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We iz buggered

The UK national debt is now GBP 2 Trillion.

That’s GBP 2,000,000,000,000.

That’s fucking enormous.

I am a former astrophysicist and that means coping day-to-day with big numbers.

Very big numbers.

But that one really wanked into the teacakes.

That’s Broon’s prudence. Putting us two fucking trillion in the hole. That is an amount of money beyond any rational conception.

A five pound note is 135 mm long. Two trillion in fivers would end-to-end stretch for 270 million km. Or a little bit over 200 round trips to the Moon.


  1. RAB says:

    You are so right!
    I will be commuting to my office on Alpha Centauri before that lot gets paid off!

    My grandfather died in the early 70s, aged ninety odd.
    A few years before he died, he said to me

    I’ve seen the best of it boy (despite living through 2 World Wars) This country is finished.
    How fuckin right he was!

  2. El Draque says:

    I’m not sure the Daily Mail headline is quite right.
    It’s reached by acknowledging that the government is now obliged to underwrite the loans by HBOS and RBS. About £1.4 trillion, I think.
    Those loans are actually matched off by assets owned, to a similar value. Only if they all go belly-up do we get stuck with the bill.
    Pleased to be put right, of course, I may have the wrong end of it.
    But it’s still a bizarre total of money. The whole Second World War only cost £34 billion.

  3. NickM says:

    The big bail out last autumn cost twice what WWI cost the British Empire.

    Adjusted for inflation.

    We can argue the toss about how much but it’s like arguing the toss over how far down under the cold grey Atlantic the Titanic is. A mile, half a mile? I dunno. It’s still down there and it ain’t coming back up anytime soon.

    The fundamental point is they spent money like it’s going out of fashion.

  4. Pa Annoyed says:

    Indeed. That’s about £33K per person, on average. Divide that across the wage slaves working for the full 40 years – requires £833 a year in extra taxes on average.

    Of course, since the richest 1% pay 23% of the income tax, and the richest 10% pay over half, and my simple-minded division ignores all the usual stuff about old age pensioners, children, unemployed, and the fact they might not choose to take 40 years to pay it back, the actual amount people might pay will differ greatly.

    But yes, it’s an unwise amount of money.

    What makes you think that after paying it back you will be able to afford a place in Alpha Centauri?

  5. RAB says:

    Twas a piece of whimsy Pa, as you well know by now. All down to Nick going round the Moon 200 times ;-)

    I think things are going to get much much worse.
    We have barely started with the pain yet.

    Talking of which, I am off to visit the She Elephant, or mum as she is more commonly known, who has had a fall. She is 85 and no bones broken thank god, but she is very shaken up and in a lot of pain.
    Back tomorrow I hope.

  6. Pa Annoyed says:

    Of course, RAB. Everyone knows that trips to Alpha Centauri will be dirt cheap, and it’ll be full of the Benidorm set. And the moon will be like Blackpool.

    Things will get worse, of course, but we’re also starting from a better place than we ever have in the past.

    Hope your mum recovers quickly.

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