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Irene Sendler

Those who have been with us from the beginning may remember my posting on the disgraceful treatment of Irene Sendler by the Fake Nobel committee and the fat git of a Salesman.

Seems she has had some recognition, this month, even if that worthless dick did steal her Nobel Prize. Look, this story deserves the complete Speilberg / Lucas treatment, I don’t know how many special effects they could fit in, but this is a start.

Do they award Noble Prizes posthumously?

If anyone saw it, let me know how it was.


  1. NickM says:

    Nobel’s can’t be awarded posthumously. That’s the reason Rosalind Franklin didn’t win one for her work with Watson and Crick on DNA.

    Anyway, why would they award a Nobel to someone who saved lives? They’ve given enough to folks who’ve taken them – yes that’s you Mr Arafat. Have Hamas put that gong up on eBay yet? When their thugs wrecked Arafat’s gaff they scrobbled it. They also half-inched his toilet. Is any crime imaginable lower than stealing Yasser Arafat’s bog?

    And we’re suppossed to try and have a dialogue with the thieves of the Aracrapper?

    I say not until they surrender the Armitage Shanks to the UN and it takes it’s rightful place in some Nobel Prize museum.

    The whereabouts of his tea towel are as yet undermined. Primarily because nobody gives a fuck.

  2. Chalcedon says:

    Sadly the Nobel Prize isn’t awarded posthumously. Mind you they are often awarded years after the seminal work was completed/published or the events concerned. This woman was a true heroine. She should have been honoured. Al Gore spouts spurious bollox and gets an award for pace (which is itself astonishing) and this woman, nothing. I think we know though which is held in high regard and which person isn’t.

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