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Boycott Israel!

Go on! They are clearly better at killing Arabs than Arabs are at killing them. That is just so unfair. I mean Israel produces everything from Jaffa oranges to Intel chips that people actually want to buy. So unfair! They should, like the Palestinians, export fuck all yet expect the world to owe them a living. And it is so unfair that whilst the IDF can target missiles with laser precision all the poor Palestinians can do is lob bottle rockets at kindergartens. So unfair. With better weapons Hamas (who believe every Israeli is a legitimate target) would never attack a primary school. No, never. That they are a bunch of deranged cunts of the first water is beside the point. Boycott Israel. Just do it. That leftie bint in 34G will suck you off for it. Go on!


I had a flatmate when I was doing my MSc (Astrophysics, so fuck off) who was a lefty. A lefty Green (Gawd help us all!) and he was a twat and at the time (1996) France re-started nuclear testing so Martin boycotted all French goods. Well, up to a point. His principled stand lasted until Alison pitched-up with a bottle of a rather cheeky Bordeaux. That was about six hours. What a twat. His principles were twattish yet he couldn’t even keep to them.

He would (and probably does) fit in with the sort of twats thus described:

This was typed on an Intel Core 2 system which was (partially) developed with pride in Israel.


  1. Rob Farrington says:

    The leftie students where I work (Manchester University) want to boycott Israeli products, too.

    Let’s see how long the lazy, unwashed fuckers can survive without Facebook.

  2. Infidel753 says:

    I’d boycott the Palestinians instead, but since I’ve never needed the services of a suicide bomber, I don’t think I’ve ever done any business with them anyway.

  3. NickM says:

    Infidel should have H/T you on this one. Me bad.

  4. The funniest part about boycotting any nation? So many component parts of so many items are manufactured, serviced, developed, or invented in so many places other than the little region the lefties are angry with.

    More than anything else, boycotts of a nation are a sign of an antiquated worldview.

    But we knew that about them already.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I note this blog never criticises Israel for its mass killing of infants.

    You have the audacity to complain about the Palestinians not exporting anything? Isn’t it true that when they tried to export their main product on Valentines Day, Israel capped their shipments and delayed it until too close to Valentines Day so that no one would need their produce. How can the Palestinians create an economic life for themselves when upon them democratically electing Hamas as their government, who built Universities, Hospitals, Orphanages, etc; Israel cowardly bombs them (with civilians and children inside I might add) from hundreds of feet up in the sky? Don’t say “because Hamas uses them as launching pads”; because it has already been exposed how in the UN school sheltering children you child-murderers bombed, there were witnesses saying that Hamas militants were NOT occupying the school in any way, shape or form. In other words; you’re all parasitical massacring, child-murdering, annexing, thieving, torturing, homes-bulldozing, displacing, trespassing and oppressive tyrannical bastards; who shamelessly lie to try and justify your immoral massacring of innocent civilians and children whose land you stole and have been squatting on for half a century. Call this a “rant” if it lifts the complex of these home truths off your shoulders, but you all know it’s true – even if you try to failingly twist the reality.

    Check the Oxford dictionary and read what the definition of parasite is:

    • noun: a person who lives off or exploits others.

    This clearly describes the state of Israel and their trespassing inhabitants. You have exploited the Palestinians via their lesser-equipped armoury, by leeching off your puppet-masters for military (i.e. massacre) aid of over a billion US dollars annually, and you live off what is theirs by occupying their country and leeching off their land.

    As for the term Genocide, which is usable accurately and correctly. What does the Oxford English dictionary define it as?

    • noun the deliberate killing of a very large number of people from a particular ethnic group or nation.

    Over 400 babies and children (alone) died, let alone the rest. The Israeli army sealed off access to foreign journalists in an effort to stem the flow of information leaving the region, which would expose the genocide they were perpetrating; hoping that the masses would be kept in a state of festering ignorance by their political leaders and Zionist clerics. Now there are reports of indiscriminate firing into groups of women and children and the use of white phosphorus in highly populated areas. Furthermore, the Israeli government has stated that it will protect its soldiers from any international courts that govern warfare. So yes, it was a genocide and the genocide has been occurring against the Arabic ethnic group belonging to the occupied Palestinian nation.

    Don’t pull the anti-Semite card out either. I could easily bat the “Islamophobe” one back. Any anti-Semitism is merely the reaping of what you yourselves have sown. You want to whinge about concentration camps from over half a century ago; why should anyone show you an ounce of empathy when you cause the same effects as what happened to your ancestors in World War 2. Go to Germany if you want reparations; and in the meantime you don’t possess anything in this world that would compensate the Palestinians for what you owe them. In the meantime, those with an ounce of sanity will upon looking at the reality, contemplating on whether Hitler should have finished the job.

    When Israel coerces a mass population into the tiny region of the Gaza strip post annexing the indigenous inhabitant’s homeland (hence Israel being a nation of murdering thieves), then starts bombarding dense populations (whose reason for density was engineered by Israel in the first place), do not try justifying their massacre by blaming it on the innocent prisoner for being in the crowded cage Israel locked them all up in the first place.

    Now let us view the Zionist perception:

    “Don’t they know that those civilians are terrorists? The young girl deserved to be used as a human shield by the brave Israeli soldiers, because she voted for Hamas. For we are the noble AshkeNazi race.

    I am the ultimate patriot and jingoist. If my country’s allies swat mass infants with white phosphorus in densely populated areas, it’s ok because the nation I happen to reside in are allies of the perpetrators. This blind-patriotic jingoism rule is exclusive to me and people of my ilk though, because I am a white westerner who supports Israel. Albeit there being a clear similitude, this same rule does not apply to the Nazis in 1940s Germany, because they are anti-Semitic. Yes, those Palestinian infants deserve all they get because of what the unconnected Bin Laden once did in New York; thus justifying the Palestinians being killed, making a bigoted mockery of Islam, and making baseless assumptions of all those terrorist Muzlimz spending too much time in the mosque. Heil, mein Führer Ehud Olmert!

    Because we forced the Palestinian infants into the open air prison of Gaza along with Hamas; that herding justifies us killing them all via cluster-bombing and blanket spraying of white phosphorus; i.e. under the guise of collateral damage. It is the infants’ own fault because they dared live in the same claustrophobic vicinity as Hamas (that us Zionists incidentally put them both in to start with).

    Let us exterminate the Palestinians! After all, we Zionists are going the right way about it! But shhh… don’t say it openly. Remember to stick to the plan: diverting people’s attention to the facts of our genocide-perpetration by reiterating the broken-record keywords repeatedly in continuing the trend started since over half a century ago like “anti-Semitism” and “Holocaust”; even if we are implementing our own holocaust against innocent children and civilians in Gaza.”

    The solution is not a 2-state solution. The solution is the extermination of illegal occupation; and the return to Palestine pre-1948. If I kick you out of your home and lock you in a cage in your shed; would you settle for a “2-state solution” then? Don’t think so.

    As for those who will predictably going to throw the anti-Semite card on the table; First of all, Zionism is a political movement; not a religious one. Ask Orthodox Jews, they will share my views. That is why you have organisations such as Neturei Karta. However I do not see these “anti-Semite!” parrots accusing THEM of being extremists, or of being anti-Semitic (which would be an oxy-moron, thus demonstrating how stupid you are). Parroting your hypocritical slogans of “extremist”, “anti-Semite”, “terrorist”, “lefties” (etc) at truth-tellers will not change the statistical and historical facts. You want me to be ignored, so that you’re savage murderous actions can remain safe to proceed; and that is evident based on your expected child-like remarks. Incidentally Rob Farrington, speaking of being unwashed; who are the ones that use water after taking a shit? Not you; but us. No wonder you people stink; and no doubt your underpants are rife with skid marks (let alone you changing them more frequently than at least 4 days periodically).

  6. james Just says:

    To Anonymous.

    End the evil, imperialistic, genocidal murdering MUSLIM OCCUPATION OF BYZANTIUM. Document the centuries of muslim genocide of Christians in Byzantium Orientalum.

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