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You know what really pisses me off about this whole thing? It’s not as if the French were even at Normandy.


  1. RobtE says:

    As I understand it, CC, this one isn’t the fault of the cheese-eating surrender monkeys. It can be laid squarely at the doorstep of our own Prime Nutter With The Stutter. It was he who decided that Britain wouldn’t participate in this year’s ceremony. His mind was changed, apparently, only by some considerable pressure from the tabloids.

    Our own dear Queen is understood to be furious. And well done to Her Madge for it.

  2. J.T. Wenting says:

    There were French there, on the other side… The SS had a lot of French volunteers, and then there were the peasants and villagefolk who lived in the area and probably made a decent living prostituting their daughters to the Germans and later Americans alike.

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