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Soldiers of the IDF

I haven’t done a soldiers with big guns posting for AGES, and I guess it is about time I rectified this.

So, in celebration of the brave soldiers of the IDF, here are further admirable warriors:


Courtesy of Rachel Papo


  1. Rob Farrington says:

    Hubba, hubba!

    The Kurdish Peshmerga female soldiers are pretty damn hot too, but there’s no substitute for an IDF babe!

  2. HSLD says:

    Can’t beat them semitic looks. Big eyes, olive skin and long dark hair.

    Being able to strip and reassemble an M16A1 blindfolded doesn’t hurt either.

  3. El Draque says:

    Especially the Yemenite girls too. Very slim, very shiny black hair. And they are allowed to let it cascade down over their shoulders, which gleam in the Mediterranean sunset . . . .
    . . . . or in the Cafe Aroma, or Dizengoff street in Haifa.

    Arab girls are the same, but too often they have to tie it up under the headscarf. And they put on weight quicker.

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