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Now we all knew Nikolas Sarcophagus is a slithey tove and Frau Merkin of Krautland’s bitch* but this takes the custard cream and dunks it…

Buckingham Palace voiced anger last night after the French snubbed the Queen over next week’s D-Day commemorations.

Aides said senior royals had repeatedly made clear their eagerness to support the historic 65th anniversary events in Normandy.

But last night French officials crushed any remaining hopes, admitting they had never had any plans to invite members of the British Royal Family.

They said President Nikolas Sarkozy was focused on the ‘main event’ of hosting U.S. President Barack Obama.

There was also anger at the British Government for failing to secure a Royal invitation from their French counterparts. Protocol means they cannot simply invite themselves.

The failure to invite the Queen – who is head of state of both Britain and Canada – will be seen as an insult to the memory of the 17,556 British and 5,316 Canadian troops who died to free France and are buried there.

The figure does not include many airmen and sailors whose bodies were never found.

Well… I know what happened here. Broon didn’t fecking dare raise it with the Froggies because the G20 summit showed he’s about as popular as genital warts on a honeymoon in Paris and Berlin these days.

Ministers had refused even to treat the 65th anniversary as a major event until shamed into a U-turn by a Daily Mail campaign earlier this year.

Well that figures. Broon et al utterly despise our military. I heard on the radio a veteran’s spokesman who said all they really wanted was access to the cemetarys to lay some wreaths in memory of their fallen comrades. They are concerned they won’t even be allowed to do that because of “security” for the bigwigs. And it’s gonna be tight security because guess who is guest of honour?

A French government source said: ‘There were never any plans to invite members of the British Royal Family, although an invitation has been extended to Gordon Brown after he said he wanted to come.

‘He will, of course, be concentrating on the British commemorations, away from the American beaches, as is appropriate. This is very much a Franco-American occasion.’

Christ all fucking mighty they are re-writing history. By the time of the 70th anniversary it will be Obama and Sarkozy who alone stormed Utah beach. OK I do appreciate why Obama and Sarkozy don’t want anything to do with Broon – a photo-op with him is poison – but the Queen? Hell’s teeth! Her Majesty and Phil the Greek are the only ones out of the lot of them who actually served in the war. I somehow suspect that a great many of the veterans of all nations would much rather meet her and Phil than any of those self-serving media whores. Yes, even the French ones. Apart from anything else Prince Philip speaks fluent French.

This is a snub and to the extent that it is also a re-write of history it is hardly surprising. In the early ’90s I visited the D-Day museum in Normandy. They showed a video. It stated that on June 6th 1945, “French, British and American troops landed”. Yes, in that order and no mention of the Canadians on Juno Beach. It also absurdly exagerated the role of the resistance. I appreciate the Frenchies are somewhat embarrassed by collapsing like a souffle in a cupboard against the sausage-munchers for the third time in a row and the disgrace that was the Vichy regime, the wide-spread collaboration, the zeal with which the French fuzz rounded-up Jews and their disgraceful antics over their Med fleet post-capitulation (the RN had to sink it in the end – a shame because it might have proven useful in things like the Malta convoys and the North African campaign). I appreciate France’s crapness in battle from 1870 to 1940 (and they made an utter titteration of Indochina) is a sore point but this is beyond comprehension. Sarkozy and Obama might as well piss on all the graves of British Empire soldiers from two World Wars though I suspect they wouldn’t have time to fit that into their hectic schedules because that would involve a hell of a lot of pissing. I have been to the Great War battlefields and those neat rows of crosses in the British graveyards just go on and on.

I am not blaming the average Frenchman here. A great many of them clearly have deep respect for the British Empire troops who dug them out of a hole twice. The relationship is complex. Britain and France are almost siblings in a way and our folks and their folks give a much greater impression of animosity than actually exists between them because of that. It is their elite (interestingly a French word) I despise. Utter scum the bloody lot of them. I also despise our elite for not considering this important. It is important. Operation Overlord was a big deal and seeing as it was 65 years ago it’s veterans are all old men who might not get another chance to salute their dead pals in the Normandy sunshine again. They also deserve their Queen there and for it not to be just a twisted media event for Obama and Sarkozy.

Because that is so what it is not about. It should be about the commemoration of the sacrifice made by the soldiers, sailors and airmen of the entire free-world destroying a truly hideous regime which had taken over most of Europe. It should be about old soldiers in their best bib and tucker with their medals all polished-up visiting the graves of their comrades who weren’t so lucky. It should absolutely not be about George Bush and how now that the Messiah has ousted the Moron from the Whitehouse that Europe and the US are now pals again**. I said it was an attempt to rewrite history. It’s worse. It is trivialising it. Commemorating D-Day has nothing to do with these self-important gits having a photo-op over the graves of our soldiers. It should be about Tommy Atkins and GI Joe (if they allowed past the security cordon) and the Canucks and all the rest.

They matter. They did something incredible. They fought an existential threat to civilization and won. Obama organized a community – whatever that means, Sarkozy fucked a model and the least said about Broon the soonest mended although if I did say he fucked the nation those heroes fought and died on those beaches I would not be a million miles out of the park.

*I am resisting the urge to make a comment about her taking him up the arras with a knockwurst strap-on. Although quite how Angela could wear that and her merkin is beyond me. Why more to the point did anyone ever invent the merkin? I mean why?
**The “great falling out” was always an utter invention of the political and media class on both sides of the Atlantic anyway. It was a problem they created to further their ends.


  1. Infidel753 says:

    I agree this is disgraceful, but what makes you think Obama had anything to do with it? It sounds like the French made the decision about whom to invite on their own.

  2. NickM says:

    I don’t think Obama had anything specifically to do with it. I think it’s more about the French elite thinking it’s OK now to like the Yanks because the US has a new Prez.

    And that has nothing to do with how the average Frenchman or American feels. Ultimately it isn’t really about governments. It is about shared culture and values.

  3. Chalcedon says:

    British and Canadian forces stormed 3 of the 5 beaches on D Day. The Americans stormed 2 beaches. I must say if Germany ever kicks off again we should let the French stew. We should have left them and the Belgians to it in WWI too.

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  5. RAB says:

    Yes you can put that one down to the French alone. Sarky is despirate to suck Obamas pecker, who he thinks of as far more Regal than real Royality.
    It is also an opportunity to put up two fingers to the British and perhaps drive even more of a wedge into whatever is left of the “Special Relationship”.

    The French are in deep denial over their part (or rather lack of it) in the Second World War.As you mentioned Nick, Vichy were a much bigger bunch of cunts that the German occupied north even.

    I had two French aunts, both dead now alas, who hated their fellow countrymen with a consuming passion to their dying day.

    They pitched up in Caerphilly in 1940, just before the Nazis invaded France, aged 14 and 16. They had ostensibly come to visit their aunt who had married a Welsh soldier during WW1. But their dad was no fool. He knew that France would go tits up almost immediately, and he knew from the first lot what Johnny German could get up to given the opportunity, and no one was going to rape his girls.
    Once he knew they were safe, he set about setting up a Resistance group.

    Now everyone knows that every Frenchman was in the Resistance dont we?!!!
    Were they fuck!Most of them were happily collaborating right up to June 6 1944, when they could see which way the wind was blowing.

    When my aunts went back after the war for a visit they were confronted by the sight of people they knew perfectly well to have been collaborators, pretending they had been secret Resistance members all along, happily awarding each other Medals and pensions for their heroism.

    They were so disgusted they never ever went back again, except for family funerals.

    Yep the French penchant for self delusion, knows no equal.

  6. CountingCats says:

    Of course Barry knew all about this. You think even the French would sink this low without an American go ahead?

    What about this?

    It is all part of a single rich tapestry.

    Nick, links? Not like you. Where is the story you posted from? I wanna read it.

  7. NickM says:

    Sorted. It was the from the Daily Mail.

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