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Chess, Music and Other Sins

This comes as no surprise.

I don’t like the article though. Hardly surprising as it comes from that comic The Express (which claims ludicrously to be “The World’s Greatest Newspaper” – it’s OK for lighting fires – I’ll give it that).

Why do I not like it? because this isn’t about Islamic nut-jobs banning our culture. It is about them banning culture full-stop. Music is not a Western only conceit. Neither is fantastic literature or sport. Have you read the 1001 Nights or seen an Indian or Pakistani cricket crowd recently?

That is the point. Islamism is not a culture opposed to ours. It is opposed to all culture. To everything fine or noble (or just fun) in any culture. It is so deadeningly nihilistic that it can afford no distraction from it’s central goals of power and control, murder and chaos. Because Islamism is so horrendously dull that no distraction can be tolerated for the fear that someone’s interest in chess (hardly a Western innovation anyway) or cricket or music or secular literature will result in them developing interests beyond mindlessly droning away the recitation of the Qu’ran in a language that has been dead for over a thousand years.

I mean where knows where a bit of free inquiry might end?

That’s Islamist culture. It’s a void. It’s a non-space. It is the most evil, nihilistic ideology conceived by the minds of men. I mean even the fucking Nazis had the Horst Wessel Lied and the Soviets had the “Song of the Tractor”. Hardly Gilbert and Sullivan I’ll grant you but something at least.


  1. RobtE says:

    Author Denis MacEoin investigated hundreds of school websites and Islamic websites linked to schools to uncover the material.

    OK, so Mr. MacEoin spent half-an-hour making Google his bitch. Oooh, biting journalism this is.

    Sorry, Nick, but I just can’t get a hard-on over this if this is what passes for hard-hitting investigative journalism these days. Come back Woodward and Bernstein; all is forgiven.

  2. NickM says:

    No. That is a legitimate method of research. You wanna know what I think. Look at the CC archives. I will stand by 98% of the cockwaffle I have written. The rest of the time I was either mislead or drunk or both.

  3. Infidel753 says:

    As far as music goes, those Hamasholes who were shooting up the wedding party for playing music in the video you guys posted a while back seemed pretty sure of what they were doing.

    I guess music or a quiet game of chess just sort of palls after a long day of forcibly sodomizing teenagers to turn them into suicide bombers.

  4. RobtE says:

    The rest of the time I was either mislead or drunk or both.

    Well, the latter would describe me tonight. Please read the following in that light…

    OK, so you’re a Geordie boy. You’ll know all about the West Road. The Muslims have over-spilled and are moving up Two Ball Lonnen, where I live. But being something of a foodie, I love to go down the West Road to the ethnic grocers and see what they have to offer. I’m consistently surprised to find that they’re not only willing to serve me, but even to explain how to use some exotic foodstuff or another. Jihad? No, not when to comes to making a sale.

    So, the triumph of Western capitalism over the diktats of the Qu’aran?

  5. Sam Duncan says:

    Yep. Give ‘em their due, the Commies knew a good tune when they heard one. They nicked “Oh Tannenbaum” for the Red Flag; whatever else was wrong with it, the Internationale was a good sing, and the post-war Soviet anthem was a cracker.

    Just one thing, though: Islam may be fundamentally mental, but I’m not sure it’s fundamentally devoid of fun. Before the puritans took hold of it, Islamic culture was a byword for the louche and exotic. And, while it may be over-exaggerated today, there was genuine scientific inquiry going on in the Muslim world while northern Europe was preoccupied with fighting off homicidal Norwegian blokes in funny hats.

    And that, for me, is a glimmer of hope. Sure, its about fucking time some of these “moderate” muslims we’re always being told about stood up and started to make some noise, but while we can rail at their pusilanimity, I don’t doubt they exist. RobtE’s dead right: I’ve known plenty of Muslims who reminded me of those distant, superior Christians I was talking about the other day – only worse – but I’ve known plenty who were normal, down-to-earth people: mainly the ones trying to earn a crust, as he says. And I don’t doubt that some form of Islam is compatible with, for want of a better word, “normality”, because it bloody well used to be, back when we were all serfs living in fear of Lords both celestial and landed. Unfortunately the tables have been turned and the nutters are in charge of Islam at the moment; more in charge than most western commentators realise. The Saudis are throwing shitloads of cash at promoting Wahabbism within Islam. Something has to be done about that.

  6. NickM says:

    Two Ball Lonnen! Bloody hell! I’m from Western Gateshead.

    I live on the edge of Manchester. I love the cultural diversity that immigration brings. I love the food. I have lived in areas of this country where I was an “ethnic minority”.

    But… This is not culture in terms of my culture or there culture or yours. It is the very destruction of culture itself that bothers me.

    It is about nihilism.

    It is about doing what I did tonight. I played “Warlords” and “Night Driver” on my VCS2600 Emu with my wife. What I didn’t do was plot indiscriminate slaughter in the name of Allah or anything else including my own brand of atheistical agnosticism.

    Or attempt to destroy the culture that started in Africa fifty thousand years ago when some nameless bugger thought that banging the rocks together might be a good idea.

    That’s what I object to. The last airplane I flew on was a two hundred tonne creation which started with hairy fellas in caves banging rocks together. MY entertainment of choice is computer games but I remember Pong.

    Trying to destroy culture is an abomination.

    I had this played at my wedding:

    It is the Lord’s Prayer in Swahili…

    You live in one of the greatest cities the world has ever seen. Locomotion. Check (well nearly). The Armstrong Works. Check. The modern world was invented in Manchester and Newcastle and Leeds and Bradford and Birmingham.

    Newcasrte is one of the few places where the true spark of civilization sprung. Grey Street is utterly magnificent. The RSC plays the Theatre Royal (and yes, I did see Gandalf’s cock there – he was playing Lear) every year and we is the seat of two very fine Universities. And the Lit & Phil.

    I am now sitting in a centrally heated living room in Cheshire (one of the richest counties of one of the richest countries on the planet) using a wireless Toshiba laptop and listening to (at full belt) REM and The Muppets singing “Furry Happy Monsters” on Youtue. Culture made that so. My culture. Everyone’s culture.

  7. RAB says:

    It is the nature of Fundamentalism I’m afraid.

    Did not Cromwell’s Puritans ban Christmas and smash up a hell of a lot of amazing religious Art in churches in the name of anti idolitartarianism?

    They wern’t too keen on merry jigs and reels either.

    Still they soon wised up, realising that there is nothing as effective as a belting good hymn to further the cause and get the message across.

    This lot are just retros.
    There is amazing Islamic music out there.
    My friends invented WOMAD. I know of which I speak!

  8. Denis MacEoin says:

    Just quickly, in response to RobtE above, who thinks I spent half an hour on Google. The report took almost a year to research and write. And I’m not a journalist, I’m originally an academic in this very field. Take this report very seriously, Robert.

    BTW, on music: one of the things I stress in the report is that the fundamentalists are denying Muslim children, not just access to the greatness of Western music, but to Islamic music like Qawwali, Iranian classical music, or the singing of Umm Kalthum.

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