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The world that Bill built

A preview from Microsoft.

10, 15, 20 years out? Your guess.

Productivity Future Vision

H/T David Brin (Yes, THAT David Brin)


  1. Nick M says:

    Within ten years. But we’ll still have keyboards for a lot of stuff. A lot of those things exist. I’ve seen prototypes for the newspaper, the iPhone is brilliant. I mean the interface just works. It looks like it shouldn’t but it does. And Google the MS Milan an intelligent touch screen coffee table. But the real question is how much difference it will make. Take cars for example. Have they really our lives since become ubiquitous. I mean obviously that was a hell of a shift but evey year’s new models don’t really change anything much further. OK if they drove themselves that would change a lot but do you see anything like that happening soon? Imagine the lawsuits when it turned out the 2020 Honda accord had a serious software error.

    I was always looking forward to thought controlled computers but how many of us daydream or have random thoughts at the screen…

  2. J.T. Wenting says:

    Technically it’s possible now. But it’s as yet too expensive to build touchscreens like that.
    And the leap in user interface is too large for conservative (and there are no others who keep their jobs for long) corporate purchase managers to consider.

    Consider the Beechcraft 2000 corporate aircraft. Way ahead of its time, jet performance for turboprop cost, but its shape was too revolutionary and no self-respecting purchase manager would risk his career to buy one.
    Eventually it sold just about 50 aircraft in 20 years before Raetheon recalled and destroyed them all, handing customer other aircraft in exchange.

  3. mandrill says:

    whats the betting that it will all be proprietory, tied to specific hardware and only servicable by microsoft certified technicians?

    Some wonderful ideas but I don’t trust M$ to put them into practice in a form that I would be willing to use.

  4. Sam Duncan says:

    “Get the latest Microsoft Silverlight plug-in to view this video”.

    Beats me, then.

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