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They’re not like Johnny Depp or Keira Knightley ya know.

They are gits.

The freedom of the seas is a fundamental principle which must be re-imposed – it is the fundamental reason the Royal Navy exists. If that takes ultra-violence then so be it. I do not care for the Somalia is a failed state and piracy is “the only way to make a living” kinda schtick I have heard from some quarters such as the BBC.

Every civilized nation on the planet has a dog in this fight. We do. The French do, the US, India, everyone. If we all poneyed-up a coupla destroyers and a few hundred marines and did some very loud stomping we could sort this very quickly.

A collection of AK-47 armed khat chewing loons on skiffs are not gonna stand against an AEGIS class destroyer. Well not for long anyway.


  1. Absolutely agree – kill ‘em a bit until they see sense.

    Any twerp who uses a gun to make a “living” has to expect to not make much profit from people who have even bigger guns.

    Killing the pirates a bit is also very effective at making sure that it doesn’t develop into a family business.

  2. Michael says:

    Regrettably we are governed by a group of politicians who have already reduced the Navy by 35% and are planning to cut still more warships. I doubt that the two promised carriers will ever be built in my lifetime and the Navy will lose at least two of the remaining Type 45′s under construction as well as the Astute class. Britain is an island and we need a strong Royal Navy to protect our supplies from overseas. For a man who wrote a book on “Courage” our Prime Minister is singularly lacking in that area.
    The only lasting response to Piracy is to find their bases and exterminate them utterly. As long as they expect to get away with their actions they will continue and get worse. The pirates holding an American Captain hostage in a lifeboat are actually demanding “COMPENSATION” for losing their boat! I daresay Gordon would actually pay it too!

  3. Sam Duncan says:

    I get the impression the present government thinks – if it thinks about it at all – that the Royal Navy’s raison d’etre is something to do with imperialism and subjugating brown people. But of course, Nick and Michael are right: this is what it’s for. This is what “protecting British interests” means: stopping thieving bastards with guns from interfering with our legitimate trade.

    To use one of the government’s pet phrases against it, it isn’t fit for purpose.

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