Paul Marks says:

    “I want to be a policewomen”

    What do the police do?

    “Shoot Jews”.

    All of them?

    “Yes all of them”.

    At this point SAOT will jump in….

    “You liar Mr Marks – see the girl said police WOMAN, Islam does offer equal opportunities to women”.

    Yes indeed – equal opportunities to be a suicide bomber (such as the blond haired, blue eyed suicide bomber from Belgium).

    An equal opportunity to do all they can to enslave or exterminate all non Muslims – anywhere on Earth.

    There is nothing special (to Islam) about Gaza – nothing at all.

    They want it (yes) – but no more than they want Birmingham (England) or the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Islam is a universal religion – it does not see a little land between the Jordan river and the sea as special. A Jewish Mayor of New York (and there have been several) would be thought insane (by his fellow Jews) if he tried to impose Jewish religious law upon the city – an Islamic Mayor of New York would be religiously obligated to impose Islamic law upon the city as soon as the TACTICAL situation allowed. Ditto anywhere and everywhere else.

    Allah created the world – therefore the world belongs to the followers of Allah.

    It is an intellectually consistent belief system.

    A closed system – but intellectually consistent.

    Which is more than can be said for their deceived Western allies, with their refusal to see reality.

  3. Lynne at Counting Cats says:

    To paraphrase – I’m not a western ally in the Paul Marks vein and neither is my husband. I think that can be said for a substantial slice of the population who do not suffer from the incurable genetic disorder known as Dumme-Grauniadista Syndrome.

  4. Julie near Chicago says:

    Lynne, I’m sure you intend no disrespect to the Grauniad’s adoring readership. :)

  5. Lynne at Counting Cats says:

    Oh, I’m sure I do.

    Evil laff.

  6. Julie near Chicago says:

    Second that. :>)))!!!

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