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I believe he said he bought it in Bucharest

Well, yes. The ex communist countries do show a remarkable tendency towards sanity. When the EU lets them.


Gimme a guess, wadda ya think? How long before this is banned as hate speech towards psychopathic mass murderers and child killers?

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  1. NickM says:

    Central and Eastern Europe hates communism. They had to live through it. Ask a Pole or Czech. Goddamn it! Those are great nations and real fun to visit and their freedom from the Russian Commie yoke was a battle worth fighting. Warsaw, Prague, Budapest and Bucharest free. Sometimes we get it so right.

    A little known fact about Prague is that the Red Army, whilst putting down a revolt, shelled the National History Museum. It’s just next to the Communist built parliament building. They got the National History Museum by mistake. The Red Army just couldn’t believe that Czechoslavakia was run from something that looked like a polytechnic social sciences faculty. So they shelled the neighbouring and vastly more impressive building instead.

    That is communism. Utter arseholery and crap architecture.

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