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The background and photos you will never see in the MSM

Prior to the enlightenment, Some Jews lived in self-contained communities under rabbinical control. Israel Shahak (an Israeli scholar) stated “Prior to the creation of modern Israel, observance of religious law was the most important social reality in the lives of Jews” The religion governed all aspects of the lives of Jews.
The Lurianic Kabbalah dominated Judaism from the 16th to the early 19th century. As with most religions it proposed the absolute superiority of its own soul and body to the non in-group soul and body. But the enlightenment began to impact on the absolute rabbinical dictatorship and undermine it.
As the tenets of Orthodox Judaism came under pressure, the Rabbis feared cultural collapse so they began to look around for an idea to keep secularism at bay.
In 1861 Zvi Hirsch Kalischer published “Quest for Zion” which advocated reclaiming the holy land without waiting for the Messiah. This idea quickly gained traction, albeit it became a nationalist movement to boot. Ironically many of the native Palestinian Jews (who had lived with the Arabs for centuries) opposed this new European movement, realising that a large influx of European Jews would be horribly destabilising. Some local Jews were actually assassinated by local militias for opposing Zionism.
Now it is true that many Jews bought land in the region. Sadly this does not give anyone the right to form their own country (otherwise my house would be the anarchic republic of SAoT).
Now we come to Theodor Herzl, the father of modern political Zionism. He was highly critical of assimilated Jews who refused to commit to the idea and move to Palestine. Many of the early emigrees were poor Jews from Eastern Europe, far fewer were from Western Europe. The increasing immigration began to cause problems. These problems were exacerbated by racist crackpots like the chief Rabbi of Palestine between 1920 and 1935 Abraham Kook who said “The difference between a Jewish soul and the soul of non-Jews…is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the souls of cattle” There are a number of fundamentalist Jews in Israel today. As recently as 2009 an Israeli Rabbi published Kings Torah, a manual which provided religious justifications for killing non-Jews. The book states “the justification for killing babies is clear, if they will grow up to harm us”  The Talmudic encyclopaedia states that if a Jew has coitus with a non Jewish female, even if she is a child of three, she must be killed. This is mind-blowing stuff. Muslim fundamentalism is known and rightly condemned. Jewish religious lunacy is largely unknown outside Israel.
In 1895 Herzl wrote “we shall endeavour to expel the poor population across the border”
In 1916 the UK was in trouble in the war with the central powers. They needed Jewish money and influence to get the US into the war. On November 2nd 1917, the Balfour declaration set in motion events that would lead to the creation of modern Israel. As early as 1919 the King-Crane commission recognised that Zionists wanted complete dispossession of the non-Jewish residents of Palestine, (then around 90% of the entire population). Rioting started in 1920. In 1936 Arabs protesting against unrestrained immigration to Palestine by Jews were threatened with martial law by the British. A three year revolt was ultimately crushed by the British army. It is thought that around 5,000 Arabs were killed during this time.
Despite being only 30% of the population in 1947, the creation of Israel gave the Jews 56% of the territory (while owning only 6% of the land at the time).
In December 1947 Plan Dalet was implemented, as the Jewish army began to attack Arab settlements. The massacre at Deir Yassin is particularly vile. Around 500 villages were burned. Since 1946 Palestine has lost 75% of its territory. Funny how no-one ever talks about this when they talk about the 1948 Arab attack.
And here are the modern day results, but hey, this is what civilisation brings you, after all they make Intel chips and are given F-16’s by the Americans. And it’s all the fault of Hamas anyway right?









If you defend this slaughter, you are truly a monster.  Is it the road to peace?


  1. Paul Marks says:

    If people wish to learn about Zionism “The Founding Fathers of Zionism” by Benzion Netanyahu might be a good place to start (although he has his own bias – tending to concentrate on some “Founding Fathers” and leave out others).

    As for the specific lies of “Single Acts of Tyranny” in this article (for example that the mainstream Zionists planned to “dispossess” all Muslim landowners in the Holy Land – hard as most land there was always government owned even under the Ottoman Empire, half the privately owned land in Israel is under Muslim ownership to this day) – I do not think they are worth replying to, other than (of course) he WANTS Muslim children to suffer and be killed.

    When it has been suggested that Muslim civilians be evacuated out of the war zone (to Muslim Egypt or to other Muslim nations) SAOT has always OPPOSED this.

    No dead Muslim civilians – no stick to beat the Jews with. Ditto with the POLICY of refusing to integrate Muslims from the Holy Land into other Muslim countries (keeping them in “refugee camps” as part of a made up “nationality”). Jews who fled Islamic countries are integrated into Israel – they are not kept in camps and used as media fodder.

    Exactly the same tactic as Hamas – who use civilians as human shields.

    As for my own position – I agree with Max Nordau that (regardless of the cost – and whether they had “experience” or whatever) as many Jews should have been taken out of Eastern Europe in 1919 as possible (before the British government broke its word on a “National Home” for the Jewish people – which Nordau assumed they would in time) before the Jews could be murdered by various anti-Semitic movements (which he also assumed was inevitable).

    The Zionist leadership REJECTED Nordau proposals (sticking to their gradualist approach and hope in the British – hope that was soon to be betrayed, with Jewish immigration restricted but Muslim immigration from Egypt and other lands NOT really restricted).

    Nordau (to die within a few years) responded in despair……..

    “You delay our redemption for a hundred years, if not forever!”

    For six million Jews the attitude of the Zionist leadership in 1919 proved to be a death sentence. They refused to take the prompt (i.e. before the British government had time to break its word) and decisive action.

    Just as the Prime Minister of Israel today has, so far, refused to take prompt and decisive action to get rid of the “Gaza Strip” (to end the existence of this Firing “Strip”, this absurd left over of the 1948 cease fire lines) – action that would save MUSLIM lives (not just Jewish ones).

    The Islamic population of the Firing “Strip” should be integrated into the Islamic world – a world that stretches from Morocco on the Atlantic to Indonesia in the Pacific. Just as the Jews of the Middle East (fleeing from Islamic lands) were integrated into Israel (a country about the size of Wales).

  2. Paul Marks says:

    Of course the title is itself a lie – as these sort of images (look at the poor suffering Muslim children) are often (not “never”) shown by the “mainstream” media.

    And, I repeat, suffering Muslim children is exactly what SAOT wants – as a stick to beat the Jews with.

    He would oppose any effort to evacuate these human shields of Hamas to Egypt or other Muslim nations.

  3. Janet S says:

    The bottom two photos are interesting: they are the same children, but they have moved, or been moved. Try a spot the differences exercise, then ask yourself why they would be photographed twice but in different places. Then go and read about Pallywood and taqiyya. I recommend checking the hadiths Bukhari 52:269 and 84:64-65.

  4. Janet S says:

    Adding to my previous comment, I want to make it clear that I do not condone the killing of children in any way whatsoever, but I absolutely condemn their use as shields, weapons and propaganda.

  5. NickM says:

    First, for fuck’s sake categorize your posts.

    Second, don’t show torture porn on this site.

    And I know it happened and kiddies being blown-up I despise. Why not show the Israeli kids who have died. Where I grew-up in Gateshead we didn’t have to have a fucking bomb-shelter in the school playground.They do in Israel. The Palestinians haven’t killed as many Israeli kids as the Palestinians but that is not for want of trying. Look up the specs on the Merkava (chariot) 5 tank or the F-16I Sufa (Storm) strike fighter*. Israel can do these things (and I couldn’t give a fuck about the politricks). Yeah, the Palestinians were conned but only if you regard groups as being connable… I have no religion and I’d feel much happier in Israel than any Islamic State (maybe parts of Turkey where they haven’t forgotten Mustafa Kemal). Israel is secular enough to even be a happier place for a Muslim unless they are of the stripe that wants to define a state by religion. Like Shoddy Absurdia or Irate.

    Whilst I was still a student Israel fielded a transsexual in the Eurovision. Imagine that from any of these Arab shit-holes wallowing in degradation and self-pity that their rulers impose on them to keep the masses in a rage at an imagined threat so they they don’t look inward instead. Israel fights (largely – the settlements were a massive error) defence wars. Hamas et al fight wars aimed at the total destruction of a nation-state and genocide – it’s in their fucking charter. What do you you expect the Israelis (some of whom are Muslims BTW) to do when confronted with that. Or do they? Or do they fight pointless wars badly to gain sympathy and keep their ramshackle statelets in power and therefore them in gravy. Arafat was worth a bloody fortune when he pegged it in a French military hospital rather than howling in a storm drain with his Nobel up his hammered up his arse with a knotty prop.

    In short, hating Jews is a hell of an industry. From Islamic potentates to Western columnists it is very valuable. It is possibly worth more than the global computer games industry and therefore has to continue and the best trailers for it are dead Palestinian kids. Do you, SAoT not realise they want you to publish those pics? “You love life but we love death.” Recall that?

    I feel very sorry for those kids but you have to remember who most wanted them dead and who gained most from those deaths. You have to remember who the enemy truly is. They would put me to death or slavery in the blink of an eye. And maybe you. I’m no warrior (I haven’t had to be thank God) but if those fundies kick-off in my parish then I’ll take-up arms. Alas Israelis have to do it all the time because their enemies have been “creating” since 1948.

    In short. The Palestinians are fighting a war aimed at lack of decision because that suits f not their purposes but sorts playing a very long game.

    *Yeah it’s Lockheed-Martin but the IAI and Rafael have pimped it. And they started with a Block-52 so it’s very, very good. And I think they have 100+. Bring it! Earlier, much earlier, F-16s in Israeli service scored something like 100-0 against the Syrians in 1982. And with Python-5 missiles, an AESA radar then, “Don’t tread on me”. I care little about politics but I do about fighters.

  6. NickM says:

    I’d like to say I wrote that apart from the last line or two before I saw Paul’s comment. Life intervened as they say. I posted blind on that score. I am not just chiming in with Paul.

    I just have to agree with him (and have before I even knew of him) that I became convinced the Islamist big-wigs are prepared to fight to their last children.

    My heroes.

  7. Cheeryble says:

    The racist attitude of Abraham Kook and evident all the way through to present day Hassidics is a laugh given that the Jews running Israel….Ashkenazim….have scant genetic relationship to those originating in the region. The “new Jews” seem to have no Semitic features whcih is not surprising given the genetic cut-out whcih occurred in the ‘stans during their movement north (it was mostly the memes not the genes whcih migrated). Then of course later on in Eastern Europe the schtetls…..populated by those same folk more meme than gene…. only became isolated communities later on, originally there was interbreeding with the local population to further dilute any original material.
    You don’t have to do genetic studies for this.
    You just have to look at the face of someone like the soldier touted as kidnapped to see where he comes from…..and it’s not from the Middle East.

    Littl point in me banging on here about genetic niceties though.
    This is a place where the most blatantly obvious disproportionate collective punishment seems to be admired.
    Not a policy of an extreme group but of the Israeli govt…..a long term repeatedly demonstated policy to cow a dissenting population into submission by calculated overreaction.
    One Israeli dies?
    100 Palestinians will die.
    This sort of policy is completely unacceptable elsewhere……why should .israel be an exception?

    At least I can raise a smile at the Americans being bugged by Bibi and thanks to the Merkel affair etc not being able to complain.

  8. RAB says:


  9. RAB says:

    Fuckin crossovers! My above comment was in reply to Nick, not Cheerless.

  10. NickM says:

    You sound like…

    (a) A stuck record. Genetics matters. It matters in terms of disease incidence but in a subtle way. For example both my and my mother have had jupitrons (benign tumours on the palm of the hand) which are apparently due to Norse ancestors. And yeah, I guess, with my current long hair and if I don’t shave for a few days I look like I am about to lead an Éored onto Pelennor Fields. Does this make me Norwegian? Does my Dad being originally Irish make me like Guinness? .Genes have nowt to do with it. I am English because I am. In short I couldn’t give a toss what the DNA says about the average Israeli (or anyone else) for exactly the same reason. Nobody has a right to nationality on the basis of DNA. That way is the road to Hell. And, yes, I have been to the terminus at Auschwitz. And Dachau.

    (b) An anti-Semite of the first water.

    (c) So should Israel aim for a 1-2-1 exchange rate due to an equality law? That is not how you win and I personally regard engaging in war without attempting to win in order to preserve some twisted morality intrinsically wrong.

    No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

    – George S. Patton

    Quite right.

  11. Great Gaon of Cockweasel says:

    Thanks for the potted history of ‘Zionism’ here, but I don’t think one can do justice to the Zionist movement and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in one posting. I’d like to make a few points of my own, in no particular order, that may or may not enlighten. I claim no particular knowledge of Jews, Muslims, Israel etc. other than what I’ve gleaned from living in the locale and reading a bunch of random books unsystematically:

    1) The seemingly endless conflict in that portion of the Levant is FUCKING BORING. If I ever read another article about anti-Semitism, evil Jews, all Muslims are terrorists, Hamas are cunts, long live Ahmed Yasin etc. I think I’ll go postal and beat up my wooden dummy. For fuck’s sake!!!

    2) In my experience, fundamentalist Jews and Muslims are a bunch of cunts (if only they could all be like Lionel Blue and Taj Hargey, 2 of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet). Anyone who thinks wearing a stupid hat, growing a rhododendron-like beard or chanting some crap (sorry, parts of the Qur’an do sound very nice chanted, despite making fuck-all sense, whereas Hebrew (yes, both ‘ancient’ and Modern) is one of the worst-sounding languages in the world – yes, it’s fucking awful and I hope it goes the way of Old Norse and dies horribly) makes them a better person or special or helps them preserve something or other or accurately imitates what some mythical cunt did years ago is a gullible twat in my book.

    3) People who bang on about being Zionists and how opposition to Israel or whatever involves some sort of blood libel are generally utter cunts who probably do kidnap and eat Christian children with a nice chianti and matzot.

    4) Israel, like the rest of the Levant, is a shit-hole apart from some nice beaches and sexy girls. Turkey is much nicer; it’s also full of cunts, but it has more nice beaches and more sexy girls.

    5) Anyone who wears a ‘Free Gaza’ wristband has almost certainly never been there to see what a dump-full-of-miserable-arseholes; something to which every Gazan will attest.

    6) The Zio-chauvinist meme of being betrayed by the British is a baseless stinking lie which serves a similar purpose to that of the mythical backstabbing November crims. for Anus Shitler.

    7) The Islamo-fascist meme of Israel as a bastion of Western imperialism is also a baseless stinking lie.

    8) Many Jews and Muslims and Christians are top people; all they want is to be left alone to have 3-in-a-bed sex with Haifa Wahhabi and Sharon Cohen.

    9) If my children were threatened by bearded fanatics or tub-thumbing Americans who see Gazan children as subhuman, I’d snap their necks or cheer my government on as it shoved bayonets through their sphincters.

    10) This thread (including the post above it) is full of crap. There’s not a single unvarnished true statement…ANYWHERE. I’d wager my meagre salary that you’re all a bunch of cunts who don’t know your maglosh from your zib. I’d invite you all to kiss my schmuck if a garlic-fearing cock-snipper hadn’t already eaten it.

    Thanks for your patience.

  12. mandtmarsh says:

    Always been a fan of SAOT but this is, well, wrong. Even if the potted history of Zionism were 100% true, 1946 was two generations ago.
    *Today*, Hamas has openly and publicly in its charter the eradication of an entire ethnic group and the destruction of a Nation State. Share their grievance if you like, but there’s no excusing that as an appropriate response. Nor deliberately targeting civilians, nor using women and children as human shields. (These are not in any way contentious claims, Hamas openly admits to them).
    Hamas is morally responsible for every Palestinian death in Gaza, unequivocally.

  13. NickM says:

    If you think Hebrew sounds bad (I don’t BTW) then you’ve never been to Holland. My cat makes more sonorous tones when he is coughing a furball.

    Oh, and “Great Gaon of Cockweasel”, is there anyone who isn’t “a bunch of cunts”?

    “I’d invite you all to kiss my schmuck if a garlic-fearing cock-snipper hadn’t already eaten it.”

    I understand what you are saying, technically. The point you are making though is utterly obscure. For starters (and they do nice ones in that neck of the woods) Near Eastern cuisine (of which I am a fan) features lots of garlic (and all the better for it) whether Islamic or Jewish (whisper this – “actually very similar”). So God/Allah/Jehovah knows best.

  14. Kevin B says:

    The boy – no older than five – was on a hospital bed. It must have happened very recently because there was still colour in his face. His eyes were closed and his expression – he can’t have seen it coming, thank God – was serene. You might almost have imagined him asleep, if it weren’t for the fact that his body was in bits: head and severed torso; an arm; legs and lower body; entrails.

    Whoever did this, I thought, is really, really sick.

    But I didn’t mean the Israelis – who, I imagine, were the people I was expected to blame. Rather, I meant the sicko who scooped up the boy’s remains while they were still fresh and insisted on laying them out, like some grotesque jigsaw, in order to snap them artfully for a propaganda shot. And also, all the sickos out there who have been reposting photos like these all over the internet in order to make what they seem to imagine is an unarguable point about Israel’s war on Hamas.

    Dellers has his say on the controversy. Read The Whole Thing.

  15. RAB says:

    But the media isn’t doing its job. Apart from small pockets like Breitbart, Fox and the Spectator, almost no one out there is reporting the reality of what is happening in Gaza. What this information deficit means is that there are people out there – lots and lots of them – who are happy to act as Hamas’s useful idiots, disseminating this vicious and unprincipled terror group’s vile propaganda in the belief that it will further the cause of peace.
    No it won’t. It just advances the cause of the bad guys.

    And if SAot’s second photo isn’t posed then I’m a monkey’s uncle. The dude’s been to one too many James Brown gigs…

  16. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    Some of you see photos of dead babies and then claim they are fake or posed. Is the reality of what you back to terrible to contemplate?

    If these images don’t change you then nothing I can ever say will do so.

  17. RAB says:

    The babies may be dead, and that is a crying shame, but the photo IS posed. For fuck’s sake wake up to the nature of Hamas! They don’t care how many cheeeeldren are killed, the more the merrier for their propaganda purposes. These may even have been killed by Hamas Rockets that fell short, but you will never see pics of that because Hamas clean up crews are on the scene in minutes clearing up their mistakes.

  18. Sam Duncan says:

    So we’re supposed to suspend our critical faculties because they’re children?

    No. SAoT, we know the Palestinian factions have Form on this. It’s not as if we’re looking at these photos for the first time and reeling back in horror saying, “No… it just can’t be!”. We’ve seen proof of their fakery before.

    As Kevin’s Dellingpole quote points out, this is exactly what’s wrong with them. Photos like these are an integral part of the Human Shield strategy. It’s not just hiding your military among civilians in the hope that your enemy doesn’t attack, it’s also parading your dead – both real and apparent – to the world to show how evil he is. These children, regardless of whether they’re really dead or not, are victims of a deliberate Hamas policy to place them in the line of fire.

    After Operation Cast Lead, the 2008-09 fighting in Gaza, the IDF estimated that of 1,166 Palestinian deaths, 709 were fighters. Hamas – backed by several NGOs – claimed that only 49 of its fighters had been killed, the rest were innocent civilians. Much later they were forced to admit that the IDF had been right all along and between 600 and 700 of the casualties had in fact been fighters.

    (From an article by Colonel Richard Kemp at the Gatestone Institute.)

    Two things struck me about that: first, the obvious, that Hamas are deliberately exaggerating their civilian casualties as part of the Human Shield strategy, which we pretty much knew. However it’s also clear that, yes, the IDF is underestimating them… but not by nearly as much. In other words, Israel is acting like any Western state faced with claims of civilian dead: talking up its own position, but at least trying to make it plausible; trying to get close to the objective facts – “between 600 and 700 fighters” – but putting a positive shine on them – “709”.

    Hamas, on the other hand, is flat-out lying. Because it works.

    And don’t give me all the Zionism guff. Goddamit, I’m expressing support for a bloody state here. But it’s the lesser of two evils. Much, much, lesser.

  19. Julie near Chicago says:

    Dellers’ piece (Kevin B, thanks for link) has a link to a rather good op-ed at the Gatestone Institute which resulted in several comments, not all of which I’ve read, which includes this one, which takes common reportage and especially Opining to its logic next step. [Oh, I see Sam has linked directly to the Gatestone piece. :>) ]

    Yes, It’s Israel’s Fault

    Reader comment on: Gaza’s Civilian Casualties: The Truth Is Very Different

    Submitted by Shady Character (United States), Aug 3, 2014 21:57

    “A Hamas military commander recounts on Palestinian TV how Israeli forces gave advance warning to him, to evacuate his home before bombing it. He goes on to describe how after the warning, he rushed to gather friends, family and neighbors on the roof of the building.”

    Of course the death toll of Gazan civilians is Israel’s fault.

    Hamas gets a chance to gather women & children as shields because the IDF gives advance warning of air or artillery strikes. If notice wasn’t given there would be fewer “innocents” in the target area so giving warning is a nefarious plot by Israel part to increase the “suffering of the Palestinian people”.

    Giving warning is a war crime!

  20. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    This is really the end of rational thought and compassion. I make a post about political Zionism and show the dead kids and am randomly told it’s all down to anyone but the people firing the artillery and it’s all fake anyway.

    And then you post a fucking pop video?

    Some of you think me a dupe or worse a supporter of the Hamas monsters, but the only point I was trying (and utterly failing to make) was the violence begets more violence.

    I have failed entirely.

  21. RAB says:

    The pop video is in relation to my mentioning James Brown in relation to your second picture. Jesus I could have put money on you missing the point and wringing your oh so serious hands because I had the crass bad and unfeeling manners to post “a fucking pop video”

    The point of the video is that it is a massive over the top piece of acting and stage management, and so is your second picture of the man on his knees, presumably the dead children’s dad. Look at the size of the room, small isn’t it? How did at least 7 people(including the dead children) get in there and arrange themselves for a heart tug photo like that? His two best mates supporting him, the cameraman just happening to be there at such a dramatic moment. The children obviously didn’t die right there, so what is the back story to the pic? Where were they killed, and by whom or what? (there’s hardly a mark on them). I am supposed to take Hamas photos at face value and suspend my disbelief? I should fuckin coco!

  22. Paul Marks says:

    As far I know Cheeryble has never been to Israel, and certainly he has no idea what Israelis look like.

    For the record they range from jet black, to pale (although not as pale as me) – with most looking Arabic (although dressed differently to Muslim Arabs).

    As for the photographs …..

    On Facebook (and so on) some of the photos are getting challenged – with people pointing out that some of them have been seen before (in relation to Syria) and so on. However, I am sure that some of the photographs are real.

    All the more reason that the Muslim civilians should be evacuated from the Firing Strip set up in the war of 1948 – moved to Muslim countries where they can live under Muslim rule.

    After all the only people who actually WANT dead Muslim children (to wave at the cameras) are SAOT and his Hamas “friends” (“friends” who would skin him alive if Islam ever comes to power in Britain).

    People who do not want dead Muslim children would support getting them as far away as possible from the war zone that is the Holy Land (especially the Gaza Firing Strip – which has no non military purpose, ever since its creation in 1948 by the Egyption army and allied Muslim fighters).

  23. Paul Marks says:

    Single Acts of Tyranny “I have failed utterly” – on the contrary my dear Sir, you and your “friends” (who are not really your friends – as you may find out some day) have succeeded in getting some Muslim civilians (including children) killed. Which is exactly what you wanted.

  24. Sunfish says:

    I came out of hiding, and a blog I used to like gave Single Acts of Douchebaggery a soapbox?

    Dive! Dive! Dive!

  25. TDK says:

    Can SAOT please explain to me what Hamas expects to achieve by firing missiles into Israel.

    As intelligent adults they know that whatever harm they do to Israel, the Israeli’s can inflict far greater harm upon them. They know that the vast majority of their attacks will fail utterly, and even in failure will still bring retaliation.

    A rational person might ask why they don’t ask for a ceasefire and then try to make the best possible deal a losing party could.

    So please tell me why they continue to fire missiles.

  26. NickM says:

    You assume they are intelligent and adult in outlook. Big assumption. You overlook the fact they are explicitly religious and God is on their side and they expect a Deus Ex Machina. And also that is like just what they do It’s almost hobbyist. Sam enjoys computer games, RAB has his golf, I used to play 5-aside etc. Hamas enjoy lobbying rockets at a regional super-power.

  27. TDK says:


    Sometimes we have to play devil’s advocate to get an opponent to see the inconsistency in their argument.

    Either Hamas are religious nutters who think God will step in, or they are rational actors who think that inviting the death of their own citizens will generate world sympathy and so follow a policy designed to achieve those ends.

    Myself, I think the latter is the truth.

  28. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    TDK I can tell you precisely what Hamas hope to achieve – continued slaughter. They have nothing to offer in peacetime, so like any morally bankrupt government they need an enemy to divert from their own internal catastrophes and corruption.
    Just like Netanyahu, he must realise you can’t kill your way out of an argument with a death cult (short of genocide and ethnic cleansing), he too needs an enemy otherwise he would have to tackle tricky internal issues. Easier just to appeal to base racism.
    They both want the killing and so it goes on.

    I am rightly harsh on politicians of both sides as they are indistinguishable but Lady Warsi has resigned on a point of principle today. You may strong fly disagree with her views but putting principle first is rare today.

  29. TDK says:

    Unlike you I doubt that Netanyahu wants the killing to go on.

    Technically the Israelis are capable of killing many more but do not. Something is holding them back. It isn’t world opprobrium. So what is it?

    If it is base racism, then why not kill the more numerous West Bank Palestinians.

    Something doesn’t add up in your black and white tale.

  30. TDK says:

    I have to go now but before I do, I want to link you to some pictures that are never shown in the mainstream media

    Daily Mail (right wing home of Zionist Melanie Philips)


    An Israeli newspaper

    Of course I could show you PressTV, the completely impartial state run TV network of the country that hosted a Holocaust Denial conference
    but you already found that picture.

  31. Cheeryble says:

    “Hamas is morally responsible for every Palestinian death in Gaza, unequivocally.”

    WE all know Hamas is out of order.
    however what might you not do if your sons or fathers were killed in Cast Lead?

    Somehow the bombs came from Israel and the kill rate is 100-1.

    Try this one which I thought an excellent analysis:

    Israel has broken my heart: I’m a rabbi in mourning for a Judaism being murdered by Israel

  32. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    TDK You give him credit for not killing more?

  33. NickM says:

    TDK, I think both are the truth.

    SAoT, Pretty much my favourite line from my favourite book is from King Theoden in LoTR.

    “What can men do against such reckless hate?”.

    And Hamas are “reckless hate”.

  34. endivior says:

    FWIW, SAOT’s original post bears an eerie resemblance to this video:

    Now I’m wondering if SAOT and Stefan Molyneux are actually one and the same person.

  35. Julie near Chicago says:

    Since we are quoting videos “you’ll never see from the MSM,” how about this one:

  36. Julie near Chicago says:

    Endivior, S.M. is my opinion largely (not 100%, merely in the high 90′s) a horse’s rear end. The Pope should hire him to do the Pontifficating. (There are several suitable understudies, however.) I listened to him long enough to read the first several comments, most of whch seemed right on the money. PS. This is not the first SM lecture, or sermon, that I have sampled. I even put up with the whole of one or two of them.

    Anyway, What You Said. :>)

  37. Mr Ecks says:

    Molyneaux is generally sound when it comes to economic and general freedom matters. Some of his material in those areas is very good indeed. The shorter pieces are generally the best. He is however, somewhat warped when it comes to matters involving religion. He is a mordant atheist and I suspect has lots of “issues” when it comes to such matters. When he starts going on about “philosophy” then I tend to tune out. The main thrust of his piece was about Jewish religion and this is what has put him off kilter.

    As for Israel–Halfarse stops firing the rockets–Israel stops shooting back. End of deaths. No pun intended but its not rocket science.

  38. endivior says:

    Like Sam Harris, he thinks he has discovered a “reason-based ethic” (his is called Universally Preferable Behaviour”) that somehow escapes Hume’s Guillotine. Personally I think airports ought to have a Reason-Based Ethics Bores room to accommodate such people, just as at present they have a Smokers’ Room.

  39. NickM says:

    When I flew from Manchester to Istanbul and back at both ends they didn’t have a smoking room. They had an external cage. And I mean cage – bars and chain-link and all that. The same at both Manchester and Ataturk airports. Lovely.

    I do like your idea of the “Twats Saloon” though. They could offset their flying carbon footprint by getting little Tarquin and Guinevere to plant a shrubbery as they wait for their flights to their eco-yurt holiday.

    Whilst I can have a beer and a fag and look-up actually fun things to do where I’m going.

  40. endivior says:

    Yeah, well, I suppose I meant cage. They had one at Gatwick last time I was there. In the middle of the foyer, surrounded by glass panels so that humans could peer inside at the motley collection of primates with their curious weed-burning rituals. All that was lacking was a Do Not Feed or Keep Your Distance sign.

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