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Utter Savages

This is low even for Jihadi Taleban scum.

I can understand why the soldiers laughed and joked afterwards. They had just survived a truly horrific ordeal in which they thought a comrade had been blown to bits and then discover he was OK (well as OK as anyone who has just been deafened and showered with donkey guts can be anyway – which in my book – to quote Marcellus Wallace is “Very fucking far from OK”) and humour is the natural reaction to that.

What an appalling depraved thing to do. And it wouldn’t surprise me if the Taleban had “borrowed” the poor creature from some potless peasant who is now on his uppers because he’s lost his means of transport. Utter, utter scum. Unfortunately though from their point of view it’s a good tactic. NATO troops in Afghanistan will now even be being careful around donkeys (one of the troops said they are ubiquitous) just one more thing to be wary of and to avoid. They have used kids, people with Down’s Syndrome, Burkhas (probably a lady doing the shopping but how can you tell what lies beneath?). They have blown up every bloody thing imaginable (and unimagineable) and it is an effective tactic because it means everything is something potentially to fear.

We on the other hand have spent billions and billions on ever smarter and more accurate weapons (the UK, amongst many nations has abandoned the use of cluster bombs). Also an effective tactic and the difference between them and us. They wallow in causing nihilistic indiscriminate carnage and we fight with lasers and GPS. I know that’s partly because we’re not broke* like they are but why are they broke? Because wallowing in indiscriminate nihilistic carnage kinda precludes having a working economy that can make cool and expensive kit. Is there for example any particularly compelling reason why the Palestinians can’t afford stuff like F-16s that the Zionists can? None other than ideology. Israeli military doctrine seeks (almost to a fault) to minimize it’s losses and will go to almost absurd lengths to secure the release of captured soldiers and even the bodies of their fallen. Islamist military doctrine revels in it’s losses. It loves them – especially maimed kids. I couldn’t believe supposedly intelligent people got on their Israel-bashing high-horses over the “disproportionate” casualities of Operation Cast Lead. Hint: when fighting a war rule one is to try and kill more of them than they kill of you because that tends to result in victory and as the Duke of Wellington (who knew a thing or two about war) put it, “In war there is no substitute for victory”. War is not a dad playing soccer with his young kid and giving them a few breaks… Would those idiots who criticised Israel have been happy if the total casualties of Cast Lead had been the same or higher but fifty/fifty because that would have been fair? Probably. Would they have given over the Spitfire blueprints to Heinkel during the Battle of Britain to “level the playing field”. Dunno.

What I do know is that until our (and Israel is one of us) Islamist enemies embrace civilized concepts of warfare such as trying to kill enemy combatants and not resort to the usual orgy of violence and chaos relishing the deaths of non-combatants on both sides (and poor little donkeys and every goddamn thing that walks, crawls, slithers, flies or swims) then they are not an enemy that I can have any even grudging respect for. You can respect the professionalism and courage of a Luftwaffe airman in the Battle of Britain but you can’t respect these utter gits. Not even their insane “bravery” and capacity for “sacrifice”. Not when they believe that copping a JDAM for Allah gets them a free shagging pass in the brothel eternal and certainly not when they feel the same way about their sons and daughters. There is no valuing of the preciousness of life itself and that is the mark of a true barbarian. They are savages, utter savages and they need to be put down like rabid dogs.

*Well, we weren’t anyway…


  1. RAB says:

    Well well, how prescient the title of that comedy series

    Drop the dead donkey


  2. RAB says:

    Should have read the article all the way through.

    The average British squaddie is way quicker than me!

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