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Earth Day

According to the hectoring Earth Day website:


“Switching off your lights is a vote for Earth, or leaving them on is a vote for global warming”.

What a load of sanctimonious, offensive and downright sinister tosh. But if you want to play that game, lefties, let’s play. I invite as many of you around the world as possible to join me in standing up to collectivist bullying by leftists and liberals who are too scared to campaign openly for the socialist paradise they really want and who use “climate change” as the scare story to cajole a gullible and desensitized public into backing their warped worldview.

Join me tonight in turning ALL of your lights ON for an hour. Light up your home as a beacon of liberty standing up to the tyranny of environmental zealots.

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How about celebrating Human Achievement Day instead?

“We are so proud that millions of people plan to show their appreciation for human achievement by doing things like eating diner [sic], watching television, going to the movies, and brushing their teeth,” says Human Achievement Hour Founder and CEI Policy Analyst Michelle Minton. “Never before has a new holiday caught on so quickly.”
The new one-hour holiday, unknown prior to this press release, has already received overwhelming support from many of Washington, D.C.’s leading institutions. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, for example, tells CEI that it does not plan to shut down all of the city’s bus and rail lines for the “Earth Hour.” The Kennedy Center, likewise, has scheduled a performance of the long-running play Sheer Madness, a jazz concert, and a dance performance to coincide with the Human Achievement Hour. Washington, D.C.’s Target store, furthermore, will remain open until 10:00pm on the evening of the 28th.  The Smithsonian Institution also plans a film showing that will extend into Human Achievement Hour. 

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