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Bibi to Obama: Don’t Second-Guess Me Again

The way the POS-in-Chief and his people treat P.M. Netanyahu and his country is beyond belief.

First, the short-form; below that, a lengthier piece.

BREAKING NEWS Netanyahu: No More Cease-Fires

By Steven Ahle on August 2, 2014

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has announced that Israel will not accept any new ceasefires. Instead, he says that Israel will destroy Hamas ability to fire rockets into Israel at will. Israel has already agreed to 6 ceasefires, all broken by Hamas before they even got started. In the last case, Hamas kidnapped an Israeli soldier, 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin.

Since the latest hostilities have broken out, the Israelis have not only had to battle Hamas, but also the UN and Obama and John Kerry. Obama pressured Israel into agreeing to a 72 hour ceasefire, that Hamas broke within the first hour. They killed two IDF soldiers and captured one.

Netanyahu expressed regret over the death toll in the Israeli/Hamas war. …

The cabinet voted unanimously that they will not even entertain the possibility of a cease fire.

From the New York Post:

Don’t second guess me again: Netanyahu to US

By Associated Press

August 2, 2014 | 5:50am

Don’t second guess me again: Netanyahu to US
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to his countrymen on Monday, warning of a “lengthy campaign” in Gaza.

WASHINGTON — Following the quick collapse of the cease-fire in Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the White House not to force a truce with Palestinian militants on Israel.

Sources familiar with conversations between Netanyahu and senior U.S. officials, including Secretary of State John Kerry, say the Israeli leader advised the Obama administration “not to ever second guess me again” on the matter. The officials also said Netanyahu said he should be “trusted” on the issue and about the unwillingness of Hamas to enter into and follow through on cease-fire talks.

The Obama administration on Friday condemned “outrageous” violations of an internationally brokered Gaza cease-fire by Palestinian militants and called the apparent abduction of an Israeli soldier a “barbaric” action.

The strong reaction came as top Israeli officials questioned the effort to forge the truce, accusing the U.S. and the United Nations of being naive in assuming the radical Hamas movement would adhere with its terms. The officials also blamed the Gulf state of Qatar for not forcing the militants to comply.

Story continues at source.


  1. Julie near Chicago says:

    More worth reading at the N.Y. Post.

    From Linda Chavez, A Propaganda War, which is in part at least a book review of Joshua Muravchik’s Making David into Goliath: How the World Turned Against Israel.

    And George Will writes,

    ‘[P.M. Netanyahu] surely has told Kerry what he has told others: The point of Israel is that Jews shall never again, like Blanche DuBois in “A Streetcar Named Desire,” depend on the kindness of strangers,’

    in his piece “Aiming at a Sane U.S. Foreign Policy,” which invokes a book by Henry Nau entitled Conservative Internationalism.

  2. thylacosmilus says:

    It’s pretty much the way the Obama regime treats anyone not (currently) part of the favoured circle, isn’t it?

  3. Julie near Chicago says:

    You got it, m’dear. The “man” (really a doppelgänger I think) truly is trash. And so is the rest of his crowd.

  4. NickM says:

    I dunno. I think deploying the USS Kerry to the zone might have bored everyone into giving up the fight. Would with me. He looks like a reject from an an initial casting call of the Adams Family. Next time send Uncle Fester! And there will be a next time. That is what is so utterly depressing. One way or another Islam holds sway over a large chunk of the Earth but they get their pantyhose twisted over titchy Israel. We’ve seen that here in Britain. Argentina is a big country so why did the Falklands War happen. The Argentine economy was going tits up and they need a diversion of relgio-patriotic fervour. Probably because they can’t have beer or meet girls in night-clubs. It is classic displacement activity.

    NB The Argentine establishment and press was hideously sexist about Maggie, “How can a woman lead a nation in war?” being the general gist. Well, Elizabeth I made a fine fist of it. All that lark at Tilbury docks.

  5. Julie near Chicago says:

    Hm. There was this Icenian queen, some disagreement with the Romans I believe. And I thought all good Catholics were on speaking terms with Mlle. d’Arc.

    I’d swear I remember a story about Joan of Arc in one of our grade-school readers. I HAVE to be imagining it, right?

  6. Paul Marks says:

    And after this the Israeli Prime Minister then announced yet another cease fire.

    I will be blunt – I believe that he does not know what he is doing (that he is thrashing around desperately – without any clear plan).

    I hope I am wrong – but the Israeli government does not seem to grasp the basic issue.

    One can not fight in the Gaza Firing Strip whilst there 1.7 million civilians (human shields) there – not without unacceptable civilian casualties. Therefore the Muslim civilians must be evacuated to Muslim nations (such as Egypt) BEFORE operations to wipe out Hamas begin. This is why Hamas (and their Western allies such as SAOT) are desperate to keep the civilians (the human shields) in the Firing Strip.

    No more “humanitarian aid” (free food and so on), no more UN bases (whether they are called “schools” or whatever), civilians OUT of the Firing Strip.

    “But we can fight in the Strip without killing large numbers of civilians”.

    Prime Minister, with all due respect, you can NOT manage this – it is not possible when Hamas uses the civilians as human shields.

    Hamas (and their Western allies such as SAOT) WANT the civilians to be killed – they will do everything in their power to make sure they are killed. And you Prime Minister do not seem to grasp this basic fact (even though you say you understand – you do not really understand).

    This is why “humanitarian policies” must end – no more welfare from the “international community” for the human shields (insanely Israel even provides some free food and water to the Muslims itself – an act of utter folly). The Muslim civilians must be evacuated to Muslim nations.

    Only then (not before) can Hamas be wiped out in the Strip. Trying to fight in the Strip whilst the civilians are still there shows an unclear mind.

  7. NickM says:

    Yeah, I agree in principle – let’s have a straight fight but you ain’t going to get that from Hamas. For them a dead Arab kid is worth a tank company or a fighter plane squadron.

    That is what happens when two men of honour meet. It gets sorted. There is though something though which is wrong (sorry Clint!). I’m not sure if Netanyahu is a man of honour but I know the Hamas leadership have none. Their use of kids as human shields shows them as vile. We (and I count Israel as “we”) don’t do that. We have standards. Their use of their dead kids as propaganda revolts me. Their desire to remain technologically undeveloped so they inter alia can use this rather than take on the Israelis properly sickens me. No, that’s not quite right. It is the indulgence they are given as some sort of “Bravehearts” for being low tech. It is a retread of the noble savage. It is William Morris all over again. The same old shit again and again. Kultur und Land, work not result*, a celebration of Luditism.

    Oh, yeah, Clint. Yes, he is offering Ten Bears something extra. An exchange of culture and goods. That is good and clearly Ten Bears recognised that.

    *Why do you think in my physics/maths schtick I grew to adore computers? Write a program once and… I have more computing power on my lap in this Lenovo S440 Thinkpad than probably existed in 1960 on the planet. The CPU was designed in Israel.

  8. Julie near Chicago says:

    Nick, one can actually program that sucker?

  9. Paul Marks says:

    Yet another ceasefire just announced.

    I know I am just an wretched armchair general (a Saloon Bar Bore), but I still doubt that the Prime Minister (in spite of his lifetime of experience) has any clear plan.

    I also suspect that he does not have a clear theoretical grasp of the situation (thus leading to his lack of a tactical grasp).

    For example, his father was careful to hardly ever use the word “Palestinian” (use that term and you are halfway to accepting a “Palestinian nationality”) – but the Prime Minister of Israel uses the term all the time.

    Words are important.

    Sloppy language is a sign of sloppy thinking – and sloppy thinking leads to mistaken actions.

    Still let us hope that I am getting it wrong – and the Prime Minister has a clear plan (based on a clear understanding of the fundamental position).

  10. Julie near Chicago says:

    Paul, there’s been a LOT of discussion over here, over the past few years (not just lately) as to whether P.M. Netanyahu has the stones to do his job. Of course all of us rightwingnutevangelicalfundamentalistchristianextremists of any account (including the atheists and Jews (and assorted others, I think) among us) want to Believe in Bibi and cheer when he seems to be doing something helpful, but….

    Nick, it seems to me you’re right — Hamas will stop doing things its way only when Hamas is no more, and how is that going to happen if Israel insists on being as humanitarian as is possible under the circs?

    And, of course, Hamas vs. Israel is not going on in a vacuum. Nearly all of continental Asia and Northern and NE Africa, save possibly India and Bangladesh (?), seem to be actively or covertly involved. Certainly the entire ME is, hence the category “ME Messes.”

    It almost seems to me that somebody — Egypt? — ought to put troops in Gaza and just plain kidnap everybody out of there. Yes, I know, Egypt should not involve itself in Other People’s Messes, anymore than the U.S. or U.K. or … should. NIOF, all that.

    If anybody REALLY should do it, it would be the Israelis themselves. But (1) what would they do with the kidnappees, and (2) can you imagine the global howling!

    And no matter who did it, how would they tell the combatants from the civilians? –Well, they could (during the cease-fire, I mean, if it last more than five minutes) go door-to-door and give people a choice: Come with us, or stay here and take your chances. –And then seal up all the dam tunnels on the way out. At least that way it would be crystal clear that the Gazans had the choice, and if they then stayed and Hamas got them killed, it will have been they themselves who made the decision.

    Of course, if I were Hamas I would be a docile, non-combatant “civilian” and go quietly, so as not to blow my own cover….

    AND, of course, it would just lead to new refugee camps … somewhere. Where? Hm. The Sith would probably think it a cool gesture to relocate them to Tennessee and what, Kansas? with the Somalis.

    This is going to go on until some current backer (or puppetmaster) of Hamas — Qatar? Iran? Russia even? axes it.

  11. NickM says:

    You don’t program a computer, you program a language. I know BASIC (I love BASIC – it’s great for five minute calculations and “sketching ideas”), Pascal, Fortran(!!!) and a few scripting type stuff like Javascript. And of course HTML and CSS but that’s not quite the same thing. I’m quite good in a limited sense – basically mathematics is my thing. I’ve been considering learning to write Android apps. I never could hack Machine Code and whilst I can write basic C, C++ defeated me. I just didn’t get the object-orientated paradigm. Part of the problem with learning C (and it’s descendants such as C++ and C# is the flexibility of syntax which means other folks programs can be unbelievably cryptic).

    Here endeth the resume.

    As to Hamas. God knows. It’s like Game of Thrones.

  12. Julie near Chicago says:

    Paul, you and Benzion N. are absolutely 1000% correct. That’s why (most of why,anyway) I bang on about language so much. As for instance a couple of days ago, I left a curt message on Pamela Geller’s site in re a piece that had yet again “honor killing” in its headline (and the body also). “Pamela! It is NOT “honour killing.” It is SHARI’AH MURDER. Call things by their right names.”

    I don’t suppose it made a dent. When I posted it a couple of years ago, I was more explanatory and less bossy…. But actually, some people did respond well back then. At Atlas, and at FPM, and maybe a couple more besides.

    If people would only use the correct terminology, it might sink into the public consciousness that (1) Shari’ah is NOT a code to live by but a real threat to the liberal West, and (2) given the existence of S.M., it might be best to ignore the claims of Islam that it is a religion like any other and entitled to the same acceptance as any other.

    Good. Another rant off my chest. But I just had to say, Paul nails it, as did Orwell, as have many others over the years. Shariah murder and Palestine are only two examples and surely the harm done by accepting both “honor killing” and “Palestine” is evident.

    And, back to the point, yes. P.M. Netanyahu announced on Aug. 2, “No more ceasefires!”

    And the latest one started at 5:30 a.m., GMT (I think) on Aug. 6, if all went per schedule. (Private life has interfered with my news checks today.) No doubt well underway now, with friendly Hamasists laying down their weapons for three days of moonbeams and lollipops.

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