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All Your Kids Are Belong To Us

Jame Hulme of the New Local Government Network (who?) has this hateful nonsense in the Telegraph.

It’s about this idea for compulsory Civic Service for the yoof.

Let’s fisk it…

Whilst Hampstead liberals and professional harridans will no doubt balk at the idea, citing an abhorrent infringement of our young people’s liberty, the scheme could spark a revival in civic pride and help to tackle unemployment, crime and anti-social behaviour.

So your argument starts with a crude insult, James? “Civic pride” eh? Don’t people take pride in things they do voluntarily? I don’t suppose too many Soviet zeks were too Gulag-proud…

…but more importantly such a scheme could be a way to teach young people self-confidence, self-worth and the virtue of work.

Heck, if they don’t work then just enslave ‘em. Problem solved! Yeah, toting those bales of cotton in Alabammy 200 years ago really did taught the “virtue of work” for it’s own sake.

You don’t have to be a paid-up member of the hug-a-hoodie brigade to recognise that the root of why many young people get into trouble is not necessary just because of poverty, but because of low aspiration, no role models and no moral guidance.

What moral guidance does putting them into the chain gang give anyone…

Take, for instance, a teenager who has grown up in a household where nobody has ever worked. Then say he leaves school without any qualifications. What chance does he have of making something of himself? What is the likelihood that he will become involved in crime and gangs? By insisting that he undertakes a volunteering scheme, he will have a chance to learn new vocational and academic skills, meet new people and achieve things that might just turn his life around.

OK, so the kid has left compulsory education with no “vocational and academic skills” so you, James, suggest that six more months of conscription will do the trick and “turn his life around”? Yeah, right. And the least I say about the Orwellian oxymoron of “…insisting he undertakes a volunteering scheme…” soonest mended. How do you propose to implement this anyway?

On a practical basis, critics will argue that the scheme would be vastly expensive and bureaucratic. It will no doubt be decried as illiberal, often by the sort of middle-class families whose children already have the opportunity to undertake voluntary work, albeit in faraway countries. A national scheme would indeed be costly, but the benefits would outweigh this. Indeed, how much might the scheme reduce crime, drug dependency and anti-social behaviour? How much might it save by preventing a young person from embarking on a life of worklessness?

Lots of question there James. Lots. Not a single answer. Oh and it is illiberal. Oh, and you’re back to slagging off the middle-classes again and yet again completely failing to understand the meaning of the word “volunteer”.

The old form of military service is not on the agenda but that is not to say we shouldn’t seriously look at a compulsory form of civic service. It is not an authoritarian idea; certainly no more than insisting that young people attend school. It would not solve Britain’s problems overnight but would give young people are real stake and sense of belonging in our society.

It is an authoritarian idea. It is slavery which is generally regarded as being a lickle bit on the authoritarian side. It would not give anyone “a sense of belonging” other than a sense of “belonging to” as in being owned. But that’s your point, you fascist cunt, isn’t it?

I have a better idea. If this “socially useful labour” needs doing why can’t we force the Think Tankers and Quangoists and all the rest to do it? Eh, go on James. Round up all your pals and labour to built the Glorious Socialist Future! Because I have seen elderly scrotes cough-up more valuable things onto pavements outside of bookmakers than the shite you wrote in this article.


  1. RAB says:

    I used to be a Boy Scout. Nobody forced me to be. It was a lot of fun. You learnt a lot of useful things and got to go camping and learnt self reliance, practical skills and how to work as a team.
    This asswipe would probably brand that organisation as elitist and middle class too.
    But when I was a lad, all classes were in the Scouts.
    We also had a thing called Bob a Job week, whereby we Scouts used to go out and knock on complete strangers doors and offer to mow their lawn or clean their windows, anything they could find for us to do for them really, in return for a small sum of money. The money went to charity. None of us would dream of keeping any of the money ourselves.
    Oh and I was on the street aged 12 with a nine inch Bowie knife and a small hatchet on my belt. Imagine the fit of the vapours that the likes of James would have if that was still allowed!
    But if the Scout hut is falling down and needs a bit of cash to do it up and they apply to the Lottery for funds, do you think they will get it? Will they fuck! Not ethnically diversive and inclusive enough would be the reply.

    I wonder if James has heard of Community Service Orders by the way. Wonderful success these! When I was in the Crown Court, three quarters of the little fuckers wouldn’t even turn up, and the ones who did, did such a piss poor job of painting a pensioners front room or something, that they had to get a professional in afterwards to do it again.

    Conscription was stopped in this country mainly at the request of the Armed Forces chiefs, because it was worse than useless. It merely led to great resentment and a huge amount of skiving.

  2. I really wish I lived in a country where you could call someone a “Fascist Cunt” and have readers understand the term.

  3. Nick M says:

    Absolutely. A couple of school pals of mine joined-up. They would abhor the idea that their platoon or company was filled with the chavs who are only put there because they can’t do anything else. The same goes for any profession or trade. It’s just a more acute and obvious point in the military for reasons which I don’t need to spell out.

    One of the ideas for this compulsory “civic service” is working in care homes for the elderly. Well Gladys can kiss her engagement ring goodbye then. Folks who look after the elderly are valued low enough already. Having conscripts join the party would really screw the (already) screwed pooch.

  4. RAB says:

    I would have dropped this in earlier, but didn’t want to appear to be talking to myself ;-)

    When father in law retired, he got a bit restless, not the sort of bloke, to sit back and take it easy. Well he had a lot of practical skills, he had been a builder and carpenter and of course 2 para and D day etc.
    Well he got a job as a supervisor for Community Service down in Rhoose.
    He was one tough hombre, but he lasted six months before he gave up in disgust.
    He got bollocked by the CEO for going round and dragging the recalcitrant little bastards out of bed if they didn’t turn up!
    He said if he hadn’t quit, it was very likely he’d have been in court himself, on manslaughter charges.

  5. You may have read that The Obamessiah is advocating similar programs in the U.S.
    So you’ll have kids working against their will, for money that people had rather not give them, supervised by people who are powerless to shit-can them.


  6. Sunfish says:

    There are two groups of people that end up working Useful Public Service (what we call CS when it’s part of a sentence for a crime.)

    There are the people who show up and do useful stuff. Most of them do volunteer work even when the judge didn’t say so. They make me want to get rid of CS in sentences because I don’t want to ruin it for the people who’d do it voluntarily.

    Then there are the ones who are otherwise. Just as you described the ones who your pop would have ended up strangling, RAB. Absolutely worthless. They make me want to get rid of CS because it doesn’t fix the problem and wastes the court’s time in administration. Oh, and it makes the advocates of CS feel good about what they’re accomplishing, and I want them face-to-face with how absolutely they’ve fucked the dog.

    (I know it’s not nice destroying people’s illusions like that. But that’s the only way they’re gonna learn.)

  7. RAB says:

    Fucked the dog!
    You betcha Sunfish!
    The article I really wanted to link to, but still cant find, and I only read it yesterday, was one about some Agency the Gov set up that would get tough on those not complying with these orders.

    They would stop their Welfare benefits etc for a period of time…

    Um except they didn’t. Or at least not often.
    In fact they managed to spend £150 for every £1 they got back.

    Is it any wonder that most of us sane people in Britain want to emigrate and trust no politicians whatsoever?

    As to the Probation Dept, dont get me started on Roz and Dave!
    They have been in the enemy camp for all of my working life!

    I had a Probation Report across my desk in the 80s even, that seriously put down to the fact that the worst knive mugger in Bristol was only that way because he had been denied French Horn lessons as a kid!

    He probably couldn’t play a paper and comb!

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