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As a moderately successful heterosexual male I have over the years spent quite a lot of money on women’s underwear. Apparently men frequently get embarrassed doing this. God knows why because it’s pretty abundantly clear it ain’t for for ma (unless you’re from Norfolk) or yourself because what the devilment I would do with size ten Elle Macpherson “intimates” is utterly beyond me unless I were buying them for a wife or girlfriend. I mean I’m not an MP or anything that depraved.

I really envy women. The utter range of lingerie and swimwear and whatnots boggles my Calvin Klein panted mind.

It’s almost not fair. The prices certainly aren’t and absolutely violate a fairly generally held law of economics. You expect an oil tanker to cost more than a rowing boat, an Airbus to cost more than a Cessna but this don’t apply to lingerie or bikinis. I have a cunning plan. I’m going to invent the Emperor’s New Knickers. They will be the ultimate in style because they will consist of absolutely nothing and Paris Hilton will buy two dozen pairs at a million bucks a go. And then Britney will have to have them and Lindsey Lohan… I’ll be rich. Rich I tells ya!

These are not quite there yet but I rather like the arrow cut…

There is of course an alternative if you are planning on having Dita von Teese join your SWAT team. Yes the tactical corset. Tip of the something to commentator Sunfish for that one. I do though think he needs to get out more… Or something.


  1. RAB says:

    Makes your eyes water doesnt it?

    The cost of the skimpy frilly funwear.

    If only I knew how to use a sewing machine I could make a fortune, cos most of the stuff isnt particularly well made anyway.

    Thanks for the corsets Sunfish.
    Loved the Interogation pouch!

    We are, as I type, trawling the small ads for suitable fit birds for you.

  2. Sam Duncan says:

    “Quick-release buckles” and “high-velocity zippers”. Oh, man…

  3. captainff says:

    The purple affair seems built to enhance the ‘camel toe’ factor of the wearer by at least 3 fold.

    I approve!!

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