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According to some survey of nonces, numpties and weirdoes (aka the Great British Public) these are, in order, the 20 people in the entire world that Brits most respect…

Have a think who and then see under the fold…

1. Barack Obama – The Messiah

2. Nelson Mandela – St Nelson of Soweto – usually tops this sort of shit.

3. Jade Goody – Terminally ill Big Brother star of femto-scale talent.

4. Sir Richard Branson – Fair enough.

5. Sir Terry Wogan – Genial Irish radio presenter.

6. J K Rowling OBE – Wizard kid’s author.

7. Phillip Schofield – Genial English TV presenter.

8. Sir Alan Sugar – Erstwhile entrepreneur, now does reality TV show “The Apprentice”.

9. Dame Judi Dench – Veteran actress not noted for getting her kit off.

10. Sir Michael Parkinson – Dull as ditchwater chatshow host.

11. Dame Helen Mirren – Veteran actress noted for getting her kit off.

12. Jamie Oliver – Crusading Mockney gob-shite and TV chef.

13. Angelina Jolie – Serial international adoptrix.

14. Sir Elton John – Be-rugged MOR songsmith and AIDS campaigner.

15. Cheryl Cole – Erstwhile warbler and now blubbing X=Factor judge and pro-WAG.

16. The Queen – Head of State for over half a century.

17. Kylie Minogue – Aussie singer noted for having a lovely bottom.

18. Lady Thatcher – Former Prime Minister – won three general elections.

19. Lorraine Kelly – Giggling Scots TV presenter.

20. Stephen Fry – Humorist, writer and actor.

Did you think it would be this bad? OK. Who isn’t there? There is not one scientist, engineer, architect, serious author or sporting figure. There is only one current businessman. And Cheryl Cole one spot above Her Majesty! It beggars belief.


  1. RAB says:

    I was going to say where the fuck do they do these polls? cos nobody polls me on anything.
    But then I clicked the link, and found that they are paying people to do this, which renders the whole exercise worthless in my opinion.

    It makes me weep that Her Mag. only came in 16th!

    I hate all this top 20 shit. It just flags up what pathetically short term memories most people have.

    Rolling Stone had a list of the top 100 Singers of all time last year.
    Aretha Franklin came top, fair enough, but there were some people in there that can barely croak, let alone sing!

    One of my all time favorites is Tim Buckley. He had a four and a half octave, fantastic voice. He made around 12 amazing albums and died of an overdose in 1975.
    Was he in there? Was he fuck!
    His son Jeff was though, he came in at 39 out of 100. And all he managed before he drowned in the Mississippi, was one and a half albums.
    Now fair enough, he did inherit his dad’s vocal range, and was a great talent, but fuck me folks, where’s the justice and perspective.
    Nope, worthless. Short term memory writ large.

  2. Dr Ralph says:

    In 2007, Bush was the most admired in some Gallop poll.

    Bill Clinton was a close number 2.

    That tells you as much about how poorly the poll was conducted as it does the foolishness of those responding.

  3. Infidel753 says:

    Be grateful for small favors — since Gordon Brown’s not on the list, that means he’s outranked by all 20 of these people.

    A similar poll of “heroes” here in the US has Obama aoutranking Jesus (!):,w-obama-jesus-christ-hero-harris-poll021909.article

  4. JuliaM says:

    I can (sort of) just grasp why some of those names are where they are, but….

    Angelina Jolie…?!

  5. Nick M says:

    UN peace ambassador doncha know!

    (So was Ginger Spice)

    Does a lot of work forp charridee

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