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18th Amendment

Not long ago my wife and I purchased a picnic hamper for picnics. It has an insultated pocket for a bottle of wine. It may though land us in trouble with the rozzers

Just read the whole thing. It’s abysmal.

Confiscating two cans of lager from a bloke in Brigthon because they suspected he “might drink them”?

I used to be proud to be English. Not any more.

There is this bizarre idea here that the USA is some sort of Southern Baptist puritanical totalitarian state. Well, last time I was there (Key West admittedly) folks were walking naked but for body paint and flip-flops in the streets, the bars never shut and you could smoke in them and the police were very nice. And ya know what? I never saw a single incident of Barnabus Rubble.


  1. SaltedSlug says:

    Ah, fuck this place.

  2. WalterBoswell says:

    These laws, ridiculous as they seem to me, you and all sane freedom loving folk, must however be popular with a large enough proportion of U.K. citizens, the ones who vote that is. Otherwise some other party would climb to the top on the back of the unpopularity, no? Is this not the way democracy works over a given time in the natural world.

    Perhaps I am over simplifying the situation and not taking some other variables into account or perhaps you’re already aware of this and such is the true cause of your distress?

  3. Nick M says:

    I disagree. It’s about being seen to be tough. I have commented before that the UK population seems to be suffering from a sort of masochistic condition, “Regulate us, regulate us”. This is a symptom and seeing as these were mainly actions of PCSOs you can bet your bottom-dollar that they were just annoying reasonable folks. The PCSOs would run a mile from agressive drunks actually causing trouble.

  4. Nick M says:

    As to the true cause of my distress… It’s that nobody tells these pound store Hitlers to go fuck themselves. I mean a while back I wrote about a law-abiding father of four who got fined nearly a grand for his over-filled wheelie bin. Julia M’s place (Ambush Predator – blogrolled) contains a continual litany of utter scum beating people up and stealing or wrecking things who get off scot free. Almost all laws enacted by NeuArbeit are aimed entirely at the generally trouble-free law-abiding types.

  5. RAB says:

    Well the answer seems obvious, but depressing.

    Act like a drunken yob today

    And watch the plastic Plod

    Run away!

  6. JuliaM says:

    “…a continual litany of utter scum beating people up and stealing or wrecking things who get off scot free.”

    If, however, you do something truly dreadful and antisocial, like disagree with a hospital’s catering decision and put up posters saying so (and you a mere volunteer!), then it’s uncanny how four burly security guards will be summoned to see you off the premises where the police are waiting…

  7. daphne says:

    A friend of mine in London, a well educated, intelligent, responsible young man, has been sending me increasingly frantic emails over his desire to get the hell out of the country. He wants to come to the states and because of our bizarre immigration policies has literally no chance of that ever happening unless he can get on with a company who’ll ship him over or marry a citizen. He’s white, educated and not coming from a third world country, so he’s basically screwed unless he can round up a million dollars or so to start a stateside business. Apparently, jobs that ship and marriageable American girls are in short supply in London.

    What in the hell does any of this have to do with confiscated picnic beer, you may ask. Well, everything, would be my answer.

    He sees every last bit of his private life being eaten away by the state. His personal autonomy, ability to make decisions and ownership of personal responsibility for his choices are quickly being superseded by governmental agencies, workers and flinty little edicts. He’s sick to death of having to walk a fine, politically correct line in all of his dealings, worry about his bins, or deal with a multitude of burkas in his rapidly changing neighborhood. He’s sick to death of being told how to eat, drink, think and take a shit. He doesn’t feel free even though he’s told he’s living in free country. He’s fed up with the tax rate, endless license fees, high cost of living, substandard health care and thieving political class.

    He wants to buy a rifle, learn how to shoot. He’d like to buy a house with a yard that he can afford within a reasonable commute to work. He doesn’t want to worry about every last thing coming out of his mouth being falsely targeted as bigotry, intolerant or racist.

    He wants to have a beer or two, on a sunny afternoon, without being harassed by nanny state officials who’ve decided he should be treated as a child, not as a man.

  8. All the petty ‘officials’, all the plastic plod. It’s just a weapon being used to keep the general populace under the authoritarian cosh. Give a wee bit of power to the busybodies, otherwise they may realise what is going on. Others, like us, blog about what is going on.
    The other 99% watch Britain’s Got Talent and Eastenders.

  9. Nick M says:

    Absolutely Daphne. Probs the most important relationship in my life before I met my wife was with a US citizen. Both of us with masters degrees and the absolute hell US and UK immigration gave us both was mind-bending. It would have been easier if we’d got married but we didn’t want to take that step. Not that it would have made it automatic anyway.

    She once said to me, as we were breaking up, if we’d both taken marriage less seriously we’d be together now.

  10. Scott Wichall says:

    And here’s another one just brought in….


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