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More drivel

I have a background in computaional astrophysical fluid dynamics and quite frankly the IPCC’s “the debate is over” schtick is bullshit of the highest order. I know how complicated these problems are and I know about computer simulation of fluids and frankly, there is no way they know doodly about it.

There was a puff piece on SBS news tonight about cuddly polar bears, and how, despite their population having hextupled in the last fifty years, with no sign of decline, the poor things are on the verge of extinction.

I really really wanted to tell these morons that it was their job to inform, not propagandise.


  1. Nick M says:

    Cuddly Polar Bears?

    I have spent a reasonable amount of time in the USA and while walking part of the Appalachian trail I was on the receiving end of a park ranger giving out on how I must be careful around the bears. I got a very unpleasant look (she must’ve heard it a billion times) when I said, it’s OK cause I didn’t bring a pickernick basket. Those were black bears that only grow to about my height. But I was told that on at least one occasion they had taken-off the rear end of a Winnebago “with the same ease you might open a tin of tuna” because they’d spied a twinkie inside.

    A polar bear can grow to twelve feet tall and is the planet’s largest land carnivore. They’re also quite smart and somehow I suspect they can look after themselves.

    About the dimmest thing I ever saw on telly was a deranged American feeding a Grizzly Doritos through her car window. Hubby was in the driver’s side taping it. Missus thought she was OK because she only had the window slightly open. Well Mr Grizzly liked Doritos and, being a bear got pissed off with getting them one at a time so he punched the car window out and grabbed the whole packet.

    But my favourite bear story involves the fourth of July. Well, actually the evening of the third of July. A bunch of Americans decided to have a BBQ to celebrate their independence and made preparations. This included leaving a large number of tins of beer out on the lawn. The morning of the big day they discovered a large quantity of the beer had gone and a bear snoring away next to the empties. It was clearly a bear of taste and discernment because while some of their Bud and Coors had gone it had focussed primarily on the European stuff.

    If you can operate a ring-pull and tell European beer from that swill they serve in the US then I reckon you can handle yourself (I know there are good beers from that fine country – I’m probably talking primarily about the piss they “export” here – I used to drink American beer but now I’m older Budweiser). Yes I do know about micro-breweries and Sam Adams and what not but America, when your turn is called, you’re still gonna have to explain Bud Light.

    Who am I kidding? I’m from Gateshead and at some point I’d have to explain Ace Lager from the Fed brewery. ’tis the very urine of Satan himself.

  2. Sunfish says:

    I might as well get this over with:

    Bud Light? I can explain it. It was an experiment to see if we could brew beer without barley malt, hops, yeast, or alcohol. Originally we were planning to abandon the project, but it turned out that Mormons and small children and pets liked it.

  3. RAB says:

    I have always wanted to cuddle a polar bear.
    Suicide I know, but there we are.

    That obscure comedian, Lord Buckley, I sometimes mention,
    had a great story (he only told stories. In 50s hipster speak. One about Jesus called the Nazz another about De Gama the explorer) about bears, called Gods own Drunk.
    About a Hillbilly who is looking after his cousins still, when a grizzly turns up to help him.
    The bear ends up nicking the still.
    I wish you could hear it. but it is so old and obscure I cant find any audio out there.

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