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Michael Jackson is Dead

It was the first thing I heard this morning. Michael jackson, the King of Pop and absolute mentalist had kicked the bucket and joined the choir eternal.

I have never been much of a fan of Jackson but I felt sad kinda partly in a Donne-ish way and partly because Jackson, like the Princess of Wales, just was popular culture. The world is poorer without Jackson. He might have been mad as a box of frogs and he might have done nothing worthwhile musically since the ’80s (one of the tragedies of jackson’s life was his inability to re-invent himself periodically – the comparison with his rough contemporary Madonna on this was especially glaring) but he was just there all my life as Jacko a complete nutcase and, at the height of his powers, a phenomenal performer.

But there is something more personal for me here. About 15 years ago I had a weird Gibsonian thought. I thought Jackson couldn’t die. I mean they’d freeze him with Walt Disney or upload his mind to a hard disk or some similar nonsense. I mean he was just too rich and raving to to do something mundane like pop his clogs in anything like a commonplace manner. I never bought any of the Diana conspiracies and I’m not gonna buy the ones which will inevitably grow up around Jackson but I can kinda see why they happened about Diana and will around Jackson. These people were just too famous to die from such prosaic causes as a car crash or a heart attack. But that is the truth about life and death. Even the Queen uses the lav and even the stupendously famous die from the same daft things that claim the rest of us whether it be drunk Frenchmen driving into ferro-concrete at 80mph or a dodgy ticker. I know how I’m gonna go. Not exactly obviously but I have always had the intuition that the verdict will be “death by misadventure”. I just hope it isn’t too David Carridine. Not that I ought to care being dead and all.

Anyway, the choir eternal has just got a new member and a staggeringly talented one at that…

Michael, as I said, I’m not a fan but for one time only on Counting Cats this is for you…


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  2. Kevin B says:

    Never mind Jacko, Farrah’s gone!

  3. CountingCats says:

    Kevin, that is not halal.

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