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Truth Is A Class Enemy

“Now who might you be, my little girl?” asked Safronov. “What did your mummy and daddy do?”

“I’m nobody,” said the little girl.

“How can you be nobody? Surely some sort of principle of the female sex must have fixed things so you could get yourself born under Soviet power?”

“But I didn’t want to be be born – I was frightened my mother would be bourgeois.”

“How did you get yourself organized then?”

The girl hung her head in confusion and fear and began to pull at her shirt; she was in the presence of the proletariat and so she was on her guard, remembering what her mother had kept telling her so long ago.

“But I can tell you who’s the boss.”

“Who?” asked Safronov, pricking up his ears.

“Lenin and after that comes Budyonny. Before they were around, when there was only the bourgoise, I wasn’t born because I didn’t want to be. But as soon as Lenin came along then, then so did I.”

“Well my girl,” Safronov managed to say, “your mother must have been a conscious woman! And if kids can forget their own mothers but still have a sense of comrade Lenin, then Soviet power really is here to stay”.

- Andrey Platonov, The Foundation Pit.

He has been compared to Kafka and Borges and yes, he did say that “Truth was a Class Enemy” which is priceless.

Gotta read him because anyone who can be seriously compared to Borges has to be brilliant. I really ought to post on the divine Argentine because he was the greatest man who ever sat at a tripewriter. Doubt me? Go and read “Funes the Memorious”. I never quite got Kafka.

OK. Just buy a copy of the complete “fictionnes” A paperback will cost you under a tenner. It will though change your life.

And BTW my co-blogger Chris ought to try and spell “literature” correctly. Just sayin’ is all.

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