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Michael Jackson – RIP

After reading Nicks comments on Michael Jackson I find myself having to pass on these observations. This posting from Small Dead Animals is the most apposite I have seen:

The A "tragic childhood" is a 4 year old in Bangladesh with retinoblastoma. A "tragic life" is a Russian teenager sold into the sex trade.

Michael Jackson did not have a tragic childhood, nor did he have a tragic life.

He had the life he chose.

To excuse his behavior as though it was simply a pre-programmed result of his years as a child performer is not just intellectually lazy, it’s an insult to every individual who has overcome true childhood hardship, deprivation and/or abuse to emerge as a functioning member of society.

Michael Jackson was no bobbing cork on the sea of circumstance – he was a multi-millionaire with the means to choose any lifestyle he wanted. "Functional adult" was one of the options. He chose otherwise.

Celebrate the music if you like, but for decency’s sake, don’t celebrate the man.

I am sorry a mothers son is dead, and he certainly added to the gaiety of nations, but his talent was never to my taste.


  1. RAB says:

    No he wasn’t on my favorites list either.

    He made some great music, but even then, it takes the shine off things when you know that Billy Jean was written for a monkey!

    He was a world class dancer though.
    Jacko lived next door to Fred Estaire once upon a time, and Fred used to go round and watch him rehearse.
    Fred said that Jacko was one of the best dancers he had ever seen.

    Praise indeed from the old perfectionist himself.

  2. NickM says:

    Fred was a l;ucky chap. His first audition was famously described as. “can’t act. can’t sing, can dance a little”. It’s almost as infamous as the EMI (or was it Decca?) bloke who rejected the Beatles with the line, “I see no future for groups of young men playing guitars”.

    I have made some cock-ups in my time but they are up with Hitler’s idea to invade Russia in the annals of epic blunders.

  3. RAB says:

    Oh dear, silly billy,
    Wacko it seems, picked up some nasty habits from his late father in law, Elvis.

    He was addicted to Painkillers.

    I knew there must be a drugs connection, when the news hit last night.

    Why do these fools delude themselves that because a Doctor is giving you the stuff, that they are not addicts!

    The legal ones will kill you a bloody sight faster than most of the illegal ones.

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  5. RAB says:

    Well maybe Fred was being generous with his praise.

    Cop the above for the real thing!

  6. It is such a great loss that a man with great talent like Michael Jackson dies. RIP King of POP

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