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Born to Run

I’m not really a Springsteen fan but I watched the last half-hour of his set at Glastonbury on the telly box last night. Well I say I’m not a fan but whilst I don’t like his politics I do find him evocative of a certain pre-Prius America. And…

Jeezus, he’s nearly sixty and he was well belting it out and putting on a hellishly kinetic show right to the end. I only found out later that was a 5/2 hour set (physics backgound – I think in vulgar fractions – for some reason it winds peeps up). Gotta hand it to the guy. Like Tom Jones he’s still got it. I mean really still got it. He’s like The Stones and the Divine Debbie and Tom Jones and Tina Turner. He just keeps on truckin’.

I thought three things though, mainly –

The first was wondering what Jacko, nine years Springsteen’s junior, would have been like if he had looked after himself and not degenerated into the drug-addled wreck of a man he was in his twilight years

The second was that unlike so many contemporary beat combos Bruce and the E-Street Band actually looked like they were really enjoying themselves. That was great to see. I have had a gutfull of watching professional miserablists thinking they were being profound by looking like they’d rather be having dental surgery from Larry Olivier in Argentina at the time. Yes, that’s you Mozzer, you utterly dismal twat. Or my personal bête noire, Moby. Moby is a right-on, non-smoking, teetotal and vegan god-botherer who really doesn’t do drugs and who has been known to descend into the musical Room 101 that is known as “Christian Rock”. I’d rather climb coconut trees with Keef Richards. At least we could have a larf on the way to A&E.

But mainly what I thought was…. Well, at one point Springsteen who was sweating like a pig in a sauna and heavily backlit and the perspiration was evaporating off him and it looked like smoke and that he was literally on fire. My wife says, “Bloody hell! They’ve set The Boss on fire!” It really did look like it. It was quite bizarre to watch.

Fortunately we didn’t lose two musical legends in the same week. The intermong would collapse under the weight of the faux-grief…

Although to be fair spontaneous human combustion is one hell of a way to end a gig.

Very Spinal Tap.

Though I guess only if it happens to the drummer.


  1. HSLD says:

    Roger Daltrey is another one who has still got it. With better politics too ( I think )

  2. RAB says:

    Well it has been dubbed the Wrinklies Festival, but if you want to rock, the oldies come up with the business every time.

    I was watching Crosby Stills and Nash earlier, and their playing and harmonies were as faultless as they were at Woodstock, 40 years ago.

    It would have been nice if Neil Young had popped accross and sung a few numbers with them for old times sake, but then he is the exception that proves the rule, he really is a miserable old cunt!

  3. HSLD says:

    Neil Young ? I don’t need him around, anyhow :)

  4. JuliaM says:

    “The second was that unlike so many contemporary beat combos Bruce and the E-Street Band actually looked like they were really enjoying themselves.”

    That’s the difference between someone exercising his gift, and someone doing it to ‘get rich’. Or, more likely these days, ‘get famous’.

    No, they’ve no idea what happens after the ‘get famous’ part….

  5. Uncle Bob says:

    Fair play, he certainly put the effort in but the question is how do they top it next year? To my mind there’s only one band who can do it, the mighty Zeppelin. Robert Plant will have to be bound, gagged and dragged to the stage but they’ve still got it and 5/2 hours? Pfft. They are capable of easily achieving a stage time of 7/2. Hell, most of the guitar solos last a quarter of an hour!

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