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Honesty in print

Remember nearly a year ago renowned carbon cultist Georgie boy Monbiot threw a strop because Channel 4 didn’t stick exclusively to his preapproved climate message? How do you think this petty little wannabe dictator would react to this, from the Melbourne Sun Herald, if it were printed in a British paper:

Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong’s totally false and deliberately misleading "Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme" is nothing less than a disgraceful fraud which the media to its utter and almost total shame has allowed them to get away with.

But it almost pales in comparison with what Barack Obama had to say at his press conference yesterday. The relevant quote is [here].

That a political leader could say something so stupid and so fundamentally false almost defies comprehension. Although depressingly, perhaps not, given the Kevin and Penny falsehoods.

It’s important to understand that this wasn’t an off-the-cuff comment. It came in Obama’s prepared comments. That the emissions "contaminate the water we drink and pollute the air we breathe."

Which is worse. That the President of the US doesn’t understand that he is talking about carbon dioxide. What we all breathe out, and which far from polluting the air, is the tree and plant food.

And which nobody, not even the most hysterical climate changer has suggested until Obama yesterday that rising CO2 levels will cause any direct asbestos-type damage. Yes, it might fry the planet, but if so, the trees will die happy and never healthier.

Or that he does.

Obama and his falsehoods and Kevin and Penny and theirs are all of a deliberate piece. To play off the cognitive dissonance of people.

Attacking carbon pollution? Of course. Who could possibly be against stopping those dirty power stations pumping out those little bits of black stuff.

When it has got nothing repeat, nothing to do with that sort of real pollution. Which will actually be increased on a global scale if we close our clean coal stations and they are replaced by really dirty ones in the developing world, as they will be.

Equally, perhaps more, depressing is the way the business community meekly goes along with the government’s lies. Either as ‘useful idiots’ or feeding the tiger in the hope of being last.

Or those like energy companies such as AGL hoping to feast on the alternative energy scam.

H/T Australian Climate Madness

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  1. Kevin B says:

    A lot of people think these sorts of insane ravings represent the final convulsions of a dying beast, and sometimes I agree with them. Surely a mass delusion this idiotic will soon collapse from its own internal contradictions?

    There are a couple of problems with this view, unfortunately. One: The thrashings of a dying beast this big can do a hell of a lot of damage before it finally turns up it’s toes. (Witness Waxman – Markey.)

    And two: I can’t get away from the nagging suspicion that we will still be counting the number of CO2 molecules that can dance on the head of a pin when the barbarians tear down our gates. (Which is a pretty useless metaphor, since the gates are wide open and we’re sending emissaries, (loaded with cash), to the barbarians and begging them to come right in and rape and pillage, in their culturally sensitive ways, to their hearts content, and castigating anyone who demurs. But you know what I mean.)

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