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In the UK (illegal) drugs are classified A,B,C. Blair dropped cannabis from B to C. Broon reversed this despite the governmental panel of scientists saying this was wrong. The same panel of scientists have recently said that ecstasy (MDMA) shouldn’t be class A but ought to be downgraded. Jacqui Smith, the current pig-in-knickers at the Home Orifice, has said this would send out the “wrong message” or some such demented muntering to the Daily Mail reading classes.

I have one question. What the fuck do they pay these scientists for if they then utterly ignore their advice?

I think I know. And it is as utterly dismal as you might imagine.

Government has to be seen as being “to the right” of scientific views. The scientific view is just there as a baseline so the government can therefore look “tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime” in comparison to it.

Real science has nothing to do with it. It is merely the fig leaves that Jacqui uses to cover her pendulous dugs and wizard’s sleeve of a minge. As far as covering her arse is concerned – I dunno. There are flight decks of Nimitz-class carriers that wouldn’t manage that feat.

And yes, I do mean flight decks.


  1. RAB says:

    In order to send the “wrong message” to people, first you have to teach them to read.
    Our beloved Gov cannot even do that.

    Look it’s simple. Everything is bad for you, including Oxygen. It gives us mammals great energy, but also mortality, due to cell degeneration.

    Nobody I know who has taken drugs (and that includes me), has ever given a flying fuck what category A, B or C they are.

    The only criteria you work on is the odds on you getting busted when you have found your illegal drug or drugs of choice. And quite frankly, the odds these days are pretty small. Something like 100 to 1 against getting busted.

    Just goes to show how completely in their own Universe our Ruling elite is. They think they are enforcing a society wide morality that died in the 1970s along with the shame at being a single parent and living the rest of your life on Benefits.

    I would be very suprised if Jackboots Smith doesn’t know how to skin up, or has never had a snort or two at Islington dinner parties.

    But she is part of the Elite. They can handle it!

    It’s us plebs that must be kept in order!

    Whatever happened to Sniffing Glue by the way?
    Did the other drugs just get so cheap, under capitalist market forces, that nobody could be bothered with it?

  2. Sunfish says:

    I’m confused. Is ‘Class A’ no longer a guarantee of the highest quality?

    (h/t Ali G)

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