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Too White, Too Jewish

You just can’t win some battles can you? 60 odd years ago in Birmingham they were setting up the Castle Bromwich “shadow factory” to build Spitfires to kill deranged racist loons who were hell-bent on killing Jews because they weren’t “white” (however that is defined). And now this happens…

Some battles get won and stay won and some just have some git saying “And another thing…” twenty minutes after they lost the argument…

PS. And how the fucking fuck can you be “too Jewish”? My understanding which largely comes from having dated a Red Sea Pedestrian for nearly three years is that it’s a flip-flop, 1/0 kinda thing. That it is a zero-sum game. I mean you’re either Jewish or you’re not.


  1. Chalcedon says:

    Jackie Mason told a story of him being asked if he was a Jew. He tipped his right hand over back and forth and said ” I’m Jew-ish”. LOL. OK, you had to hear him say it.

    It is quite awful that an ex-Mayor, Labour councillor and all should say to this woman that she was too white and a Jew. In other words: the people in this ward are all anti semites and wouldn’t tolerate a Jew representing them. They are mostly Muslims and Afro Caribbeans apparently.

    So much for Harridan Harperson and her women are more equal bill. I wonder if she will phone him?

  2. Rob Farrington says:

    I’ve been asked if I’m Jewish. In fact, I’m asked that question at least half the time I dare to defend Israel.

    Funny…if I ever talk about what’s going on in Darfur, I never get asked if I’m Sudanese. I wonder why?

  3. grison says:

    so much for the great English God of Dema-Kerazi.
    Jean Parisot de Valette used Muslim prisoners’ heads as cannon-balls, during the great seige of malta which effectively stalled Muslim conquest of Christendom. now, 500 years later, the Muslims are telling English people whether or not they can stand for election in England. changed times indeed.

  4. RAB says:

    Okey dokey, you evil racist socalist bastards!

    In the spirit of Spartacus

    I’m Jewish!

    Well I might as well be. A frequent commentator here has recently remarked that I look Jewish!

  5. Nick M says:

    Rob, when I dated qa Jewish girl from Atlanta, GA she was always getting asked to defend Israel. Frequently in a rather confrontational way. She had never been to Israel, knew any Israelis (or Palistinians) and only knew as much as the rest of us – i.e. what was on the telly.

    Chalcedon, I had heard that joke was dated to wassisname who used to hang with Pete and Dud in the ’60s. He claimed “Not to be a Jew, only Jewish, not the whole hog you know….”

  6. Dave H. says:

    With any luck Mr Hussain will get H1N1. Just imagine how he’ll feel about being part pig.

  7. Chalcedon says:

    @Nick M

    I heard Jackie Mason tell it on a TV show several years ago.

    As for not only but also which of these guests was “Jew – ish”? The show’s guests included Leonard Rossiter, Spike Milligan, Norman Rossington, Barry Humphries, Eric Sykes and John Lennon.

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